Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Celebrate Bi Visibility Day, 23 September 2015 ...........

Bi Visibility Day, also known as International Celebrate Bisexuality Day, has been marked each year since 1999 to highlight biphobia and to help people find the bisexual community. Jamaica had events some years ago hosted by the Couture Elements team and others but recently it is as if bi-invisibility is back with us but I hope someone picks it up soon.

Events for 2015:

Will be listed here as we get them! Tell us about yours.

United Kingdom

11 September: Bristol. Bi clubbing. More here.

18 September: Manchester screening of the film Acceptable Behaviour & after-film talk. More here.

19 September: Leeds – Running for visibility in purple in the park. More info here.

20 September: London: Queer Alternative bi meetup in Camden. Details here.

23 September: Bolton. Library display. More info here.
23 September: Brighton. Coffee meet from 5pm, details here. Pub meet from 7pm, details here.
23 September: Bristol bi chat at a bookshop. Details here.
23 September: Derby info coming soon
23 September: Grimsby bi talk – more here
23 September: Hull info coming soon
23 September: Leeds Bi Student Stall. More here.23 September: Leeds Central Library bi exhibition. More soon.
23 September: Leeds early evening workshop/training on bisexual visibility in the workplace. More here.23 September: Manchester BiPhoria are making plans.
23 September: Nottingham BiTopia are making plans.
23 September: Swansea Info soon.
24 September: London social at the O Bar. Details here.
25 September: Edinburgh. Bi film night. Details here.
25 September: London. Bi women & lesbians – panel debate at Goldsmiths college. Details here.

26 September: Salford. Bi Coffee morning at the Imperial War Museum. Details here.26 September: Manchester – BiPhoria bi picnic and bi history project filming, details tbc.

Tuesday 8th to Wednesday 30th September: Bradford bi exhibition. Details here.


20 September: Madison, Wisconsin. Bi Picnic organised by the 521 bi group. Details here.
22 September: Washington DC -HRC, AmBi and the Mayor’s office team up. Details here.
23 September: Chicago, Illinois. Panel discussion at Center on Halstead. More here.
23 September: Denver, Colorado: Eliel Cruz guest speaker. Details tbc.
23 September: Lafayette, Indiana. Pub meetup. Details here.
23 September: Los Angeles, California. LA Bi Arts Festival. Lots more info here.
23 September: Minneapolis/St Paul – BOP’s annual Community Recognition Awards and much more. Details here.
23 September: Montclair State University, New Jersey – bi tie-dye & free t-shirts. Details here.
23 September: New York – Open mic night. Details here.
23 September: San Francisco – music, burlesque & more. Details here23 September: possibly one extra event in San Francisco, details when we have more ourselves

25 September: Chicago, Illinois. Play, burlesque & much more. More info here.
25 September: Columbus, Ohio. Burlesque, spoken word & more. Details here.
26 September: New York – My Brother’s A Keeper stage performance. Details here.
All week: Atlanta bookstore bi writers and characters celebration. Details here.


2nd September. Austrian Radio Orange 94.0 had a show about bisexuality. More here.


23 September. Sydney. Bi women’s social mixer. Info here.


23 September: Hasselt – documentary screening. More here.


September 22: Paris: 9am, Bisexuality research launch. More here.
September 22: Paris: evening of film, poetry & more. More here.
September 23: Paris: bi march for visibility, details here
September 23: Toulouse: Street stall. Details here.
September 26: Bordeaux. Bi academic talks. More here.
September 26: Paris. Details soon.


Date to be confirmed: The Hague. Screening of film “The Best of Both Worlds”: more here
25-27 September: Rotterdam – BiCon Netherlands. Details here.


7th September, Trondheim – Panel discussion on bisexuality. More here.

Inclusion Top Tip:

For 2015 the Jewish holiday Yom Kippur aka “Day of Atonement” begins in the evening of Tuesday, September 22 and ends in the evening of Wednesday, September 23. It’s a major holiday and fasting day but as it falls on a different date each year it only clashes this time. As many events to mark Bi Visibility Day are held on other days that week it will mostly only impact things on 23rd itself.


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