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Christians say ... Don't force gay agenda on them ........ lol

Jamaican Christian advocates say a gay activist being awarded a free flight to Jamaica by JetBlue Airways represents another example of international influence being used to push the acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle on to Jamaicans. Oh these stupid folks, so the woman must not come to Jamaica or be given a gift by an airline? ....... these groups when they cannot or do not see other atrocities around them including their own pastors who sexual abuse children; yet they find time for stupidness.

Didn't Blaine and company at their Half Way Tree bring in foreign support so called rally for rescuing family life when really it was an antigay activity; but due to strong criticisms of their hypocrisy and selectivity they reframed it at the last minute; I wonder who payed for those flights or accommodation for those guests of theirs?


here is my last post on this blog on the stupidness: Perception of Jamaican LGBTQ lobby bullying continues

What about the hundreds of LGBTQ people who either pass through our borders or visit Jamaica, they must be stopped too? ........... I mean sheesh already!

Last week, JetBlue Airways announced, via its Twitter account, that an American gay activist and singer, Jus Moni, had been awarded a free flight to Jamaica to support the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender(LGBT) community in the island.

The female activist from Chicago is scheduled to arrive in Jamaica this week. On her social media pages last Tuesday, she said she wants to build a connection with black gays and lesbian youth in Jamaica.

However, the move has not gone down well with some Christians in Jamaica.

"There is an international push, not just from America, but several other foreign countries that are trying to force the normalisation of homosexual behaviour in Jamaica," noted Shirley Richards of the Lawyers' Christian Fellowship. LOL is this a joke as to the 'normalization' as if sexual orientation is some foreign virus or entity but I am not surprised ignorance is a hell of a thing eh.

While the singer and activist is welcomed to come to Jamaica, Richards said she needs to respect the views of the majority of Jamaicans towards the LGBT community.

Founder of Hear the Children's Cry, Betty-Ann Blaine, expressed similar views, adding that she wants to meet with the activist. To do what she did not say I guess to suggest reparative therapy that everywhere else is running away from as they have come into the realization that it is counter-productive and does not cure anybody.

"It is out there that we are homophobic, and I reject that. We are a Christian society. We aren't attacking homosexuals. In fact, when you hear of cases that homosexuals are killed, they are killing each other," added Blaine. Oh so the wall of disbelief from one or two cases is now being used to dismiss other legitimate matters; I tell you these people are something else but she has been on that line for some time now.

Remember her big gay lie foolishness?: Betty Ann Blaine on the big gay lie .......... 2012

Blaine stressed that Jamaica is not 'anti-gay', instead she said the country is 'pro-God'.

"We will not support same sex, or repealing the buggery law," Blaine said.

Oh boi god help these folks I tell you.

We need help too as some of us claiming to be activists have contributed to the wall of disbelief and hardened positions by ignoramuses we now have to contend with. Poor crisis communication is the major one as several non-homophobic matters have been paraded as homophobic without benefit of proper investigations and clarity in presenting the facts as they are for to strengthen credibility.

Miss Blaine is obviously playing on the perception out there to make herself and her insignificant New Nation Coalition party some visibility alongside Jamaica CAUSE etc. Here is a vox pop from the Jamaica Observer on what persons perceive of "gay murders"

the wall of disbelief is further aided by talkshow hosts such as Joan Williams on Power 106FM:

also an interesting Facebook exchange on her profile some time ago with a LGBT community member that reveals much disturbingly:

And she finds it offensive when the AGFC (antigayfactcheck) called her an anti-gay activist? 

We are still reaping the worldwind I fear from poor advocacy as I hinted to in this older podcast:

So they say young bud nuh know storm (young birds do not know the effects of a storm) so let us see when this will ever end or will this continue to be a tit for tat struggle.

Here she was among others in their paranoia over marriage equality and lobby credibility:

also see:

After catching midway a radio discussion on the subject of Jamaica being labelled as homophobic I did a quick look at misconceptions and the long held belief in Jamaica by anti gay advocates, sections of media and homophobes that several murders of alleged gay victims are in fact 'crimes of passion' or have jealousy as their motives but it is not as simple or generalized as that.

That Buggery Law (UK 1533), Grief & The Ill-informed 2015


Reported homophobic cases: January - October 2015 (Gay Jamaica Watch)


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More gay marriage paranoia from anti gay Jamaican groups

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Very good letter to the Observer critiquing church's selectiveness on issues 2009

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Dr Wayne West’s continued intellectual dishonesty on fisting felching & chariot racing by homosexuals in Ja 2013

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Promoting homosexuality? No, its about freedom of choice, privacy & tolerance

Rev Al Miller - the gay lobby is not asking for buggery decriminalization because of discrimination but to force homosexuality on the nation ....... 2011 (he has repeated it several times since despite his legal troubles)

a 2nd review of Collectanea Satis Copiosa & the Valor Ecclesiasticus, The English Reformation & some of the real reasons for the 1533 buggery law as written and enacted by Thomas Cromwell under King Henry VIII's reign and its repeals and re-enactments w/Tabula Lingorum, et al are examined to determine the early signs of the law in the making as adopted by other parts of Europe and a 1376 reference.

Peace & tolerance indeed required.


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