Monday, October 5, 2015

Leighton Levy on Gays are not our problem .... JCHS told to check the mirror

Leighton Levy's sojourn from anti gay to reasonably tolerant and reflective is to be commended and I have been keeping my eye on his articles since three or so years now, here comes one more though some months behind I think it is worth revisiting as to the question of selectivity by antigay voices and groups.

Once again, I am being left to wonder if some of these so-called advocacy groups ever stop to take stock of the hypocrisy they practise each and every day in this country.

I direct my ire at the Jamaica Coalition for a Healthy Society that issued a release this week stating their objection to the visit of Randy Berry, the US Special Envoy for the Human Rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) people, to Jamaica.

According to media reports, Berry is to visit the island from May 21- 23. USAID senior LGBT coordinator Todd Larson is also on the island and leaves this weekend.

According to the coalition, "Berry and Larson are here to get the Jamaican Government and people to accept that all sexual activities are to be considered as normal and good. This is the US Foreign Policy: Exporting Buggery and Sexual Confusion."

The kicker for me is when they say the visit represents a new form of imperialism to accept a lifestyle, which is "illogical and demonstrably harmful to our society and particularly to our children.

Jamaica's children are already suffering from the effects of poor family life. We do not need to add the further harms of experimenting with same-sex parenting."

Now, before I go on, let me say that I know that a large majority of Jamaicans agree with the coalition's stance, but that is not what annoys the hell out of me. Note the last thing they said:"Jamaica's children are already suffering from the effects of poor family life." If they believe that to be true, why are we only now hearing about this, and only in the context of homosexual influence?

Why are we not hearing about this in regards to the thousands of paedophiles among us, raping, impregnating and murdering our young girls? Those three pregnant 12-year-old school girls who were impregnated and murdered - was it gay people who did that to them? Those kids that were shot execution style in Clarendon recently - was that a part of the gay agenda?

What are we really saying?

A healthy society allows the raping and killing of our little girls?

Are we saying that a healthy society is one in which we have more than a thousand murders a year for more than 20 years now? Are we saying that rampant corruption within the halls of Government is a hallmark of a healthy society? Is the coalition saying that in a healthy society, people can't find decent jobs that will allow them to take care of their families?

If this is so then ostensibly, according to the coalition, the only way our society becomes unhealthy is when same-sex couples are allowed to have sexual congress within the privacy of their own homes.

crime and corruption

Great! Just great! I guess we are an extremely healthy society then, because we have a healthy dose of unemployment and underemployment, healthy doses of crime and corruption, and extremely healthy doses of child abuse and human trafficking.

That is the only reason I can come up with why we haven't been hearing from

them all this time, while all these things have been happening in our society.

Now I understand why they have been silent on all these issues. All it took was for Mr Berry and Mr Larson to visit and, all of a sudden, our 'healthy' society is threatened.

This is the hypocrisy that sickens me. All this ridiculous chatter espousing hate against people just because they're different while deliberately ignoring the muck right underneath our noses. All of this to me is just another healthy dose of BS.

Here is a little secret I would like to share with the Jamaica Coalition for a Healthy Society: Homosexuals are not our problem. You want to know what our real problem is? Take a look in the mirror.

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Peace and tolerance



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