Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Schoolboys in custody for assault of soft spoken male student

another incident with students from the same school

Two male students from a prominent high school in St Thomas have been taken into custody, after a video surfaced that showed them assaulting another schoolboy.

The incident happened last week and was recorded and posted on several social media sites, including Facebook.

The video shows the students striking another male student with a belt, while other students watched without any rebuke or defending him.

The video caused outrage among many social media viewers, who denounced the boys as bullies and troublemakers. Sadly this is just another example of what students experienced thankfully it was captured and shared. 

There was a previous case without a video however in 2014: 
3 Schoolboys face the court for beating other male student allegedly for calling them "battybois" from sister blog Gay Jamaica Watch and Safety month in schools, bullying, oral sex and such .........

Deputy Superintendent Charmaine Shand of the St Thomas police confirmed that the incident was under investigation. She said officers have also received a statement from the boy who was assaulted.

The St Thomas police also said that they have expanded their support to the school, offering aid in conflict resolution and violence reduction.

Shand is also appealing for the individual who recorded the incident to make a statement to the police to assist with the investigation.

Therein lies my challenge as if they recorder of the video under Jamaican law does not turn up in court with the actual device to verify its authenticity then this matter may just filter away. 

We saw a police beating matter (non LGBT) where a phone was also used to capture the event yet because the operator of the device did not come forward the cops though seen clearly in the video walked free as the Director of public prosecution could not bring an action against the men.

Bullying in schools and indeed outside as this case shows us is a growing monster it seems based on the reports and especially for young soft spoken or effeminate boys in particular. 

My own experience at school in the 80s due to my body size and my then soft spoken demeanour I was teased at some points until I decided to take matters into my own hands, not all persons can or are willing to do that not because they are afraid alone but the effort maybe too painful for them to retaliate or react.

I hope that the case really goes through to trial and phone that was used is presented in court so to make the charges stick.

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also see in the meantime:
Zero Tolerance For Homophobic Bullying by Jaevion Nelson of JFLAG.

Peace and tolerance



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