Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Man threatens woman for attempting to steal his woman

So another one of those stories/report of threats and violence meted out to a woman all because she is close to another woman so much so that the male partner though not a steady one finds it necessary to seek, find and attack the accused woman (who is the victim in this matter) as she goes about her lawful business. I am still at a lost as to why some men do not get it as they have some ownership of women and indeed partners on a whole be they male or female. If one knows or strongly suspects a partner maybe bisexual why would one get upset if said partner just socializes or goes further with a same gender partner? In the old language switch-hitting would be applicable here but as my last post showed that term is now a seen as a stigmatizing one.

A woman 25 years of age of a Portmore address was the subject of threats and subsequently tracking and abuse by a man known as Kevin Johnson aka “Baddi” who hails from a West Kingston address. According to an incident report on August 18, 2015 around 10:30am the woman received a phone call from Baddi issuing a threat in his own words “anywhere him buck me in town he’s going to box mi up cas mi a sadamite n wa cum try look him woman.” (Anywhere he finds me in town [Kingston city itself] he is going to slap her in the face because she is a sodomite and is trying to take his woman) Apparently the relationship was on the verge of ending with him and the third party and in what seems bitterness as his soon to be loss status he retaliates with threats.

The threatened woman took no action at first assuming it was hot air and empty words but six days later at a location I have been asked not to disclose in this entry in Kingston 3 while conducting business alongside the other woman the perpetrator appeared at the same location conducting business as well at the establishment where he made a purchase by the cashier; she ignored him and proceeded to tend to her activities; seven minutes or so later according to the victim she was approached in a surprise confrontation by Johnson as he reigned blows to her head, face and neck and uttering words to the effect she is a sadamite she fi dead mi a try sex him woman n mi ago get gunshot etc (that the accused snatcher is a sodomite and she is to be killed for trying to have sex with his woman and she is going to get shot for it); he then left in a huff, though shaken the woman continued her activities to save face then left the area.

She proceeded to make her way to the City Central Police precinct where she made a report, she was handed a medical report form and told to seek medical attention then to return with it for filing requirements which she dutifully carried out and met; they filed the returned medical report which listed the minor injuries to her face and hands as she blocked some of the blows and then launched a search party in pursuit of the accused Johnson. He was not found on the initial search party efforts and the victim has since curtailed some of her movements so as to avoid any further clashes with the perpetrator. The police are said to be monitoring the situation and still in pursuit to question the suspect.

Sadly the insecurity of our men these days where they feel threatened by another party of the same gender is still real and there are several other such reports mostly unconfirmed but as we say in Jamaica ‘if it nuh go suh, it near suh’ (if it doesn’t go as reported it is just as close to the truth) This is on the backdrop of a culture of accommodating lesbians especially butch perceived ones or studs (labels used deliberately for this post) for not only liking their company but using them as access or go between for more feminine sisters (the nuff gal in a bungle culture) (lot’s of girls in a bundle culture) but when there is romantic interest involved on the man’s part then suddenly another lesbian is seen as a threat to somehow snatch away his woman; as if the woman who is centre of the ring does not have a mind or capabilities to make up her own mind and is caught in this triage.

There has been a steady stream of cases involving butch identified or perceived looking women as men feel somehow insecure. I have noticed something else as men overall have moved along the trajectory of unisexual clothing, aesthetics if you will; becoming more feminized butch women tend to be a step behind in said aesthetics. This very ‘look’ has become the center of a backlash culturally and socially towards such women who dress in those types of clothes; especially the more baggy typed clothes when such styles have moved on to form fitting body wear even for men. In other words have the wrong look and it could land one in some serious challenges despite far more overall tolerance of lesbianism nationally.

If any updates follow they will be posted but life goes on for or sister in this matter I can imagine those matters that do not get reported.

Peace and tolerance



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