Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Lesbophobia: Woman chased and beaten after being called sodomite

I also want to call this latest case one of butch-o-phobia and there have been a few of them especially in 2014. 

A woman was hauled before the court for reportedly wounding another woman with a bottle after she and her friends chased and beat the victim following a quarrel.

The complainant, who was dressed like a male and sported a ponytail hairstyle on Friday when she appeared in court, received injuries to one of her toes and her left foot after she was hit with a bottle, allegedly flung by the accused, Nikodene Grey of Unity community.

The court heard that on September 8 about 4:00 pm, the complainant was walking on Balcombe Drive when Grey, who was among a number of other women, saw her and shouted out "Sodomite!"

Grey and her friend reportedly started to curse the complainant and during the argument it is alleged that Grey made further disparaging remarks about the complainant.

The complainant, who reported that she was "telling them hot words too" said she was attacked by the group of women.

She ran, but the women caught her and rained several blows on her before she got a chance to escape when a passer-by came to her rescue.

But the group of women, the court heard, chased the complainant to a bar where they began to throw stones and bottles at her.

During the fracas, Grey reportedly threw a bottle which hit the complainant on her toe and foot, causing a wound.

It is alleged that the women continued attacking the complainant, but other people came to her rescue and she managed to get away from the angry group and reported the matter.

Grey was later arrested and charged with unlawful wounding. However, on Thursday when she appeared in court she pleaded not guilty and the case was set back for mention on October 3, awaiting the medical report.

The accused woman's bail was also extended.

Interestingly butch women escaped such attacks in a sense in years gone by and were once considered "one of the boys" in some social circles but what has changed to cause so many attacks on perceived lesbians just due to their masculine attributes is puzzling to me, although the climate may have been influenced by the discourse and deliberations of the sexual offences bill in parliament where church groups continue to conflate same gender sex with abuse/paedophilia with renewed vigour and a well organized campaign and robust funding.

Let us keep on eye on things.

Peace and tolerance



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