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Jade and Althea (The Rich Man's Daughter)
Are you, perhaps, in want of a solid soap opera with queer female characters who have a lot of feelings and potentially about each other? WELL THEN. May I humbly suggest checking out this little soap opera, the first prime time Filipino show to feature a lesbian couple, The Rich Man’s Daughter? I mean, I do, I do humbly suggest it.
Please, join me in spiraling into this delicious soapy drama. Let me introduce you to your new favorite ship:
Jade is the only daughter and favorite child of the Tanchingcos, a prominent Chinese Filipino family that’s firmly rooted in tradition. Likes: her family (especially her grandmother), dancing, traveling, and maybe Althea. Dislikes: heights.

Althea is the wedding planner for Jade’s brother, Gabe, and his fiance, Pearl. Likes: dressing up, her dog, her father, heights, and Jade. Dislikes: abandonment and betrayal.

Jade and Althea first lock eyes during Gabe and Pearl’s wedding, when Jade is walking down the aisle as part of the wedding procession. They both immediately feel a connection. Later, they have a series of run-ins that escalate into friendship that escalates into something more complicated. Jade is set to marry David, a member of another prominent Chinese Filipino family, and their eventual marriage is foretold to bring great fortune to both families. David, as far as I can tell, enjoys being a Nice Guy and looking worried while wearing collared shirts.
This may sound familiar, and that’s because The Rich Man’s Daughter is basically the TV offspring of Imagine Me & You and I Can’t Think Straight. It has everything: a fraught dinner invitation initiated by a somewhat clueless boyfriend, an extended dance break, Really Significant Hand-Touching, an engagement that must go on, tense family politics, declarations of attraction amidst spontaneous confetti showers, and, of course, several lovers’ theme songs that are incongruous with the rest of the soundtrack and play twice as loud as any other music cue. At one point, the line, “Love is an unstoppable force” is uttered. It is a buffet of tropes. A rompery of queer rom-com and angst-fest cliches. Plus, y’all, their chemistry is amazing. They are a study in smittenhood:
HOW CUTE IS THAT? Remember, though, this is a good ol’ fashioned soap opera, so there’s plenty at stake that moves very quickly. The Tanchingcos are a traditional, patriarchal family, one that’s very concerned with saving face. Disobedience — such as having an unapproved relationship, especially a queer one — will certainly be met with shame and familial dishonor, if not disownment. (Here’s a spoileriffic breakdown of how this particular family stacks up against other families.) Jade’s other brother, Paul, nurses a grudge against her and expositionally threatens to ruin her whenever he gets a chance. Meanwhile, Jade still feels this connection to Althea! What does it all mean? How will she reconcile it with her family? Why is she making the choices she is making?!?

Glaiza de Castro and Rhian Ramos

If you’re not enticed yet, know that I watched every episode so far in a 48-hour span, and I had to pause multiple times in order to yell “OH MY GOD” out loud to my empty room. It inspires that many feelings. Please, if nothing else, go have a watch (a kind soul has uploaded all the episodes so far with English subtitles) and come back here to yell with me about how over-the-top it is.

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Vice President European Commission demands mutual recognition same-sex marriages

So now that the US has gotten their act together legislatively it is now time for our friends in the EU and in a timely occurrence there has been a statement.

also see from a local standpoint:

In an interview with Politico, published on Monday, Vice President of the European Commission Frans Timmermans, indicated he is committed to make sure all EU Member States recognise same-sex marriages conducted abroad.

He stressed that “Even if you don’t want to have same-sex marriage in your country, [you should] at least have the decency to accept that other countries do have it and recognize that marriage when people move to your country who are married.”

This confirms statements he made in a speech one week before, when he called it a disgrace that same-sex married couples moving to another country “run into all sorts of idiotic problems” opposite-sex couples would not face in the same situation.

These problems could include loss of pension rights, inheritance, next-of-kin rights or child custody rights.

Ulrike Lunacek MEP, Co-President of the LGBTI Intergroup reacted: “I strongly applaud these words by Vice President Timmermans, which confirm that bonds of love and their legal recognition, no matter whether conducted between same-sex or opposite-sex couples, should be treated equally.”

“I look forward to working with Mr Timmermans to ensure that this will be reality sooner rather than later.”

Daniele Viotti MEP, Co-President of the LGBTI Intergroup, added: “Why would two married women and their children be recognised as a family in one EU Member state, and as two single women with orphans in another? This is what happens in Italy, as I underlined in the conference ‘Europe: Families without borders!’ and in the video ‘If you are married in Europe you are married in Italy, too.’”

“Indeed this does not make sense and may create dangerous situations. I am very glad to see that Vice President Timmermans is committed to ensure that the effects of same-sex marriages are recognised EU-wide.”

Ian Duncan MEP, Vice-President of the Intergroup on LGBTI Rights, concluded: “I welcome the words of Vice President Timmermans. Same sex couples should not have to face barriers in other European countries that are not faced by heterosexual couples.”

“I have written to Mr Timmermans to ask what action he will be taking to follow up on his pledge”

See what you make of the Jamaica Observer's Editorial today, I wonder if they are really honest:

How long before Jamaica recognises same-sex marriages?

On June 26, 2015, the United States Supreme Court held in a 5-4 decision that the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution requires all states to grant same-sex marriages and recognise same-sex marriages granted in other states.

In doing so, the Supreme Court overturned its prior decision in 1972 in a case called Baker v Nelson, one of the first attempts by a homosexual couple, Jack Baker and Michael McConnell, to secure a licence for a same-sex marriage. It failed at the time primarily on grounds that marriage was to be between a man and a woman.

"Their (same-sex couples) hope is not to be condemned to live in loneliness, excluded from one of civilisation's oldest institutions. They ask for equal dignity in the eyes of the law. The Constitution grants them that right," wrote Justice Anthony Kennedy in his 2015 opinion on the law.

The US decision called Obergefell has, predictably, launched an intense debate not only in the US but across the world, particularly among Christians, with some describing it as "tragic" and a "grave error"; while gays and pro-gay groups have ecstatically embraced it.

Jamaicans appear to be taking their time to digest the US Supreme Court's ruling, but the debate here can be expected to be no less intense. It is an extension of the vigourously contested views on the legalisation of homosexuality, as proposed in the call to strike down laws against buggery.

We suspect that the US decision will impact Jamaica and the Caribbean sooner than later, given that hundreds of Americans come here to get married in the idyllic conditions offered by year-round warm sea, sand and sun with which we are blessed. The economic bonanza alone will make it hard to say no.

The real question will be how long before Jamaica follows America in legalising same-sex marriages.

For its part, the United States has come a long way since May 18, 1970 when Jack Baker and Michael McConnell climbed the steps of the Minneapolis courthouse, paid the required fee of US$10, and applied, unsuccessfully, for a marriage licence. Reports said the county clerk Gerald Nelson told them bluntly that marriage was for people of the opposite sex.

The Supreme Court's decision is a dramatic indication of how views have changed in America in the 45 years since. Jamaicans, despite unfortunate labels of being homophobic, have also grown in their tolerance of the gay lifestyle. It is worthy of notice that the days of violence against homosexuals seem to be well behind us and there is now a greater acceptance of the value of dialogue on this issue.

Indeed, that was the experience of Messrs Randy Berry and Todd Larson, the US Government LGBTI advocates who visited Jamaica in May this year.

Congratulations America! Cheers To Liberty! ....... Gay Marriage at last!

I have not much to add to this letter I saw in the Gleaner today, I must also big up the sensible commentators who have been battling the uproar since the ruling with some sensible rebuttal, of note is Cliff Hughes of Nationwide while carrying out duties on his daytime show on Power106FM with good arguments.

Download the 103 paged ruling HERE and see the Gay marriage tab immediately below this post for my previous musings and entries.

Richard Mon wrote/submitted:


Congratulations, President Obama and congratulations, America, on your announcement of making homosexual marriages legal in all 50 states. This is a real triumph for liberty and freedom, and highlights the liberalism that is closely affiliated with your declaration of independence as, truly, you have demonstrated that each man is entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of individual happiness. Happy 240 years of independence! I imagine that there will be unprecedented celebration in the land of the free. I wish I could be there, but I don't have a visa.

The controversy and immeasurable media attention to this tumultuous disagreement between the homosexual community in America and the Church resembles the bitter disagreement between the homosexual/LGBT community in Jamaica and the Church in Jamaica. This makes me very concerned, because the dominant topic of discussion in both countries over the last term of Obama's administration has been this single topic.

This has become the issue of the day as many countries around the world are currently reviewing their laws that limit the liberty of homosexual individuals. This is the single-most widespread and unified global cause of the 21st century, and the announcement in the United States in many ways will propel the movement to even more global success.


It seems to me that the highest valued ethic in the world today is liberty; everyone wants to be free to do what they like. I have said Christians and homosexuals are similar in this respect. Christians want to be able to live their lives believing in Jesus Christ and carrying out whatever activities they deem necessary for their religious existence. Homosexuals and the LGBT community want to be able to be free to live their lives in the way that they choose and not be discriminated against or persecuted because of their sexual orientation, and publicly carry out activities that they deem necessary for their existence. Obviously, if the highest ideal is liberty, then the freedom of one person can quite easily affect the freedom of the other.

I am most concerned because, in my eyes, the highest ideal should be love, or at least mutual understanding. It is quite improbable to think that Christians and the LGBT community can exist in an atmosphere of love, so mutual understanding and tolerance of each other may be more practical. It will be difficult, but we will have to find a way to get along so that each group can maximise their liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Yet the main thing that worries me is what has happened to all the main, important issues facing humanity. What has the US government done to address the issues of child hunger? What have they been doing to help those who are living in poverty in their own population? What about the genocide in Africa? What is being done about Boka Haram? What policies are being effected to deal with the growing threat of ISIS? What about domestic acts of terror?


The Church has, for the most part, lost its way. How can two walk together unless they agree? The Church has become fatally wounded because it has become divided into countless denominations that cannot reconcile with each other. The Church has sought after its own individual glory and has exalted the teachings of different men above the word of God.

I wish they would follow the example of the minority of Christians who are busy fighting Ebola, join groups as the Salvation Army and begin ministering to the poor and needy, offering care to the elderly and the orphans, visiting the sick and really actively showing love to all mankind. The Church is so busy preaching, and condemning. The Church has failed to see that their empty words and vain repetitions are not reaching the lost souls; they are not reaching the people they are calloused towards.

Before church people pick up their pitch forks and torches, I would encourage them to lay down those burdens and take up their crosses and follow Jesus. Go greet the world with love instead; Jesus did say that He gives a new commandment to love one another as He has loved us. Go with love and see what happens.

Corrective Rape challenges continue

In what has been surmised as a rape and robbery ring by a group of some three men in St Catherine has had some challenges for the police and citizens in residential areas such as Ensom City, Monticello, Avon Park and Eltham Acres/Meadows including the upscale Y.P. Seaton housing schemes and others as far west as Old Harbour heights within the last four to five months. A series of broad daylight robberies also is of concern as smartphones especially taken from teens, jewelry from women, cash and handbags grabbed are the items of choice by the miscreants; the citizen’s associations or what is left of some of them have banded together encouraging residents during the days when most persons are at work of school to be on the lookout and proceed with caution.

Early morning joggers and fitness gurus have had to curtail their schedules even as daylight comes way earlier than before as the summer months roll in as the bicycle riding scoundrels have targeted them as well where several phones and iPods etc have been taken. One same gender loving sister who resides in an upscale part of the Seaton development and who used to walk at five am said she re-engaged her old gym although removed from its original address just to be on the safe side although the early morning walks were refreshing especially nearing the river where the wind is cooler and fresh.

There seems to be a link to a series of robberies, sexual assaults and rapes of school girls in the May Pen and Old Harbour areas as well as the rumoured cases all have similar victim profiles and smartphones, tablets, cash and other what are considered lesser value items are demanded or taken at gunpoint, which now has some thinking the gun(s) used in the crimes maybe empty but used as an intimidating tool against victims as none has been reported shot.

Women overall have been targeted although a man also was relieved of his tablet as he sat on an avenue making use of the free wi-fi signal that sometimes emit from the nearby LIME/FLOW exchange building nearing an irrigation water canal in April. The unsuspecting character described as having partially bleached skin rode passed once then returned brandishing a gun to carry out the dastardly deed. The one man band has since increased to three as a set of women who live in the Eltham community house were paid an unexpected visit by them in broad daylight and at gunpoint robbed them of a quantity of cash as one of them was washing a car by the sidewalk. Both matters were not reported to the police when last I checked. The most recent case in June was that of a St Jago male student who was relieved of his S4 phone as he walked passed the popular LIME tower exchange building as well which sometimes emit wi-fi signals or persons residing nearby with password free wireless internet which persons gladly latch on to.

The corrective rape element however came into effect as in May of this year as a bisexual woman whilst sitting in the back of her house under a mango tree escaping the daytime heating with her young son who had gone inside was surprised by the same bicycle riding culprit mentioned above. The victim was on her smartphone also making use of the wi-fi services from the nearby LIME cell tower was pounced upon by the man as he scaled her fence gun in hand, he then ordered her to hand over her phone and to remain quiet so as not to alert the other occupants of the house including an elderly lady who has since died due to the pressure from the incident it is surmised, she was said to have been the grandmother of the victim and did not take the news of the ordeal very well, high blood pressure is said to be the cause of death.

The victim was forced at gunpoint to open the rear gate of the yard she was sitting in and taken to nearby bushes in broad daylight where she was raped repeatedly while he held the gun at her throat threatening her if she screamed. According to the victim she tried to make a run for it as he turned his back after the first go round in the near two hour ordeal but she held in her urge for her safety, it was then he scrolled through her phone and found photos of the victim and her old friend in friendly positions which prompted the man to continue harming her while uttering phrases suggesting she deserves it as she wants women instead of men.

Sadly the mentioned housing schemes where the ordeals are reported to have occurred are lonely spots during the days as most residents are at work, household helper technicians are on the inside or at the rear of the employers’ premises, the once bad roadways are now smoothly paved so escape or freedom of movement via bicycle as this crew uses is way easier and the police patrols had since slowed during the public sector worker negotiations hence less overall vigilance.

The rapist made his escape with the phone afterwards not before telling her to shut her mouth about the ordeal and the young lady managed to crawl her way back to the house in pain and shock and managed to yell for the occupants just outside the gate who came to her aid; they too were in shock as they were wondering where she had gone as her son was crying upon not seeing her under the mango tree where she was taken. The police were summoned and a subsequent report was made at the CISOCA office in Spanish Town. Neighbours were surprisingly sensitive to the matter (devoid of the corrective element) given the quietness on the avenue and a prayer vigil also was had alongside home visits to the remaining family members who still reside at the premises. The victim has since relocated for comfort and safety reasons. Other cases have popped up as well but as usual they are hard to confirm as persons hold in their ordeal which is understandable and the sexual orientation of the victims is also not known but clearly the suggestion is a rape ring is in operation in the geographical zone spanning some three parishes, St Catherine, Manchester and Southern St Ann.

It was only some days ago the police expressed some concerns via a press conference and subsequent radio spots about the numbers of sexual assault cases numbering some 200 plus since January this year of teens and women in the named parishes and further with gunplay as part of the cases. The cops sound resolute in smashing the scourge; I hope they do as they did back in 2010 onwards after the rape cases of now public Angeline Jackson whose case I carried on this blog (without naming her then of course for privacy reasons at the time) the cops had taken down the leader of a ring who hailed from May Pen who also assaulted Miss Jackson and her friend by luring them from a then lgbt site with a fake profile pretending to be a lesbian. The cases also slowed in court as our systems creak as per usual but Miss Jackson has emerged stronger than before. The accused was sentenced eventually for a total of 29 years.

Be vigilant be safe.

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Serial rapist gets 29 years in rape ring

Peace and tolerance

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