Friday, March 6, 2015

Bisexual Teen Killed due to her Sexual Orientation? ......... Father says yes

Took a while to track this one down but got some new information on it as her father spoke in January 2015 on the matter.

The body of a teenage girl was found in Ewarton, St. Catherine on the morning of January 6th 2015.

It’s being speculated that she was killed because of her perceived sexual orientation.

The body has been identified as that of 16 year old Cleo-Lisa Griffiths otherwise called “Liz”, of Clarke’s Avenue in Ewarton.

The police report that about 8:30 Tuesday morning, residents of Charlton Meadows stumbled upon her body in bushes and alerted the police.

The police say the body had multiple stab wounds. The throat was slashed.

The body was clad only in underwear.

The guardian of the teenager, Renford English, says the fact that she was found partially naked suggests that her attackers may’ve been attempting to rape her.

He also says the attack may’ve been motivated by her sexual orientation.

"she admit to everybody that she was bisexual and she nuh hide dat from nobody; she was molested when she was seven years old and somebody try rape her .... 
mi know of somebody who tried to rape her when she was 13/4; and she fight dem off so mi know seh she will fight, most likely those guys were trying; she will fight, you understand?"

Mr. English says he’s distraught because the teenager was murdered a day before her 17th birthday.

"Boi mi a tell you mi feel it, she confide in me; she tell me everything; she nuh keep no secret from me I was the person who she talk to, about any and everything yuh understand? ........... she is still a teenager she was 16 yesterday enuh; it was her birthday yuh understand? .......... 
she was so happy the day before ........ 
I was shocked yesterday morning when somebody called ...... at least my wife call and seh she heard ........ but mi run har and seh mi never believe her."

Sad to hear this one but thankfully this father sounds more supportive than others would have been towards their self confessed LGBT children. Sadly the issue of Corrective Rape rings loudly here as many men in Jamaica really do believe that raping away same gender attraction is possible.

There were two such unconfirmed cases to my knowledge late last year which also have a bisexual twist to one of them.

May her soul rest in peace.

Three males, including a juvenile, were arrested and charged with the murder of the teenage girl in Ewarton on Jan 2015. Those charged are Joel Lennox, Andre Doyle and a 15-year-old boy all of Ewarton addresses in St Catherine.

The three were charged January 11th after been held for the murder of 17-year-old Cleo-Lisa Griffiths, of Ewarton. The men are scheduled to appear in the Linstead Resident Magistrate's Court in the same month.

The police's Corporate Communi- cations Unit reported that on January 6, approximately 8:30 a.m., residents stumbled upon the teen's body in bushes in Charlton Meadows in the parish and summoned the police. Upon their arrival, the body was found with stab wounds and with its throat slashed.

The scene was processed and the body removed to the morgue. An investigation was launched by the Linstead police and the three males were picked up.

Checks by THE local STAR News revealed that Griffiths had been in the company of a male before she was killed. Since her death, speculation has existed that the teen may have been killed because of her perceived sexual orientation.

Speaking on Nationwide Radio recently, a man identified as her guardian, said that she had admitted to being a bisexual and that he thought she must have attempted to fight off her attackers.
Peace and tolerance



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