Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Women Accused of Assaulting Teen with Bottle to be Tried in September

In May 2012 this awful matter came to public attention via several news outlets including the Star News then where it was reported that two of seven women accused of sexually assaulting a teenager with a bottle in Linstead, St Catherine, were remanded until June 11 when they appeared in the Linstead Resident Magistrate's Court back then.

Unfortunately stories such as these only seek to reinforce old deep seated feelings of predatory behaviour by LGBT persons thus further pushing the conflation of same gender sex and abuse. So homophobes and the religious right movements seek to justify their anti gay stance by saying repealing or decriminalizing such laws that have an impact on same gender intimacy will lead to more teens and children being abused.

The comments elsewhere on various media prove same as persons with homo-negative comments and reiterating that not only male homosexuals are to be killed or beaten but also lesbians too as the perception is more and more of them are luring school girls into same gender sexual activity or are paedophiles.

It was revealed that there was no legal representation for the women, who are charged with grievous sexual assault. The women were told that until there is an attorney, the matter would have to be put off.

Allegations are that the complainant was accused of stealing clothing, jewellery and money from the two accused.

private area

She was reportedly held and beaten and a bottle used to insert in her private area, which resulted in injuries.

The complainant subsequently made a report to the Linstead police and an investigation launched.

This resulted in the two accused being arrested and charge
d. Police are reportedly searching for the other five women.

It seems they have not been found as the only two who were held before are to go on trial for the matter, 

The two St Catherine women still unnamed accused of inserting a bottle inside a teenager's private area two years ago will stand trial in the St Catherine Circuit Court.

The matter was decided in the Spanish Town Resident Magistrate's Court on Friday. This was after Resident Magistrate Llyle Armstrong ruled that a prima facie case has been made out against the women.

They are scheduled to appear in the Michel Mass Session of the St Catherine Circuit Court in September 2015.

It is alleged that in 2013 the two accused lured the 17-year-old complainant to a house in Linstead, St Catherine. They then held her down and used a bottle to sexually assault her. The complainant had to seek medical attention.

A subsequent report was made to the Centre for Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse.

Both women were later charged with gross sexual assault.

It is indeed worrying the number of case we are told by the Ministry of Youth and Culture and CISOCA where victims are below the age of consent and the circumstances surrounding such matters are bizarre to say the least but they do not reflect a generalization of LGBT persons as wanting to get into the pants or panties of children. Something however must be done to address the persons who are paedophiles or abusers so that their actions and public disgust does not continue to block the aims of the struggle in terms of LGBT rights and recognition.

It was only earlier this month that Nationwide radio carried this: INCEST & MOLESTATION OF YOUNG BOYS ON THE RISE – HANNA

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