Thursday, April 9, 2015

Lesbophobic Rant on RJR’s Afternoon Flagship Program by Broadcasters

Easter Monday around 4pm we were subject to the most ignorance laden lesbophobic stigmatization and homo-negative rants I have heard in a long time on radio and to think this happened on one of Jamaica’s longest running radio stations that has set the standard for broadcasting in terms of quality. I was taken aback by it, this one almost went unchecked for the heightened fever and anticipation of President Obama’s visit to Jamaica that has overshadowed near everything else, maybe the hosts of the show thought such an exercise would have gone unnoticed; if anyone was having traditional bun and cheese for the season and are right thinking they might have felt nauseous after hearing the poor broadcast quality from a supposedly reputable station.

The infraction was platformed on a pretentious search for feedback on a news story carried on social media of a female student identified as a lesbian in the United States who was barred from wearing a tuxedo to a prom when what really it turned out to be was an avenue to push as mentioned before homo-negative rubbish on the strength of the heckling exercise of the Prime Minister in New York by some gay rights activists in March and the expectation that talks may occur now that President is here on law changes, Jamaica’s homophobia and the perception of bullying by LGBT advocacy local and overseas.

Markland ‘Action’ Edwards and co-host Mark Marshall set the tone for the call back section and of the first callers went straight to the old stupid beliefs of a Keep it to yourself mentality or stay in the closet rebuke as is customary; she said ‘if they are two gays they must go in their dress and carry their man things to dem yard.” In other words the hetero-normative modes of dress must remain and no accommodation must be given to other forms of gender or sexual orientation (stereotypical sometimes) in the present rapidly changing environment challenging long held traditions.

Other phone in comments for example that were allowed to reinforce the homo-negative beliefs were:

“Not In my Cabinet .... no woman inna tuxedo”

“She can go wear her tuxedo somewhere else.”

“if she register at the school as a man she should wear her tux.”

“The school must stand up for what they stand for; if you is a girl you is just a girl; you must dress like a girl; no girl must dress inna tuxedo like a man, they must stay aside with it.”
That comment again reinforces the stay in the closet mentality and that affirmation via public display of dress or openness is unaccepted, in other words the Keep it to yourself mentality. Sadly the stereotyping of LGBT life by LGBT entertainment has aided such negative perceptions to cement themselves.

“Keep your dirty laundry in your household”

There was on sensible caller (with an American accent) brought home the point of freedom of choice @ around 15:25 in the audio posted above.

Mark Marshall was the more offensive of the hosts where he clearly displayed his ignorance suggesting that if he had to give a ride to a man who was known to be gay and members of the public were also aware then he would not engage that man publicly suggesting some predatory intent by homosexuals when in close proximity of someone else. I wonder if the exercise was a way to raise listenership as well as the stiff competition from others northwards on the radio dial is strong and the previous host of the show in question just departed the station so this show is pretty much new. Such types of phobic and stigmatizing rants and broadcasts are often used both in print and electronic media and dancehall music to revive or increase market share and sales capitalizing on the national perception of male homosexuality in particular.

Marshall in response to a caller in his disgusting display of ignorance said “when some girls want to exhibit a certain lifestyle they don’t wear dresses anymore,” clearly the man is not up on his understanding of sexual orientation and using ‘lifestyle’ to imply change is possible to convert persons to hetero-normal socialization. The caller continued and identified himself as a club owner and he knows how lesbians run yet he is offended at a lesbian overseas wearing to tux to an event but has no trouble while turning his head away accepting the patronage of the same group he is upset with.

It was after the aforementioned sensible caller that Marshall pretentiously again went on his poor broadcasting style as if to suggest he has no problem with homosexuals then the preverbal but. He also issued veiled threats that no group or activists can remove him and that he is willing to leave the station if necessary.

Sadly this is what our broadcasting standards have fallen to, I intend to send a copy of this entry to the station manager Francois St Juste to see if he will or can act on this; a warning perhaps and it is left up to us to monitor this duo as clearly they have some agenda as evidenced in this incident. The repeated reference to bullying by lobbyists for example was somehow being made out to be justification for no change of laws that criminalize acts associated with male homosexuals; hence Jamaicans must resist any talk of tolerance or homosexuality came through loud and clear to me in the 25 minute plus segment of the show.

This isolated incident though in earshot of thousands of listeners (mostly older folks) is a clear indication to activists that we have a long way to go in changing hearts and minds and not just amending or repealing archaic laws buggery legislation.

Peace and tolerance



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