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FAME FM’s ‘Uncensored’ radio show conflates homosexuality, paedophilia with transgenderism

Firstly thanks to my bredren Gary for calling my attention to it via phone as I caught the show some twenty minutes into it on April 27 but I gleaned enough for me to arrive at the title of this post. I do wish that when radio discussions planned these kinds of shows/topics that some basic research is done especially in this age of information as this is not the dark days of old. These kinds of discussions (mostly uninformed ones) can end up being counter-productive despite their noble intent upon production but by the time one gets into the studio on the other side of the glass it turns in another direction. Some contact with LGBT voices locally would be nice and a clear separation of homosexuality, transgenderism and abuse is clear so that the public does not walk away with old perceptions almost getting some confirmation thus cementing old hardened positions hence resistance to change ones mindset.

An occasional caveat would have been nice to show a clear difference between gay children (as the topic was about) versus transgender during the show so that listeners have no doubt as the minutes went by.

The clash between the hosts on LGBT advocacy bullying and gay men wanting to be women at the end of the show is the part that made me most uncomfortable; the presence of Tiana, a transgender voice now living overseas and who worked with my sister organization Aphrodite’s PRIDE Jamaica however was the saving grace but had I been not so enlightened like members of the public I would have walked away thinking gay men want to be women (an old perception that drives fear and loathing tied with effeminacy/homophobia) and that homosexuals for all intents and purposes act like girls or the greater subtext want to be opposite sex only via sex itself.

The topic was about “What would you’d do if your child was gay?” but by the time it got to where I tuned in all kinds of suppositions about beastiality being normal were professed by some of the panelists including a reverend gentleman. The other saving grace was the presence of a psychologist from the UK who spoke to Jamaica’s unique unease towards sexual orientation and that in the UK such phobia and abuse especially when it gets physical can be dealt with via laws and court action as opposed to no such coverage here. Co-host Colin Hines (who always whenever chance he gets claims he is not in support of homosexuality) took exception to the Psychologists comments by suggesting she and others were implying normalcy in homosexual expression or existence and words such as abnormal, demons and paedophiles came forth in the short exchange prior to her departure from the show.

Dr Gemma Givan Child Psychologist from the UK said for example in response to a question on the experience in her country “.....we promote everyone being able to have the same rights as everybody else regardless of their sexual orientation is or their gender is; so we've grown up as law; we’re not allowed to discriminate against anyone; we get sent to jail we get fines, so our is more multi-cultural so it based everybody no matter what you believe, what religion, where you are from, what your culture is; everyone is on the same line, whereas in Jamaica the law is attached to the church and because of what people believe in the Bible influences their idea of what should be and what shouldn't.”

Colin Hines asked “So Christianity is a factor?” to which Dr Gemma Givan responded “Right, yea ‘cause there is very little competition with religion here unlike in other countries.”

As expected the conflation between paedophilia, beastiality, child abuse and same gender sex came forth as always those who oppose homosexuality recline in the comfort of old perceptions of predatory intent (outside of wanting to be women) by adults while not understanding or refuse to get acquainted with the information that denotes the difference. Reverend Jason Downer a panelist and from MUGAVA Men Under God Against Violence & Abuse claiming to be speaking as a parent said among other things when asked about his 6 year old daughter declaring she is a lesbian in later life what would he do?:

“God forbid if she comes to me with that ....... I wouldn't want that; Even any parent who are homosexual let’s say same sex union they don’t wanna, most of them you talk to they don’t want their child to have to experience that”

“It’s the demon weh me a tell yug ‘bout” (It’s the demon I am telling you about) another panelist shouted immediately following that comment.

Reverend Downer continued that being a counselor he would not be shocked as he knows there are other factors influencing sexual orientation. Yet it seems the goodly Reverend with all his knowledge and exposure seems locked into the notion of same gender sex and abuse as one as opposed to separating the issues. He says he has counselled 14/5 year olds but he expects her to show “signs” so he can address it. Obviously he was going to the response of reparative therapy but redeemed himself of sorts when he said he would not put out his child. “I don’t condone homosexuality one bit but I love and respect my child anyway” he claims yet he was the one later in the discourse who brought up the futuristic call for beastiality rights and fears by religiosity as being punished for speaking out against the ‘lifestyle.’ Let us remember this man also was introduced as a psychologist/counselor.

One of the parents on the panel when asked by co-host Colin Hines about their sexual orientation being “abnormal or what frightens them?” (While infusing the procreation ambit) to which a gentleman responded that he would be worried about his own reputation and the perception of others looking on to suggest he may have been the one who introduced homosexuality to his child so it somehow rubbed off. This old perception is another one of the challenges that has created a wall of resistance in LGBT advocacy as if to suggest homosexuality is contagious or has ill-intent by those so described as gays. He continued “.....the public shame (egged on by Colin Hines) that ridicule almost like, what if he saw his father doing things? Why him dis, why him dat? (Why is he this or why is he that way?) Reverend Downer concurred that many Jamaican men also think that way. The parent continued that he is looking on his son and seeing how unfortunate the situation is for him because his life is not going to be the same; there is no normalcy again; it’s gonna be a difficult road he does not want him to traverse.

The suggestion of danger and future abuse us hinted there or predatory behaviour by such other individuals being laid at the feet of gay men, “I don’t want my son to go through that,” was his line that made some sense as homo-negativity has had its effects as evidenced in attacks and so on. “I will have to have sessions as to how to be a man, how boys must be in classes ... it seems to me listening how some persons are accepting to it talk, it’s OK man if he wants to let him do it. .... Open the door show them that they can try a guy if they want; if girls don’t work out, try a guy.”

“So not being grandfather worries you?” asked co-host Colin Hines to which the parent answered yes, there suggesting again the procreation imperative often used by those who supposedly oppose homosexuality as fodder for justifying it.

Tiana during the Aphrodite's PRIDE Jamaica/GLBTQ Jamaica  Seizmic workshop in 2013/4 photos I had taken more HERE as well or Seizmic Project Here, she now lives in the US

It was at that point that Tiana was brought into the discussion; she handled herself pretty well and made the point that she and her father now have a steady relationship in terms of understanding as her mother had passed away prior to that her and her father did not communicate for several months. She brought the historical context of her childhood and being teased or told to ‘man it up’ While I appreciate her intervention to very timing of it helped in my view to skew the exchange in a totally different direction riding on the subtext that gay men want to be women. Tiana was asked by Colin Hines for example if she had done the ‘transformation’ or re-assignment surgery to which she responded no. She gave her high school experience and the ‘man-up’ demands and her constant questioning of why she was like that? Or cry in private, she also stressed she was not abused or introduced by some abusive trigger.

“...... just to be clear it’s not that you were exposed to homosexuality at a young age, you were molested because people tend to think; that is one of the reason somebody can’t be naturally this way; something must have triggered it; do you think you had a trigger or from you know yourself this has been how you feel? Asked by co-host Krystal Tomlinson who while I understood where she was coming from or trying to accomplish unfortunately conflated homosexual curious with gender identity searching and understanding thus the subtext here again is a dangerous one as it suggest gay men are want-to-be women. Drop that unto the backdrop of the fear of the feminine we can now understand why the loathing and abhorrence of homosexuality is well defined in our culture and psyche. Tiana nicely put the homosexual paedophile intent or the overzealous protection of the young imperative by some (not that it is not needed but in context) to rest though but would it have resonated may yet to be unproven.

“From I knew myself this is how I have always felt; nothing; no molestation; nothing triggered anything.” Tiana responded. When asked about coming into acceptance of herself and how her parents dealt with it she said that society places pressure on persons like her even as parents accept it but scared for her safety prior to departing Jamaica. She clarified the re-assignment surgery conundrum and when asked by Colin Hines about her male genitalia she responded yes she still has same. She went on to relate her relocation and the discrimination that still exists but far less and laws protect or remedy such discrimination when it occurs. Then came another question that had me a bit queasy as posed by co-host 
Krystal Tomlinson: “Here is the big question now Tiana, would you want your child to be born gay, is it something you want the child to experience?” while I understand the context of the topic was such again the subtext is a female cisgender imperative being implied here. Tiana responded “Um, alright (hesitation I guess realising she is not gay but transgender) I have no control over that but from a realistic standpoint ...... at a tender age I wouldn’t want for my child to even .... um ... I don’t know what to say ..... I don’t think I would want my child to be born gay ‘cause the discrimination that he or she will face is crazy and if that person doesn’t have a strong mindset then that’s why you have most cases of suicide.”

Colin Hines asked her if she had a desire to have kids? Tiana responded she may adopt. 
Krystal Tomlinson then went on to suggest that hearing Tiana’s voice for many persons was a shock (again the subtext is gay men want to be girls which is worlds apart from transgenderism) while admitting she did not know the technical or appropriate term to describe the situation as Tiana being biologically male sounding female, identifying as female and eventually would like to make a transition. “People find it hard to grasp” claimed Krystal Tomlinson but the original discussion was about “What would you’d do if your child was gay?” not whether someone is gay wants to do re-assignment surgery or is transgender which is where the conflation intended or not delays the understanding process. Tiana went on the however said she is comfortable with herself but we must remember she is not gay but transgender.

One of the panelists asked Tiana at what age did she know she was a girl? Tiana’s answer “Let me say ....... at around eight, four, five;” another question came up “How were you certain you were not just bi-curious or searching?” Tiana answered “No, it wasn’t even any sexual thing or anything I just used to put on my mother’s clothing; her heels and everything and when I looked in the mirror I just always saw this girl; you know you can picture yourself; whenever I picture myself I picture myself as a girl.”

“Why am I to think that you were playing misguided dress up?” (again the subtext is abnormality is implied) asked another panelist and urged on by Reverend Downer “As many boys do,” Tiana responded “Because that outside appearance was, my physical appearance was of a male at first but whenever I thought about myself mentally I saw a girl.” 
Krystal Tomlinson got the point when she asked “it’s not just about the dress and the shoes it’s how you think of you?’ Tiana replied “It is not about the dressing up, the shoes, the makeup and stuff or anything is it how I think of myself and how I feel.”

Reverend Downer asked if she was attracted to males or females.

Tiana said she is attracted to males. That answer in essence highlights the other problem within transgender identity and such persons being lost or overlooked in the gay or MSM communities as they are often seen as drag queens. Let us also bear in mind Tiana has entered and won several drag show competitions in Miss LGBT World, Dancehall Queen & was seen as a drag queen until she became a public face for transgender advocacy in my days as DJ/promoter on the circuit.

Then came the descent into madness as I see it where a clash ensued for some six minutes plus on or about parents being fine with knowing their children are gay in US as opposed to Jamaica. The fear of the future came in when Reverend Downer parachuted the beastiality bit or normalization of homosexuality in children via mainstream media. Krystal raised a point about abnormality and that it (homosexuality) is becoming normal in the eyes of the viewer because of exposure via social media etc and the supposed story of transgender walking with Jesus in Bethlehem. One thing I have learned in these discussions never ever, ever bring in the Bible or theological references when one cannot justify it or is informed as it would descend into chaos. That was precisely what occurred in the shouting match that followed.
Krystal Tomlinson found herself in a philosophical and theological bind as she tried to differentiate choice, beastiality, consent and paedophilia versus morals with co-host Colin Hines for the most part. She was further incensed as I was when the paedophile construct was parachuted into the mix by one of the panelists (who were hardly named), Krystal made her point “........ don’t use paedophilia ‘cause it takes away the rights of a child ....... use adult examples; use permissible adult examples where one person can consent with another person; don’t deliberately blur the lines; clearly an animal cannot consent to anything with a human being; really a child cannot consent with an adult, so I am talking about two adult choosing to do something because you say they have the right to ....... (Shouting between herself and Colin) it can’t be rape either (came through the high decibels) ...... let’s keep it within consensual bounds people; if you say consenting adults have a right to choose what they do with their body how then can you stand to lambaste them for exercising a choice that doesn't take the right away from any other person?

Colin Hines latched onto the free speech suffocation victim ploy when he asked “Are you suggesting that I no longer have the right to critique?” to which Krystal answered: “Critique is different from lambasting, critique is separate from ostracism.” Colin defended his position: “You’re talking about degrees of comparison here.....” suggesting semantics by Krystal. She reminded him of his sojourn aided by the Reverend Downer where he said words to the effect that we were entering into a dark time (apparently prior to my tuning in) and the world is coming to an end.

“ ......A man choosing to do something we’re descending into beastiality; terms like those suggest that somebody exercising a choice has taken them on a wrong road; but if they don’t have the choice .... If what they do ....” Colin interrupted by saying “But nobody is precluded from being judged; nobody is!?”

Krystal answered “No. Judgement and judging are two different things,” which she repeated with resolve. “The judgement and the slippery slope; going down into animals, humans having sex with animals and the world coming to a dark end, people are deliberately blurring the lines ..... That’s judgmental.” Reverend Downer responded “The basis on which I make my point as I said before from earlier on understanding spiritual realities because I cannot speak about it in any other way, Tiana can speak to how she feels and that experience he or she has; I don’t have that, you understand? ....... I know from growing up socializing how I feel as a boy and there are certain things you do as male with the opposite sex and not with my sex...”

Colin interjected “Do we know what is right or wrong anymore?” piggy backing on the religious imperative with the implied sodomatical abhorrence based on a misread of the Leviticus book and those holiness codes designed for a peculiar people at that time. Colin continued to trump the victim card of stifling of freedom of speech of those who oppose homosexuality. Reverend Downer then landed the Sodom & Gomorrah line “That slippery slope is that spiritual slippery slope that cause God fi bun up Sodom & Gomorrah (that caused God to destroy Sodom & Gomorrah) that is the slippery slope that I am talking about.” Here we see the deceptive card of the justification of anti gay views based on the destruction of Sodom for exclusively homosexuality when that was not the reasons in hindsight. The socialization challenges tied in with economic issues including corruption, piracy, slavery and so on. Was the destruction of the city a scientific phenomenon via meteorite showers or actually an extraordinary heavenly event is yet to be properly determined.
Krystal Tomlinson responded that he was being disingenuous and that hysteria and extreme views to justify opposition is dishonest (I am in total agreement there) “Leave them to choose what they want to choose.” She said, she also claimed that she does not support homosexuality but persons must be free to choose. Colin claims that she is telling others how to think.

So here we have another show in earshot of thousands of Jamaicans and others online and the true gist of the topic gets lost in the haze as per usual.

I guess in hashing out the issues we have to endure some of this but as I said in my introduction we are in the information age, all one has to do is research and approach matters from an informed place.

Peace and tolerance


C’bean countries need holistic approach to dealing with violence against women and girls

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad (CMC) – Caribbean countries have been told that they would need to adopt a holistic approach in responding to and preventing violence against women and girls.

Two senior United Nations officials who have visited four Caribbean countries – Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Barbados and Dominica –have also noted that violence against women is a human rights violation, “which precludes the realization of all other human rights and is a barrier to the effective exercise of citizenship rights”.

Rashida Manjoo, United Nations Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women, its Causes and Consequences, as well as Commissioner Tracy Robinson, Rapporteur on the Rights of Women of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, conducted the study during the period April 15-28.

A UN statement said that the joint activity took place in the broader context of the cooperation and partnership between the international and regional systems of protection of human rights.

It said that during their visits to the four Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries, discussions with both state and non state actors “focused on priority issues concerning violence against women and girls and the prevention and response to this human rights violation”.

“The Rapporteurs note that many interlocutors described violence against women and girls as normalized, widespread and of pandemic proportions, and underreported. Some of the manifestations referred to within the home, community, workplace and in state institutions included psychological, physical, sexual, economic and institutional violence,” the statement noted.

It said that human rights issues affecting lesbian, bisexual and transsexual women were referred to continuously in meetings, including practices described as “corrective” violence. The issue of a rise in the prevalence of gender-related killings, as the ultimate act in a continuum of violence, was also highlighted in some contexts.

The statement said the issue of sexual violence against girls was raised in all four countries as a widespread concern.

“For example in one country the Rapporteurs were notified by a government entity that 97 percent of all reported cases of child victims of sexual violence were girls. Interviewees stated that in many instances private resolution of these cases was undertaken between the perpetrator and the victim’s family. “Mention was also made of the disproportionate use of detention in the case of girls in need of protection, many of whom are victims of violence, for “wandering” or for being “uncontrollable”.

The Rapporteurs said they also received information from both state officials and civil society that in some countries girls are incarcerated in adult facilities due to the lack of specific facilities for juveniles, which exposes them to the risk of institutional violence.

The two UN officials said they acknowledge the efforts undertaken by the governments to adopt and reform existing legislation concerning domestic violence and sexual offenses, to develop national gender policies, to create bureaus in charge of gender issues, and to provide a number of programmes and services for victims of violence against women.

“Both State and non-State actors voiced concern over the inadequate understanding of a gendered response to violence against women and girls, which in all four countries reflected a focus on men and boys, with violence against women being treated as a secondary issue.

“Numerous interventions highlighted the struggle of civil society to maintain the focus on violence against women and girls, despite the evidence of its pervasiveness, and the lack of adequate support and partnership in provision of services including safe houses.”

The Rapporteurs said that the numerous challenges identified require that in order to provide an effective response to violence against women and girls “there needs to be more resources allocated; ongoing monitoring and evaluation of policies and training programmes; proper data collection; and implementation of appropriate complaints mechanisms to strengthen accountability”.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Bail offered in wounding case

When fights get ugly ....

A man from the Portmore area in St. Catherine, Shawn Dunn, 21, was offered bail last Thursday, April 16, when he appeared in the Port Maria Resident Magistrate court, St. Mary on charges of unlawful wounding.

Shawn Dunn was offered bail in the sum of $180,000 with surety by senior resident magistrate Andrea Collins. He is expected to report to the Greater Portmore Police Station on Mondays and should reside at his given Portmore address.It is alleged that on Saturday, April 4, the accused, Dunn got into an argument with a young man, Davon Smith in Jacks River. Dunn and Smith got into a fight in which Dunn allegedly used a pair of scissors to stab Mr. Smith several times. 

According to the investigating officer, the incident left Mr. Smith seriously wounded. He received treatment at the St. Ann’s Bay Hospital, St. Ann.The investigating officer also revealed that Mr. Smith was stabbed all over his body. The officer further noted that Shawn Dunn turned himself in on Monday, April 6, but his injuries seemed to be only superficial scratches he received from the altercation.The complainant, Mr. Smith, who also appeared before the court, was allowed to sit, during the case because of pain from the stabbing incident on April 4.

When RM Andrea Collins enquired about the medical certificate, the investigating officer explained that the complainant has applied for the medical certificate at St. Ann’s Bay Hospital.


RM Collins set the bail bond and told the accused, Shawn Dunn that he was to return to court for the case to be mentioned on July 30.However, there was some drama in the court room, as the accused was seen resisting the police officer’s instructions when he was being taken to the holding area and was gesturing angrily in the direction of the complainant that they were telling lies on him. RM Collins, who did not see the incident, asked an officer in close proximity of the incident what had transpired. When she was told, she said to Shawn Dunn and his lawyer: “He seems happier where he is at. 

Maybe he would like to remain in custody until July 30.”“I’m sorry, Your Honour,” replied Shawn Dunn at the persuasion of his lawyer. RM Collins suggested that the accused conduct had to be addressed and instructed the police officer to remove him again to the holding area.The accused was then on a second occasion led out of the court to the holding area without much resistance on that occasion.

A note

The Port Maria Court House is located opposite the Claude Stuart Park and the Port Maria Parish Church. Originally built in 1821, this fine example of Georgian architecture housed the court house and police station until it was gutted by fire in 1988. It was subsequently rebuilt and reopened as the Port Maria Civic Centre in 2000. The imposing nineteenth century court house has had several cases involving some of the country’s best known politicians tried there. The most famous was that for manslaughter against Alexander Bustamante (now National hero) in 1942.

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UK Sports store suspends staff after gay couple branded ‘battymen’

So Jamaican parlance has made it to merry old UK and manifests its ugly self in an incident reported in the UK press and LGBT platforms. Thanks to Dennis Carney from Black Gay and Proud UK for alerting me to this via Twitter.

Thanks to the steady stream of vitriolic and homophobic murder music as 'art' imitates life and always changing names now internalized and cemented in the national psyche of not only Jamaicans here and abroad but now as this case shows other races who are also anti gay.

We have been called in Jamaica a list of ever changing stigmatizing terms and names such as:




Chi chi man (TOK popularised) 

Shi-fu man (very old term mostly used in rural areas)

Battyman widely used and as popularised by Beenieman's All Battyman fi Dead and Capleton's Battyman fi get Boom or Buju Banton's Boom Bye Bye to name a few.

Number 2 (back in the early days when the previous terms were not popularised yet), also see: Popular Jamaican homophobic words a post I did 2009.

Gavin Matthews with boyfriend Craig Hards

Sporting goods chain JD Sports has suspended a number of staff members – after a gay couple were allegedly referred to as “battymen”.

Gavin Matthews, and his partner Craig Hards say they encountered the homophobic language from staff members at JD Sports on Eltham High Street.

Mr Matthews said in a statement to PinkNews: “As I took a couple of steps in I heard from the rep behind me ‘Der battys in’it’.

“I quickly spun on my heels and stared straight at the individual who was just laughing whilst his colleague, who was no more than one foot from my side, just moved away quickly further into the store.

“My partner returned to my side and I told him in high tones ‘we’re leaving’.

“This is an outrageous homophobic hate crime and I immediately contacted JD sports customer services by email and received two days later a generic apology with a comment that they haven’t experienced this before.”

A spokesman for JD Sports has today confirmed that two members of staff have been suspended over the incident, and that one external member of staff was no longer employed by the company.

A statement to the Standard said: “Mr Matthews informed JD Sports of his complaint via the online customer service centre following the incident on Sunday 5 April.

“A new member of agency staff, who was working on a trial period at the time, unfortunately failed to properly escalate the complaint to the senior management team, who became aware of this incident on Friday 17 April. This individual is no longer working on behalf of JD Sports.

“We deplore discrimination of any kind and take this matter very seriously and took action as soon as this mistake was realised.

“Two employees from our Eltham store were suspended on Saturday 18 April pending a disciplinary hearing which is scheduled to take place later this week. The head of our customer service team spoke with Mr Matthews yesterday and he is aware of the action we are taking and will be informed of the outcome of the disciplinary process.”


also see:
JD Sports suspends two staff members after store assistant 'called gay couple battymen'

songs such as Bounty Killa's 'Dat a True' speak to it loudly or Batty Man Dem Flex Like A Sissy ('2009') – Assassin feat. Elephant Man and Bounty Killer:

Dat A True – Bounty Killer

They get me cross, angry, miserable/
They're liable and eligible.../
Wha happen to dem faggot?! Maggot!/
He dat plan to a next man shall put to death!/
Quote it from da bible biblically/
It's warlord, I'm killin dem spiritually/
Wha happen to my pride, wha happen to my dignity, wha happen to my liberty, wha happen to my culture, what about morality/
Man to man UNJUST!/
Wha happen to dem faggot?! Maggot?! Cross, fungus!

Batty nuh fi fuck an' dat a tru/
Apologize to who/
Yuh must lose a screw or few/
Yard man nuh play numba 2/
Yuh already knew/
Watch what yuh say or do/
Batty nuh fi fuck, an haffi real, man a killa weh yuh feel, fuck wha yuh believe, if dat will mek wi eat, then wi nuh wan no meal, wi rather sell copper an' no man see

Verse 1:
Man ah artist weh dem use it, mi nuh paint like da vinci/
Cocky mi gi gal so nuh bwoy cyaan pinch me/
Jackie inna mi mind, why dem wan hitch me/
Memba when ku klux klan dem a lynch wi/
Ah coulda weh dem really wan teach di pickney lunch time/
Weh dem bwoy yah livin sickly/
Stand up fi mi culture, dem can not trick me/
Ah coulda ass or mule, dem cyaan kick me/
Man ah nuh slave, so no bwoy cyaan whip me/
Through mi have mi morals, dem wan rubber grip me/
Fi no visa, me nuh mek no bwoy strip me/
Yuh mad!/
Tek back green card an hit me


Verse 2:
Cancel two concert an still survivin/
Pat a still put on land cruiser drivin/
Fat pussy gal deh yah undo my zip/
An ah batty some bwoy come eyes 'im/
Battyman inna di church it's not surprisin/
How much yutes yuh see di priest victimizin/
Not realizin jah gon chastize em/
Evil is deep, dem ah di pope idolizin/
Dem see di judgement an' run go knife it/
Clear di way mi hot gal dem a wifey/
Gi gal dem cocky, some bwoy deprivin/
Dat bwoy conniving, mek ah man ah prize him/
Battyman get so old 'im stop hidin/
Mi nuh go a track, mi nuh support nor strike 'im/
God by mi side, inna mi heart mi abide in/
Jah 10 Commandments will forever hide 'im/


Cross, angry, maggot, faggot, fungus, germs, baby sperms, wha happen to dem earthworms!/
You kno it's Warlord, it's a holy war, it's a spiritual war, you kno it's warlord!/
It's my culture, it's my nature, it's my experiences, it's nothin I'm fightin against, dat's how I see it, dat's how I live it, dat's how I kno it, dat's how I tell it, dat's how I show it...

Batty nuh fi fuck an' dat a tru/
Apologize to who/
Yuh must lose a screw or few/
Warlord nuh play numba 2/
Yuh already knew/
Watch what yuh say or do/
Batty nuh fi fuck, an haffi real man a killa weh yuh feel, fuck wha yuh believe, if dat will mek wi eat, then wi nuh wan no meal, wi rather sell copper an' no man see

Batty nuh fi fuck an' dat a tru/
Apologize to who/
Yuh must lose a screw or few/
Yard man nuh play numba 2/
Yuh already knew/
Watch what yuh say or do/
Batty nuh fi fuck, an haffi real man a killa weh yuh feel, fuck wha yuh believe, if dat will mek wi eat, then wi nuh wan no meal, wi rather sell copper an' no man see

Cross, angry, man to man, UNJUST!/
What happen to dem faggot?! Wha happen to dem fungus?! Yow, go to hell out...

NOTE: these lyrics were found on the internet. They might differ from the song.

plus songs that call for the execution of gay men by others as 'art' imitates the old generational perceptions.

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Dancehall Acts with Anti Gay Legacy Feud

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Capleton's "Shot him up" .......

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Deejays seek Obama's help for visa ...

Insensitive parents & Displaced MSMs part 2

Elephant Man's "Wi nuh like gays" lyrics

"Gay Look" for Kartel?

Bounty Killer and his B****man comments at Shaggy's fundraiser 2010

Evidence of our worst export it seems.

Peace & tolerance


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Gleaner Editorial: Confront Anti-Gay Bigots

When Barack Obama referenced Angeline Jackson in his remarks to young leaders during his visit to Jamaica, it was more than a statement about the bravery of an individual and the right of people, whatever their sexual orientation, to enjoy their fundamental human rights in a free and democratic society.

It was a declaration, too, of the nature of leadership: that, at its best, it is conditioned by neither opportunism nor narrow expedience.

We hope that Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller heard and was inspired to lead her administration in a frontal legislative defence of this country's gay and lesbian community to love who they wish, without fear of discrimination, official, or otherwise. In other words, it is not enough for the prime minister to designate a member of the Cabinet - as the Americans may have been advised she has done - to trove for complaints about government agencies that discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation and then use moral suasion in an effort to reverse such bigotry. Nor should such an initiative be secret, as it appears to be.

(photos added for this entry, not at source)

Ms Jackson was 19 when she was raped. Her rapists hid behind the chimera of their action being some kind of corrective therapy for her lesbianism. Instead of slinking off in the darkness, Ms Jackson formed an advocacy organisation, Quality Life Jamaica, for women like herself who have faced such trauma and, as President Obama put it, to push back against such stereotypes.

Said Mr Obama: "But more than anything else, she cares about Jamaica and making it a place where everybody - no matter their colour, or their class, or their sexual orientation - can live in quality and opportunity."

It was a sentiment similar to President Obama's and the bravery of Ms Jackson that we perceived in Mrs Simpson Miller when, during the 2011 election campaign, she rejected notions of a sexuality check for prospective members of Cabinet and promised a parliamentary conscience vote on the law against buggery, the major weapon of terror used to intimidate gay men.

Mrs Simpson Miller and her Government have done little publicly to advance this issue, which requires a major public-education campaign and would benefit from her unique skills of communicating with most Jamaicans.


It is easy to understand why Mrs Simpson Miller and Government may be tentative. A Bill Johnson poll for this newspaper last year found that 95 per cent of Jamaicans were in favour of retaining the buggery law. And while more than 80 per cent agreed that gays were not treated fairly in the society, two-thirds felt that they that should not enjoy the same rights as straight people. In other words, it is right for the law and other institutions to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation.

Such attitudes are fanned by fundamentalist Christians, whose unevolved fire-and-brimstone interpretation of scripture helps, in too many circumstances, to reinforce bigotry and constrain governments keen on socially progressive and transformative actions. Put crudely, they influence votes. It would make sense that the fundamentalists undertake a review of their bearings.

At the same time, Mrs Simpson Miller might find that the hold of the fundamentalists and the bigots might be not as powerful as they assume if her leadership advances to the protection of people like Angeline Jackson.


Nothing much to add except to reference the Quality Citizenship Tab immediately below to see other posts by date order, new ones appear first including this post so scroll down for more.

As this old Clovis toon implies it's about winning election so explosive matter such as Buggery/Homosexuality may not really get the attention they deserve or be made to become political capital harvesting tools.

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Kicked Out! Lesbian told to leave home by father as he can’t stand the site of her

Another case of stigma by appearance and perceived sexual orientation

As more reports come in of problems in the home and communities based on supposed abhorrence predicated on perceived sexual orientation I am a bit concerned as the response systems also seem not to be working in as far as formal LGBT ones are concerned, the lesbian in question did make a report at the insistence of a gay friend and she attempted to do so to an advocacy group but all they seem to have done is collect the report by phone and then no major follow up by them; instead she had to be calling them for what to do next or for further engagement and evidenced by her frustration as she reaches out for advice and some financial intervention.

One hopes that the stipend arrangements for such cases I had redesigned are still in place to assist such individuals or least tweaked for persons who find themselves in such challenges as this one. Fine that reports are being taken but the follow up and closure outside of asylum is still an administrative hiccup it seems.

The matter like most others these days came to my attention via social media which positively affects actions to closure and crisis reporting and a rather lengthy text message from an intervening party who was also included in the social media linkage and at whose house the 22 year old evicted lesbian is staying temporarily. She is also not fully employed which like similar displacement/forced eviction cases makes recovery difficult as support systems as in this community based assisted shelter response the person being assisted is left to the mercy of the kindness (however long it can last or is offered) of that time.

The 22 year old woman who hails from Manchester has been having a series of arguments with her father, according to the young lady who allowed me sharing the matter says her father would repeat a certain line in his rebuttals or rebuke that he cannot stand the site of her as if to send a subtle message that she had to go without saying it in so many words.

Matters came to a head however over the Christmas holidays in 2014 after a gathering at the house of family members and afterwards another one of those sporadic arguments commenced and continued according to the distraught lesbian far longer than usual as was due to her mode of dress for the evening as she was in a white suit presenting as semi butch, the shirt she claimed to have worn was mans and this did not sit well with her father; he claimed at the time it was inappropriate and that as his daughter she was to have presented herself better to the other family members who by the way outwardly do not really express any sign of abhorrence when I asked her if she felt such from them. Sometimes one can get signs from them as well which can suggest how far the rejection of lesbophobia as in this case has spread or is spreading.

The relationship according to the lesbian which was already tense changed for the worse over time and the final blow came in another holiday just ended in Easter interspersed with arguments and standoffs, he then told her the damaging words as usual and issued the ultimatum, his fears according to him was compounded by a revelation that neighbours and others were talking about his manroyal daughter and how she wanted no man.

“Mi nuh want nuh raasclaat manroyal round me, dutty gal......” (I want no [expletive] man royal around me, you dirty girl) the emphasis on ‘manroyal’ is crucial and has factored in previous cases of lesbians and transmen mistaken as lesbian presented aesthetically with masculine features. This hatred of the masculine present in biologically born females is substantiated by songs such as Beenieman’s Man Royal claiming he does not want to seen with such identified or looking persons. So our women also are profiled in this awful misunderstanding of sex, sexual identity and sexuality; a lack most visible in our school systems for several generations hence in part the ignorance playing itself out as in this case in family and community challenges.

He also allegedly went as far as to suggest she should find a man and have a sex life as if to imply some corrective sexual action would hetero-normalise her orientation and by extension her look, a suggestion that has also factored in cases I have seen during my time at JFLAG’s crisis intervention’s desk and via reports to my blog links and so on.

Thanks to the informal crisis shelter assistance from a young man in Porus Manchester for now and she is talking to a cousin in another parish to relocate and find an online job with PPL Register as I suggested to her in a subsequent conversation by phone. There are other stories and unconfirmed reports that I and others are tracking as the traditional spike that occurs when LGBT matters are most public seems evident yet again. Owing to a most public of them all and a shot in visibility by no less a person than the US President during his visit to Jamaica while positive in one sense has a price for some of our brothers and sisters but sometimes inevitable martyrdom is unavoidable, even if LGBTians do not necessarily subscribe to the cause of the struggle they may be affected by the spin offs positive or negatively from same.

As more displacements occur islandwide the trends seem to be suggesting more same gender loving women are factoring as victims and are older as well, just a basic scan islandwide which I attempted in late 2014 proved to me there is a challenge for the population overall and there is hardly any funding for family preservation or re-integration work just now. I am not sure if Obama’s visit will assist or change that department. Our New Kingston group friends have since scattered after the police removal in December 2014 and the outcome presented itself via a brawl just some days ago as one of them was accused of stealing a phone and another phone stealer was sentenced in a dubious case. Other minor clashes with the public have been reported as well but unconfirmed, since the dubious closure of a pilot project in 2009 the welfare and haphazard social issues that attend to MSM/Transgender displacement/homelessness have skyrocketed.

Also see my last post on MSM eviction that I was able to confirm:

Hope this sister keeps her head up and builds from this temporary fall.

Peace and tolerance

also see:

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or the podcast I had done at the time


CISOCA Head: buggery cases for boys decreasing, interventions less successful in abused girls

Speaking at a special media briefing on April 18th the head of Centre for Investigation for Sexual Offences in Child Abuse, CISOCA Superintendent Enid Ross Stewart she highlighted the decrease in Buggery cases for boys, she said that there were only five main cases in train since the start of the year and others have gotten some closure from last year. She highlighted a case of a boy in his teens who opened up to his parents on an abusive situation with a male adult as the perpetrator but when he was taken into office for the CISOCA team to have the resident psycho-social interventions to take effect he closed down on them and denied the allegation even in the absence of the parent in the room during the engagement.

“...when he came to us he said no because he was comfortable speaking to his mother but now he is at CISOCA where he has to speak to one or two officers ....... more persons are getting into his private space; we now have an obligation to record his statement and ask the Deputy Director of Public Prosecution to assist us in going forward.”

She went on to also share that boys seem better to respond to the interventions overall as they feel really violated when paedophiles abuse them and often go through the processes and attend court when needed with support provided to parents, she said girls however take longer in abuse matters and their resolution.

She never gave any figures during the public stage of the exchange.

The unit’s plan for this year were outlined for this year where she went into some detail as to the blitz campaign and branding on JUTC and other buses for example, newspaper, social media and radio campaigns with messaging encouraging persons who know of abuse or where abused as children and now are adults to contact CISOCA of come forward. She says she wants to encourage girls and boys to report early so the interventions can be rolled out to bring closure to matters earlier.

She said many persons are also doing the latter:

“We would have find in recent times that persons who were abused are coming forward to tell us I was abused when I was twelve, thirteen, fourteen; we have about five such cases as we speak.” When asked about the statute of limitations on such cases and late reporting she responded: “No” As for police who are accused of sexually based crimes she continued that many accused persons with that dilemma have been cooperating she said “The list is about 25 as this morning we were taking some off cause of new updates ........ We’re really sanitizing the list and um we had about 25 still remaining on that list, there are police, teachers before the court ....... we’re not looking at those we are actively investigating."

also see a case from January: Cop arrested by CISOCA

“Even if the victims say they don’t want to continue we have an obligation because they may be members of an organization so we must continue; so we send that file; that is one of those files that must go to the Deputy Director of Public Prosecution for a determination.”

CISOCA also said that it will not be deterred by the status of persons in probing allegations against them “An allegation has been made and so the rumour; I don’t like the rumour; rumour dem spreading now; so put it before the court and if it is that you are not guilty they’ll go free but once I hear about the matter, I have a statement I am going to pursue it,” said Sergeant Claudette Hepburn Community Safety and Security Office within CISOCA.

Recent disturbing inappropriate sexual contact allegations with minors and men of the cloth is also a challenge to which CISOCA’s coverage has widened to though not mentioned in this latest engagement but given the Cherry picking and hypocrisy but sections of the Christian community on an anti gay quest they pay little or no attention given to such societal ills yet they have all the strength and money (given the media blitz and full paged ads on a Sunday that are not cheap)and no interventions for victims, no attention to the homeless given recent disturbing reports of said persons rounded up by authorities in preparation of The US President visit earlier in the month.

also see:

National Children’s Summit for Jamaica Conference Centre for August Excludes Sexuality Issues  

The arrest rate for under 16 girls was also raised “Some of these cases are really cold case files we have dug up and made arrests in them; and so we have made more arrests compared to last year but the reporting of the act itself is really on par with last year for under the age of fifteen for rape; it is really a cultural problem our girls and our parents communities believe that once a girl gets to a certain age they should be having sex and it is wrong; we are really destroying our girls.” Said Miss Enid Ross Stewart. The disturbing belief that young men having sex with minors or with a virgin will cure sexually transmitted diseases is still a challenge in today’s Jamaica, it was a challenge for me as well in HIV prevention work I was involved in at the Ministry of Health under the early days of the PLACE project. 

On sex with very young virgins to cure disease Mrs Ross Stewart made this disturbing revelation.

“We had one such report this week, our doctor called me to say ..... She calls me Madame Ross I am looking at a case that disturbs me and I am saying what are you talking about? .......... a young girl nine years of age ....... the young man that had sex with her is twenty years old because she now has an STI all because the young man believed if he had sex with her his STI would go.

I am still concerned also about the continued conflation of paedophilia and homosexuality and hence justification by anti gay voices to block attempts at achieving rights and recognition, thankfully the goodly folks at CISOCA overall thus far are now aware of the difference and treat with specific case types with diligence and understanding, there is still some room for improvement as a recent matter that I was close to was staggered by old beliefs subscribed to by the police involved in prosecuting the matter.

Peace and tolerance


Anti gay religious voices where are they? .... Pastor charged with sexual assault

Switch-hitting in a Gang War Case ...............

A very disturbing bit of news with strong leanings to alleged switch-hitting factoring in a murder case in St Ann has had some persons disturbed as more has come to light with revenge killing resulting of a bisexual man (known to persons who know) he was not directly involved in the feud but was simply at the wrong place and the wrong time it seems.


Previous gang war in February of this year in the depressed and volatile Steer Town community led to the spilling of blood in the street in Ocho Rios at the weekend of February 20 with the shooting death of an area resident.

Sources connected to steer town and police said a woman played a role in luring out and slaying of 23-year-old Jamar Robinson who was believed to be involved in a recent murder in the Steer Town community. Robinson shot dead Friday night, February 20, was the third person from Steer Town, midway between Drax Hall and Davis Town, to be murdered this year.


Before that Friday’s slaying, the most recent murder of a Steer Town resident took place on Saturday evening, February 7 when a man was shot dead in supposed revenge. Police had issued no report of that incident that came to attention of this newspaper only as North Coast Times investigated reports of growing panic and fear in the community. The man was said to operate a car wash but no other details were available.

Just two weeks earlier, another Steer Town man was murdered on the edge of the community. He is 23-year-old David Ellis also called ‘Ozzy P’ of Damhead, Steer Town, St Ann. He was shot and killed on Thursday, January 22, along the Roaring River Main Road.

Police reports are that about 6:15 pm residents heard explosions and called the police. Ellis’ gunshot-riddled body was found. Reports say three men had walked up to him and opened fire before running away.Saturday night’s shooting comes following a show of force by at least seven armed men in Steer Town last Thursday, ahead of a funeral service for Ellis, Saturday.


Reports are that men were seen massed in an area in the community and as a police patrol approached, the men fired a barrage of shots in the area. Residents say they were shocked given that the police were no more than 100 metres away when the men opened fire.

Police sources said they were stepping up their operations in the area and expressed concern over the future of Steer Town, a community with dozens of squatters and high levels of unemployment.Friday night’s shooting was a hit, though police have little details about it. However, investigations by a media outlet revealed that Robinson was blamed for a murder in the area. It is not clear if it was for the death of Ellis. However, reports were that some gang members said they had to “make a duppy” to avenge the death of Ellis, before he was buried.A woman was said to be involved and lured out Robinson, under pretense at a romantic night together. 

He her in Ocho Rios. The were walking along the road in the area of DaCosta Drive, part of the highway in front of Taj Mahal shopping centre when at least two men appeared out of bushes and shot Robinson three times, one of the bullets striking him in the head.

The woman was unharmed and escaped. It is not clear if she left in a car that had taken the men to the area.
Police were called to the scene. A senior officer told The Times Monday that all weekend police were working on the case but he refused to say whether they had any leads or theories about what had happened in that case. Jamar is said to have occasionally had contact within the LGBT entertainment scene but very low keyed.

We have seen previous cases of switch hitting allegedly causes challenges and murder as well for example in these previous posts:


Star News: “They Were Lesbians” or HERE from GLBTQ Jamaica

Also see: Jamaica : Lesbian Shotta Killed Man in quarrel over women Hope some closure can be brought to this a warfare generally is causing all kinds of challenges.

Peace and tolerance


Thursday, April 16, 2015

Studies suggest children taught about sexual abuse more likely to report it

My first post for Sexual Assault Awareness month and May is child's month but given the disturbing reports of child trafficking, teens and tots turned into sex slaves. Also the recognition by President Obama of a Jamaican lesbian advocate who was also raped (corrective) has raised the issue of assault on the front burner.

The continued conflation by some in the anti gay advocacy arena has become a deceptive tool for riling up the public towards homo-negativity and homophobia suggesting that buggery laws must not be changed as that will open the gate for paedophiles. Paedophilia is not homosexuality simply put. 

 I found this latest news of a study

A global review finds children who take part in school-based programs designed to prevent sexual abuse are more likely to report it to an adult than children who have received no such education.

A global review finds children who take part in school programs to prevent sexual abuse are more likely to report it.

For the review, published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, researchers examined published studies covering nearly 6,000 elementary and high school children in several countries around the world.

They found that of those children who received education in how to prevent sexual abuse, around 14 in 1,000 disclosed some form of sexual abuse, compared with 4 in 1,000 of children who did not receive it.

However, lead author Kerryann Walsh, an associate professor in the faculty of education at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia, and colleagues note their results should be interpreted cautiously because of the "moderate" quality of the evidence.

They also conclude more research is needed before it can be said that school-based programs can actually reduce the incidence of sexual abuse.

Estimates suggest that worldwide at least 1 in 10 girls and 1 in 20 boys experiences sexual abuse. Children who experience sexual abuse are more likely to become victims of sexual assault when they grow up. They are also at higher risk of health and other problems in later life, including depression, suicide, eating disorders, drugs and alcohol.

Several countries - some since the 1980s - run school-based sexual abuse prevention programs that teach children how to recognize, react to and report sexual abuse. The review included data on 24 studies covering a total of 5,802 elementary and high school children in seven countries: the US, Canada, China, Germany, Spain, Taiwan, and Turkey.
Programs used various methods to teach children how to stay safe

The studies examined various types of program designed to prevent sexual abuse. These ranged from a single 45-minute session to eight 20-minute sessions on consecutive days, note the authors.

While the programs varied widely, some of the content was similar. For example, they taught the children about safety rules, body ownership, "private parts," how to differentiate between different types of touch, types of secrets, and who to tell.

The programs used various formats to deliver their messages, including film, video, DVD, theatre plays and multimedia. These were supplemented with other resources such as songs, comics, coloring books, games and use of puppets. Teaching methods also varied from rehearsal and practice to role-play, discussion, and feedback.

Prof. Walsh and colleagues found some evidence that such programs can increase children's knowledge about sexual abuse - four of the trials showed children remembered what they were taught six months later.

The review also showed that children who took part in sexual abuse education programs were more likely to try and protect themselves in a simulated abuse scenario than children without such education. The scenario involved a stranger asking them to accompany them out of the school.

The authors found little evidence that children experienced unnecessary worry or anxiety after taking part in the programs, and there were no reported adverse side effects.
Further research needed to assess whether the programs prevent sexual abuse

In discussing their findings, the researchers explain the difficulties of trying to assess whether children have grasped the skills required to keep themselves safe and report abuse. "Even if a child demonstrates that they know how to behave in a certain scenario, it doesn't mean they will behave the same in a real situation where there is potential for abuse," states Prof. Walsh.

She explains that role plays using actors and research assistants cannot mimic real life situations. For example, we know that most sexual abuse is perpetrated by someone the child already knows.

In conclusion, the researchers say their findings support the need to inform children and protect them against sexual abuse. However, they urge that research needs to continue to evaluate sexual abuse prevention programs in schools and explore whether they actually prevent sexual abuse. Prof. Walsh concludes:

"To really know whether these programs are working, we need to see larger studies with follow-up all the way to adulthood."

In October 2014, Medical News Today learned of a study that found childhood psychological abuse is as harmful as sexual or physical abuse. Researchers suggested that children who experience emotional abuse and neglect face similar and sometimes worse mental health problems as children who suffer physical or sexual abuse.

Written by Catharine Paddock PhD

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