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Getting Started Playing MarketGlory

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For those of you who are new registrations in marketglory this game might be a little confused, the first step what to do?

I will share tips for you who have just joined, please you look at the tips below ya ..


[1] Fight Referrals To get USD.
Click the Fight - Fight Refferal - Attack - Attack Now. if you're right, it would appear the lag time in the upper right (for any given fight lag as much as 10 minutes). After you wait 10 minutes, then it will get the money USD

[2] Buy a newspaper to get energy.
Click the Home menu and select newspaper articles section. You will get energy by 0.3, buy a newspaper that costs a maximum of EUR 0.2 (Note! do not buy newspapers / articles that cost> £ 0.2)

[3] Fight Refferal (maximum 10x fight)

[4] Buy the newspaper again (Remember to buy a newspaper daily maximum = 10x)

[5] Work! Once you have completed Fight (10x) direct the work.
Click the Work menu and select the earliest work. If there are vacancies can directly work, if you do not wait until there is a vacancy. 1x day can only work, if you work at 12.00 noon you will be able to crimes again the next day at the same hour.

[6] Done. The first day finished, you can chat with chatter that is in the room.


[1] Buy Newspaper (10x max)
To add energy, the greater the energy, the greater S will be obtained when the fight with referrals. To purchase 1pcs newspapers, you will have energy 0.3 (Note! Do not buy newspapers / articles that cost> £ 0.2).

[2] Buy Milk
You can buy milk in the Local Market Global Market Or.
Milk Quality:
• Low Quality - 1 point;
• Normal Quality - 3 points
• High Quality - 5 points
This energy is distributed either when purchased. You can drink milk once in 24 hours.

[2] Fight Referrals To get USD.
after you buy a newspaper, you can directly fight with the referral (10x max)

[3] Work To gain experience & S
Once the fight is finished, you went to work to get more S & experience.


[1] Buy cuisine.
On the third day you should have a little more money to buy food can be purchased at local markets or global markets.
Food consumed every 6 hours, at 3:15, 09:15, 15:15, 21:15 server time. When food is consumed, you accept the energy points according to the quality of each:
• Low Quality - 1 point;
• Normal Quality - 3 points
• High Quality - 5 points.

[2] Fight Refferal.
After you buy food, you can directly fight with the referral (10x max)


[1] Do poin2x above an on-mnerus.Ingat that more energy, bonuses and salaries will also increase. For example, if the energy used 5 games, for 10 times, then it will get less than 5 USD before taxes, but it was not bad, with 5 or 6 days playing, it is possible to collect two gold or 25 IDR.

Food HQ HQ + 10 newspapers milk, then the Ref Fight 10 times last job.
The more energy before the Ref F ight the greater the money earned usd (idr) obtained
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