Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Case update: Chopping incident, relocation, truth telling & unneeded attention

Once I find out that a case has too many clouds surrounding it and it cannot be substantiated based on the original report then my support will vanish, as simple as that, we must be as truthful as possible as reports be they in mainstream media or alternate ones it does have an impact on the hearts and minds we want to change or evolve on LGBTQ life.

When I and many others read the article in the Jamaica Observer complete with photos of a young lady earlier this year we were left almost siding with her and concluding that the matter was a horrible lesbophobic one. Upon reflection and perusing the story several times over it was clear something was off. Some were up in arms about the matter suggesting she did not deserve the attack by another tenant which also included myself hence my posting of the story in full on the incident at the apartment complex in Kingston one the Boulevard to be precise. The moral of the story is just to speak the truth from the beginning, if persons expect support and assistance it cannot be on the grounds of embellished stories, all out lies and irresponsible behaviour, then one claims victim-hood afterwards.

Chopping her may have gone to the extreme and I am in no way condoning her attackers or giving justification to the violence despite the cloudy nature surrounding the victim but one must be careful sometimes not to attract unneeded heat.

The LGBT community/advocacy collectively is already bedevilled by accusations of lies by antigay voices and homophobes and a poor but all important credibility factor in crisis communication from public advocacy and such twists and turns do not help any, we MUST be truthful to all concerned including the alleged report made to a NGO as well. Do not for one minute believe that a story in a newspaper and other platforms help to paint a greater picture of the struggle and hence affecting the very tolerance and rights we demand. Credibility in the all important crisis communication component of public advocacy is still seriously damaged and need all the help it can get.

However new information has come forth that seems to put the case in a whole new light and the subsequent removal of the ‘victim’ and her partner on Friday July 3rd who she is also accused of physically abusing as evidenced in loud arguments and multiple visits by other parties and police from other precincts. The court case seems to have fizzled as persons who once supported her have simply pulled back, the accused woman (an introverted person) has since kept the cameras in the all access points on the passageways and had threatened to sue the ‘victim’ for all kinds of things. The victim has been also accused of being a known troublemaker when it comes to rent payment and poor social skills from other apartment complexes she once resided. She has been named a troublemaker prior to this matter.

With that track record I am not surprised as previous occurrences with other persons in a similar vein with cloudy track records and tainted socialization histories have only sought to cause challenges for themselves and others. The very police officers who turned up in the initial chopping furore were not from Half Way Tree’s precinct as is relevant but instead were from Portmore’s 100 man station who turned up for a favour requested by the victim as one of the female cops owed the young lady some $40,000, so in lieu of payment they would adjudicate the matter but since that the cops have neatly removed themselves from the issue after seeing her behaviour and learning of her history and perceived sexual orientation.

The victim now removed from the complex is also accused of removing without clearing her rent obligations owing for some several months but other residents were said to have literally rejoiced as she left claiming the place will be quiet again. Sad that some of us sometimes attract unneeded heat to ourselves and then when we get into the heat itself we try to play the victim card. Several other run-ins and ghastly unmentionables have been leveled at the now relocated victim as well which are hard to substantiate but it does not auger well for her case as I hinted to above persons who were on her side and who also reside on the complex have since changed their minds in the negative. The smoke surrounding this matter has made her case untenable in my eyes and she will definitely not get my support in as far as her twisting of her story.

While it is understood navigating life in Jamaica is not easy as LGBTQ persons it was a bit strange at first when I saw the initial story in the Observer of all places as same gender loving women never normally are so abused outside of corrective rape but not as choppings of attacks but I guess one should have taken the accusation with a grain of salt.

Each case must be taken on its own merit and proper investigations as best as possible done to establish truth telling and hence strengthening the cause and correctness. It was only late last year a group of MSM sharing another apartment in Kingston also had to relocate most quickly as loud behaviour, multiple visitors and poor social skills lead to a clash with irate neighbours who complained their residency was obstructed by their actions. We must understand that persons are not obligated to “accept us” and because one resides in a middle class neighbourhood it is assumed persons will do so mimicking an American middle class construct.

Again the moral of the story is sifting for truth and lies, if we want tolerance we must also live and let live, respect goes where it comes from, do not do things to further sully the look and feel of the struggle overall.

A word to the wise is sufficient.

Peace and tolerance


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