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CISOCA Head: buggery cases for boys decreasing, interventions less successful in abused girls

Speaking at a special media briefing on April 18th the head of Centre for Investigation for Sexual Offences in Child Abuse, CISOCA Superintendent Enid Ross Stewart she highlighted the decrease in Buggery cases for boys, she said that there were only five main cases in train since the start of the year and others have gotten some closure from last year. She highlighted a case of a boy in his teens who opened up to his parents on an abusive situation with a male adult as the perpetrator but when he was taken into office for the CISOCA team to have the resident psycho-social interventions to take effect he closed down on them and denied the allegation even in the absence of the parent in the room during the engagement.

“...when he came to us he said no because he was comfortable speaking to his mother but now he is at CISOCA where he has to speak to one or two officers ....... more persons are getting into his private space; we now have an obligation to record his statement and ask the Deputy Director of Public Prosecution to assist us in going forward.”

She went on to also share that boys seem better to respond to the interventions overall as they feel really violated when paedophiles abuse them and often go through the processes and attend court when needed with support provided to parents, she said girls however take longer in abuse matters and their resolution.

She never gave any figures during the public stage of the exchange.

The unit’s plan for this year were outlined for this year where she went into some detail as to the blitz campaign and branding on JUTC and other buses for example, newspaper, social media and radio campaigns with messaging encouraging persons who know of abuse or where abused as children and now are adults to contact CISOCA of come forward. She says she wants to encourage girls and boys to report early so the interventions can be rolled out to bring closure to matters earlier.

She said many persons are also doing the latter:

“We would have find in recent times that persons who were abused are coming forward to tell us I was abused when I was twelve, thirteen, fourteen; we have about five such cases as we speak.” When asked about the statute of limitations on such cases and late reporting she responded: “No” As for police who are accused of sexually based crimes she continued that many accused persons with that dilemma have been cooperating she said “The list is about 25 as this morning we were taking some off cause of new updates ........ We’re really sanitizing the list and um we had about 25 still remaining on that list, there are police, teachers before the court ....... we’re not looking at those we are actively investigating."

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“Even if the victims say they don’t want to continue we have an obligation because they may be members of an organization so we must continue; so we send that file; that is one of those files that must go to the Deputy Director of Public Prosecution for a determination.”

CISOCA also said that it will not be deterred by the status of persons in probing allegations against them “An allegation has been made and so the rumour; I don’t like the rumour; rumour dem spreading now; so put it before the court and if it is that you are not guilty they’ll go free but once I hear about the matter, I have a statement I am going to pursue it,” said Sergeant Claudette Hepburn Community Safety and Security Office within CISOCA.

Recent disturbing inappropriate sexual contact allegations with minors and men of the cloth is also a challenge to which CISOCA’s coverage has widened to though not mentioned in this latest engagement but given the Cherry picking and hypocrisy but sections of the Christian community on an anti gay quest they pay little or no attention given to such societal ills yet they have all the strength and money (given the media blitz and full paged ads on a Sunday that are not cheap)and no interventions for victims, no attention to the homeless given recent disturbing reports of said persons rounded up by authorities in preparation of The US President visit earlier in the month.

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The arrest rate for under 16 girls was also raised “Some of these cases are really cold case files we have dug up and made arrests in them; and so we have made more arrests compared to last year but the reporting of the act itself is really on par with last year for under the age of fifteen for rape; it is really a cultural problem our girls and our parents communities believe that once a girl gets to a certain age they should be having sex and it is wrong; we are really destroying our girls.” Said Miss Enid Ross Stewart. The disturbing belief that young men having sex with minors or with a virgin will cure sexually transmitted diseases is still a challenge in today’s Jamaica, it was a challenge for me as well in HIV prevention work I was involved in at the Ministry of Health under the early days of the PLACE project. 

On sex with very young virgins to cure disease Mrs Ross Stewart made this disturbing revelation.

“We had one such report this week, our doctor called me to say ..... She calls me Madame Ross I am looking at a case that disturbs me and I am saying what are you talking about? .......... a young girl nine years of age ....... the young man that had sex with her is twenty years old because she now has an STI all because the young man believed if he had sex with her his STI would go.

I am still concerned also about the continued conflation of paedophilia and homosexuality and hence justification by anti gay voices to block attempts at achieving rights and recognition, thankfully the goodly folks at CISOCA overall thus far are now aware of the difference and treat with specific case types with diligence and understanding, there is still some room for improvement as a recent matter that I was close to was staggered by old beliefs subscribed to by the police involved in prosecuting the matter.

Peace and tolerance


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