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Switch-hitting in a Gang War Case ...............

A very disturbing bit of news with strong leanings to alleged switch-hitting factoring in a murder case in St Ann has had some persons disturbed as more has come to light with revenge killing resulting of a bisexual man (known to persons who know) he was not directly involved in the feud but was simply at the wrong place and the wrong time it seems.


Previous gang war in February of this year in the depressed and volatile Steer Town community led to the spilling of blood in the street in Ocho Rios at the weekend of February 20 with the shooting death of an area resident.

Sources connected to steer town and police said a woman played a role in luring out and slaying of 23-year-old Jamar Robinson who was believed to be involved in a recent murder in the Steer Town community. Robinson shot dead Friday night, February 20, was the third person from Steer Town, midway between Drax Hall and Davis Town, to be murdered this year.


Before that Friday’s slaying, the most recent murder of a Steer Town resident took place on Saturday evening, February 7 when a man was shot dead in supposed revenge. Police had issued no report of that incident that came to attention of this newspaper only as North Coast Times investigated reports of growing panic and fear in the community. The man was said to operate a car wash but no other details were available.

Just two weeks earlier, another Steer Town man was murdered on the edge of the community. He is 23-year-old David Ellis also called ‘Ozzy P’ of Damhead, Steer Town, St Ann. He was shot and killed on Thursday, January 22, along the Roaring River Main Road.

Police reports are that about 6:15 pm residents heard explosions and called the police. Ellis’ gunshot-riddled body was found. Reports say three men had walked up to him and opened fire before running away.Saturday night’s shooting comes following a show of force by at least seven armed men in Steer Town last Thursday, ahead of a funeral service for Ellis, Saturday.


Reports are that men were seen massed in an area in the community and as a police patrol approached, the men fired a barrage of shots in the area. Residents say they were shocked given that the police were no more than 100 metres away when the men opened fire.

Police sources said they were stepping up their operations in the area and expressed concern over the future of Steer Town, a community with dozens of squatters and high levels of unemployment.Friday night’s shooting was a hit, though police have little details about it. However, investigations by a media outlet revealed that Robinson was blamed for a murder in the area. It is not clear if it was for the death of Ellis. However, reports were that some gang members said they had to “make a duppy” to avenge the death of Ellis, before he was buried.A woman was said to be involved and lured out Robinson, under pretense at a romantic night together. 

He her in Ocho Rios. The were walking along the road in the area of DaCosta Drive, part of the highway in front of Taj Mahal shopping centre when at least two men appeared out of bushes and shot Robinson three times, one of the bullets striking him in the head.

The woman was unharmed and escaped. It is not clear if she left in a car that had taken the men to the area.
Police were called to the scene. A senior officer told The Times Monday that all weekend police were working on the case but he refused to say whether they had any leads or theories about what had happened in that case. Jamar is said to have occasionally had contact within the LGBT entertainment scene but very low keyed.

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Peace and tolerance



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