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Watch Anni & Jasmin December 2014 episodes

Nothing much of note happens with Jasmin and Anni in December's episodes. Everyone is focused on the tragedy that happened in the previous month.

Anni & Jasmin - All Girl Fantasy

Below is a breakdown of December 2014's episodes.

December 2014
-December 1, 2014- 3:41
-December 2, 2014- 4:25
-December 3, 2014- 4:52
-December 4, 2014- 20:33
-December 5, 2014- 7:29
-December 23, 2014- 1:03

Watch Anni & Jasmin November 2014 episodes

Jasmin and Anni's friends celebrate Anni's birthday. Jasmin tries to help Anni embrace and use her talent but Anni resists. Anni and Jasmin quarrel a bit in this series of episodes because of Anni's reluctance and Jasmin's persistence.
Anni & Jasmin - All Girl Fantasy

Aside from that, another tragedy involving a friend happens. Below is a breakdown of November 2014's episodes.

November 2014
-November 4, 2014- 0:56
-November 5, 2014- 10:22
-November 6, 2014- 6:34
-November 7, 2014- 6:10
-November 10, 2014- 5:06
-November 12, 2014- 7:39
-November 13, 2014- 5:00
-November 17, 2014- 0:58
-November 18, 2014- 11:20
-November 19, 2014- 9:21
-November 20, 2014- 8:00
-November 21, 2014- 14.34
-November 24, 2014- 3:46
-November 25, 2014- 14:17
-November 26, 2014- 12:19
-November 27, 2014- 12:53

Watch Anni & Jasmin October 2014 episodes

Anni struggles to deal  with Jasmin's new profession which causes Jasmin to reconsider. Jasmin and friends try to convince Anni to use her talent for singing and song writing.
Anni & Jasmin - All Girl Fantasy

There is of course other drama with Jasmin and Anni's friends which take up a decent amount of time in Octobers episodes. Below is a breakdown of October 2014 episodes.


October 2014
-October 1, 2014- 8:00
-October 2, 2014- 5:38
-October 6, 2014- 3:19
-October 7, 2014- 8:23
-October 8, 2014- 14:00
-October 10, 2014- 3:43
-October 13, 2014- 3:03
-October 14, 2014- 1:24
-October 15, 2014- 10:08
-October 16, 2014- 1:46
-October 17, 2014- 8:40
-October 20, 2014- 7:12
-October 21, 2014- 22:18
-October 23, 2014- 9:50
-October 27, 2014- 3:31
-October 29, 2014- 12:29
-October 30, 2014- 2:37

Watch Anni & Jasmin September 2014 episodes

Anni tries to help Jasmin decide what her life "plans" are. While discovering herself Jasmin finds herself in a very fortunate job position that may possibly jeopardize her new found relationship with Anni.

Anni & Jasmin - All Girl Fantasy

A lot of this months episodes focus on the lives of Anni and Jasmin's friends. Below is a breakdown of September 2014 episodes.

September 2014
-September 1, 2014- 7:22
-September 3, 2014- 4:01
-September 4, 2014- 0:40
-September 5, 2014- 1:02
-September 8, 2014- 1:09
-September 10, 2014- 9:13
-September 11, 2014- 8:29
-September 12, 2014- 8:55
-September 15, 2014- 5:20
-September 16, 2014- 1:41
-September 18, 2014- 6:32
-September 19, 2014- 5:46
-September 22, 2014- 3:21
-September 23, .2014- 3:08
-September 24, 2014- 4:21
-September 25, 2104- 1:57
-September 26, 2014- 1:20
-September 29, 2014- 4:15
-September 30, 2014- 8:12

Watch Anni & Jasmin August 2014 episodes

Anni gets invited to her fathers birthday celebration by her mother but she doesn't want to go. Jasmin convinces her to go and travels with her to meet Anni's parents and see her father that she hasn't seen in years.
Anni & Jasmin - All Girl Fantasy

Jasmin and Anni also help their friends and family with some of the problems they are experiencing. Below is a breakdown of August 2014 episodes.

August 2014
-August 1, 2014- 6:57
-August 4, 2014- 2:38
-August 5, 2014- 2:00
-August 6, 2014- 4:23
-August 8, 2014- 4:05
-August 13, 2014- 2:49
-August 14, 2014- 6:51
-August 15, 2014- 9:08
-August 18, 2014- 6:12
-August 19, 2014- 6:42
-August 22, 2014- 9:40
-August 25, 2014- 6:13
-August 26, 2014- 4:28
-August 28, 2014- 6:27
-August 29, 2014- 9:03

Watch Anni & Jasmin July 2014 episodes

Jasmin returns from California after getting her divorce from Kurt and finds Anni back but Anni has a new girl. Jasmin realizes she loves Anni and finally tells her but Anni is no longer interested and is considering leaving to live in Barcelona for good.
Anni & Jasmin - All Girl Fantasy

July's episodes bring a lot to the story that we Jasanni fans have been waiting for. Will they finally make it official or will Anni's stubborn ways prevail? Below is a breakdown of July 2014's episodes.

July 2014
-July 3, 2014- 8:35
-July 4, 2014- 7:38
-July 7, 2014- 5:11
-July 8, 2014- 1:18
-July 9, 2014- 11:32
-July 10, 2014- 10:00
-July 11, 2014- 9:07
-July 14, 2014- 7:56
-July 15, 2014- 5:38
-July 16, 2014- 8:15
-July 17, 2014- 1:38
-July 18, 2014- 8:52
-July 21, 2014- 7:23
-July 23, 2014- 1:11
-July 25, 2014- 2:09
-July 29, 2014- 7:17
-July 30, 2014- 9:21

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Watch Anni & Jasmin June 2014 episodes

Nothing much of note happens during this month. Jasmin is out of town divorcing her husband and Anni went away to Barcelona to get her mind off Jasmin. Anni returns near the end of the month to find one of her friends was hospitalized.

Anni & Jasmin - All Girl Fantasy

There are only two episodes in this month's Jasmin and Anni arsenal. Below is a breakdown of June 2014's episodes.

June 2014
-June 27, 2014- 8:00
-June 30, 2014- 4:37

Watch Anni & Jasmin May 2014 episodes

Anni is really enjoying all the time she has with Jasmin but Jasmin is starting to pull away. Jealousy, love and confusion it's all a big mess in this month's episodes. Anni and Jasmin both do things they regret in this series of episodes. Will Anni leave for Barcelona now?

Anni & Jasmin - All Girl Fantasy

Anni may have gotten herself into more trouble than she can handle with Jasmin. Jasmin may have pushed Anni away forever. Below you can find a breakdown of May 2014's episodes.

May 2014
-May 2, 2014- 7:16
-May 5, 2014- 6:32
-May 7, 2014- 0:31
-May 9, 2014- 1:20
-May 12, 2014- 8:29
-May 13, 2014- 8:20
-May 14, 2014- 1:44
-May 15, 2014- 2:55
-May 16, .2014- 7:03
-May 19, 2014- 12:12
-May 20, 2014- 5:47
-May 21, 2014- 7:04
-May 22, 2014- 7:14
-May 26, 2014- 1:03
-May 27, 2014- 3:29
-May 28, 2014- 3:24
-May 30, 2014- 5:07

Watch Anni & Jasmin April 2014 episodes

Jasmin's interest in Anni is only getting stronger. She keeps having flashbacks of the time they spent together and seems to be getting more and more curious as time goes by. The bet is over now but is it really what she wanted?

Anni & Jasmin - All Girl Fantasy

April's episodes will answer this question for you. Anni and Jasmin's story only seems to be getting better as time pass. Hopefully the show will keep up to our expectations. Below you can check out a breakdown of April 2014's episodes.

April 2014
-April 2, 2014- 2:39
-April 7, 2014- 7:28
-April 8, 2014- 4:29
-April 9, 2014- 1:25
-April 10, 2014- 2:26
-April 11, 2014- 5:54
-April 14, 2014- 12.05
-April 15, 2014- 14:33
-April 16, 2014- 7:05
-April 23, 2014- 6:51
-April 24, 2014- 6:38
-April 25, 2014- 1:08
-April 28, 2014- 1:37
-April 29, 2014- 5:41
-April 30, 2014- 8:59

Watch Anni & Jasmin March 2014 episodes

After their first kiss what else should we expect? In March episodes, Anni decides to bet Jasmin that she can get her into bed and Jasmin accepts. Anni has admitted to having a crush on Jasmin and Jasmin is adamant that she is definitely not into girls. Is this a wise idea for Anni or will her feelings just end up getting crushed?

Anni & Jasmin - All Girl Fantasy

Check out this months episodes to watch how this bet turns out. Is Jasmin really not into Anni or is just a front because she doesn't want to admit her true feelings? Check out below a breakdown of March 2014's episodes.

March 2014
-March 4, 2014- 7:09
-March 5, 2014- 6:26
-March 6, 2014 - March 17, 2014- 11:12
-March 18, 2014- 10:17
-March 19, 2014- 7:12
-March 21, 2014 - March 25, 2014- 4:04
-March 26, 2014- 11:09
-March 27, 2014- 11:20
-March 28, 2014- 7:38
-March 31, 2014- 10:49

Watch Anni & Jasmin February 2014 episodes

Oh yesss! Finally the month we've been waiting for. This month on GZSZ, Anni and Jasmin share their first kiss and Anni finally lets out her big secret. After Kurt leaves Jasmin, Anni is the only person who is really there for her and this leads to kissing and flirting between the two women.

Jasmin & Anni - All Girl Fantasy

All the previous month's episodes have nothing on this months. So many things that us Jasmin and Anni fans have been waiting for happens in February so make sure to watch this. Below is a breakdown of February 2014's episodes.

February 2014
-February 3, 2014- 8:16
-February 4, 2014- 6:40
-February 7, 2014- 6:17
-February 10, 2014- 4:54
-February 11, 2014- 4:52
-February 12, 2014- 9:42
-February 13, 2014- 8:55
-February 14, 2014- 8:08
-February 17, 2014- 8:54
-February 18, 2014- 9:25
-February 19, 2014- 5:12
-February 21, 2014- 1:30
-February 24, 2014- 7:02
-February 25, 2014- 3:57
-February 26, 2014- 9:03
-February 27, 2014- 6:09
-February 28, 2014- 1:49

Watch Anni & Jasmin January 2014 episodes

Jasmin loves to be in the spotlight with the media and in January's episodes, this fact is what gets her into a lot of trouble. Good news for us Anni and Jasmin fans though because it seems like Kurt and Jasmin's relationship may be over but the same thing that split those two apart may also break up Anni and Jasmin's friendship.

Jasmin & Anni - All Girl Fantasy

Being a little over 2 hours, January's episodes are really surprising. Is Anni and Jasmin's friendship going to turn into something more or will it end? That's the question that will be on your mind the entire time watching this month's episodes. Below is a breakdown of January 2014's episodes.

 January 2014
-January 2, 2014- 4:42
-January 3, 2014- 8:23
-January 6, 2014- 9:11
-January 7, 2014- 9:53
-January 8, 2014- 11:38
-January 9, 2014- 2:43
-January 13, 2014- 8:21
-January 14, 2014- 3:40
-January 16, 2014- 6:59
-January 17, 2014- 6:54
-January 20, 2014- 9:06
-January 21, 2014- 6:34
-January 22, 2014- 10:15
-January 27, 2014- 10:30
-January 28, 2014- 7:45
-January 30, 2014- 11.28
-January 31, 2014- 7:36

Watch Anni & Jasmin December 2013 episodes

It's December and everyone is preparing for Christmas, a holiday that Anni doesn't too much care for. Jasmin and Kurt return from their vacation and Anni tries to hide her feelings for Jasmin. Although it's clear to us viewers that she's not doing a very good job of it however Jasmin still doesn't realize.

Jasmin & Anni - All Girl Fantasy

The longing in Anni's eyes for Jasmin is evident throughout December's episodes. Though at times she tries to mask it with anger. While not the length of a full length movie, December's episodes of the Jasmin and Anni story will have you watching it in one sitting like it is. Below is a breakdown of December 2013's episodes.

December 2013
-December 2, 2013- 0:23
-December 3, 2013- 6:10
-December 4, 2013- 6:13
-December 9, 2013- 7:43
-December 13, 2013- 6:43
-December 16, 2013- 1:49
-December 19, 2013- 3:38
-December 20, 2013- 8:54
-December 23, 2013- 8:26
-December 27, 2013- 4:12
-December 30, 2013- 13:29

Watch Anni & Jasmin November 2013 episodes

After drinking and partying, it seems like Anni and Jasmin's bond is stronger than ever... that is until Jasmin's husband returns back from the United States. Anni realizes she has a crush on Jasmin but Jasmin is completely oblivious to it and it causes tension in their new formed friendship.

Jasmin & Anni - All Girl Fantasy

Right after their story starts to heat up, seems like it cools down just as fast. November 2013's episodes span just under 1hour and a half and it's worth every minute. Below is a breakdown of November 2013's episodes.

November 2013
-November 4, 2013- 6:32
-November 5, 2013- 5:15
-November 6, 2013- 5:26
-November 7, 2013- 5:54
-November 12, 2013- 11:08
-November 13, 2013- 10.57
-November 14, 2013-  8:29
-November 15, 2013- 5:45
-November 18, 2013- 4:29
-November 21, 2013- 3:59
-November 22, 2013- 6:46
-November 25, 2013- 6:41
-November 27, 2013- 1:00

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Watch Anni & Jasmin October 2013 episodes

Finally in the month of October 2013 we get to the juicy part of the Anni and Jasmin story. We see the two beautiful women start to get close to each other stemming from Jasmin's life problems. Anni tries to cheer Jasmin up and things start to get wet, literally!

Jasmin & Anni - All Girl Fantasy

While not quite 2 hours long, October's episodes will have you dying for more. We really start to see Jasmine and Anni's story start to develop. Below is a breakdown of October 2013's episodes.

October 2013
-October 1, 2013- 9:07
-October 2, 2013- 7:51
-October 7, 2013- 6:30
-October 8, 2013- 9:39
-October 9, 2013- 7:01
-October 10, 2013- 2:03
-October 14, 2013- 6:19
-October 15, 2013- 7:32
-October 16, 2013- 7:48
-October 21, 2013- 5:27
-October 22, 2013- 8:15
-October 24, 2013- 7:45
-October 25, 2013- 5:04
-October 28, 2013- 6:08
-October 31, 2013- 5:22

Watch Anni & Jasmin September 2013 episodes

The month of September 2013 episodes of  Anni and Jasmin's story on GZSZ focuses a lot on Jasmin and her life problems. Dealing with her show, her husband and other family issues is proving to be more than she expected. Anni and Jasmin's friendship is still a little rocky but you can sense that things are going to heat up soon.

Jasmin & Anni - All Girl Fantasy

September 2013 has a lot more moments that included Jasmin and Anni and so it will be like watching a long movie if you watch it in one go. As mentioned before, a lot of this month's footage revolves around Jasmin and the people in her life. Below is a breakdown of all of September 2013's episodes.

September 2013
-September 2, 2013- 6:54
-September 3, 2013- 8:16
-September 4, 2013- 7:26
-September 5, 2013- 1:48
-September 9, 2013- 9:53
-September 10, 2013- 14:25
-September 11, 2013- 2:39
-September 12, 2013- 10:10
-September 13, 2013- 6:00
-September 16, 2013- 8:31
-September 17, 2013-12.50
-September 18, 2013- 7:20
-September 19, 2013- 2:23
-September 20, 2013- 6:42
-September 23, 2013- 7:12
-September 24, 2013- 7:55
-September 25, 2013- 5:55
-September 26, 2013- 8:04
-September 27, 2013- 6:14
-September 30, 2013- 8:32

Watch Anni & Jasmin August 2013 episodes

There's a thin line between love and hate. Anni and Jasmin get off on the wrong foot from the moment they met (which is pretty awkward.) Anni seems to be the rude outspoken newcomer and Jasmin comes off as sort of like an attention whore. Needless to say, in these episodes from August 2013, you wouldn't know that these two girls are destined to be together.

Jasmin & Anni - All Girl Fantasy

This video includes all scenes with Anni and Jasmin in August 2013 episodes. There is nearly 2 hours of video for this month and it includes a little of some of the other characters stories. Below is a breakdown of the episodes.

August 2013
-August 1, 2013- 8:24
-August 2, 2013- 5:05
-August 5, 2013- 7:41
-August 7, 2013- 8:43
-August 8, 2013- 6:59
-August 9, 2013- 7:34
-August 12, 2013- 8:51
-August 13, 2013- 9:55
-August 14, 2013- 6:39
-August 15, 2013- 5:20
-August 16, 2013- 2:52
-August 19, 2013- 5:45
-August 26, 2013- 8:43
-August 28, 2013-13:29
-August 29, 2013- 6:32
-August 30, 2013- 5:47

Watch Anni & Jasmin July 2013 episodes

In the German soap opera GZSZ, Anni moves into her new apartment with her two new roommates. These first two episodes introduce everyone to Anni's character. Does she look lesbian to you?

Jasmin & Anni - All Girl Fantasy

This video includes all scenes with Anni and Jasmin in July 2013 episodes. There are only 12 minutes worth of video for July because Anni wasn't introduced to the show until late July. Below is a breakdown of the episodes.

July 2013

-July 26, 2013- 5:46
-July 29, 2013- 6:20

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Anni and Jasmin GZSZ

Anni and Jasmin: The Lesbian Couple of Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten

"Anni & Jasmin (from Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten - [GZSZ]), English Subtitles"
Anni und Jasmin GZSZ

This week I have gotten permanent dark circles, but my lack of sleep was well worth it because it was due to the fact that I have come across Anni and Jasmin, the lesbian couple of Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten(which according to Google means something like: good times, bad times).  I have to start by warning you that this article will be lengthy because this story takes quite some time to air (in the style of the Otalia story) so we have taken the time to give it its fair value. Ready to dive into this new story?

I hope you are prepared because I can assure you that once you get into the story, you will end up like me and there is no way out. So if you have something important to do, you should do it before you start to read this post. 

Who are Anni and Jasmin?

I will start by presenting our protagonists and tell you a little bit about who they are and where they come from to not drive you crazy, because Jasmin especially, has a very long part in this series (it takes 6 years on her) so there’s enough cloth to be cut. Here we go!

Anni (GZSZ)
Anni Brehme

Anni (Linda Marlen Runge) is a lesbian girl who comes to Berlin to study and become a sound engineer. She is looking for a place to live, particularly in a shared apartment because she cannot afford to live alone with what she currently earns. By a fluke of fate, she meets Pia, a girl who, along with her flatmate Jasmin is looking for someone who will rent the third quarter of the apartment and this is how she ends up moving in to live with them.

Anni is a very confident girl who is quite sure of what she wants out of life. From a very young age, she became independent because her parents did not take well at all of her coming out of the closet so she had to leave home in order to be herself, working and studying most of the time.

Music is her life and she is in fact a very good songwriter, although she is not interested in selling or sharing her songs, this facet for her is something a little more private. She loves tattoos and hates superficial people, something that combined with her extreme honesty will cause many problems with Jasmin. 

Anni does not have any interest in having a stable relationship at the moment. She is not very sure how this thing with love works, and why go out with a pretty girl when you can sleep with 3?

Jasmin (GZSZ)
Jasmin Flemming

Jasmin’s  (Janina Uhse) life has been hard. She grew up in a foster family and her father sexually abused her. This leads her to seek out her biological mother and they form a closer relationship but they are not very attached.

She had a relationship with Dominik, another friend of the group, but in the end they ended because they wanted different things in life and they agreed it was too late for their relationship. Then Jasmin met Kurt Le Roy, a rock star. Kurt and Jasmin go away to Las Vegas and get married while caught up in the euphoria of things and signed a contract to record together “Kurt and Jasmin: Behind the scenes” a reality show that will have cameras following the two constantly. 

Jasmin is a person who is willing to achieve her dreams at any and all costs. She is a model and wants to launch her career so she hopes that the reality show could put her in the public eye to boost her career once and for all. She loves the fame, the feasts and all the benefits of life that being recognized by the public brings.

 Anni and Jasmin: Their Story

Jasmin und Anni GZSZ
Jasmin und Anni GZSZ

They say that from hatred to love there is a thin line. And in the case of Anni and Jasmin, this is a phrase which could be used perfectly to define their story. These two girls couldn’t be more different if they tried. Jasmin cares what people think about her and she is always trying to show the best side of herself. Anni, meanwhile, is honest to sickening levels, she is not politically correct and she could give a BLEEP what others think so she is going to say to you exactly what she thinks to your face without dressing it up.

It is not surprising then that when these two begin to live in the same space, there are sparks flying everywhere. The truth is that they can barely tolerate to be in the same place a couple of minutes with each other before a fight will start and the only thing that keeps the household balance is Pia, as a friend of the two of them, she mediates and makes sure that things do not get too out of hand.

The fact that all of a sudden Jasmin goes through some very tough times and Pia is not there to help her out (not going to go into much of the details of the plot because I’m going to be doing episode summaries and so those who want to watch the series can do so without suffering from spoilers) so Anni leaves aside her issues with Jasmin and extends a hand because she realizes that things are really bad.

Jasmin and Anni laughing together
Jasmin und Anni Pool fun

With her walls down, Anni realizes that Jasmin is actually a very sensitive girl who is looking for herself in a slightly unconventional situation. And Jasmin realizes that beneath this fa├žade of a tough girl, Anni is in fact a very good friend, a person in which you can always rely on and trust. 

The two begin to develop a completely genuine friendship, because in reality, their senses of humor combine quite well and the two love to do things together. As time goes by Anni is starting to feel attracted to Jasmin but there is a problem that is seemingly international for lesbians: Jasmin is straight and if that wasn’t enough, she is also married. 

From this moment, we will begin seeing all kinds of interesting situations between the two. Is Anni actually in love with Jasmin or does she feel attracted to her because she is a girl she cannot have? Things get complicated when the girls kiss. Apparently it is clear that anything that happens between them would be simply fun but how can the two be sure of it? Could it be that Jasmin is not as straight as she thought or is she simply having a good time?
Anni und Jasmin after their first kiss
Jasmin und Anni kiss

Believe me, the story of these two has many, many twists and all of them are interesting. You will cry, laugh, and above all have a very good time following the adventures of Anni and Jasmin. I do have to say that diabetics should be mindful when watching because these two have some scenes so sweet, it can kill. 

I do not want to tell the whole story because I want you to see it and then comment on the summaries of each episode (it’s still being aired, and has not finished) but ladies, trust me, I would not recommend that you watch it if it was not worthwhile. 

Some Videos of Anni and Jasmin

Still not entirely convinced? Why don’t you take a brief look at these videos of the girls? I do want to warn you that they have scenes from the entire series so you will see some spoilers but you will get to see if the couple convinces you to watch their story from their affection towards one another. 

The first is a summary of the history of Anni and Jasmin in 10 minutes and the other three are typical fan made music videos.

Where can I watch videos of Anni and Jasmin with English subtitles?

If you have reached this part of the post that means I already have you hooked. Welcome to the Group of fans of Anni and Jasmin! Don’t worry, here you will find all the necessary tools to start watching their story with knowledge of the facts.

The first thing you will probably notice is that there are no videos on Youtube of their complete story. This curious phenomenon occurs because the shows owners are there with an eagle eye to take down any video content with GZSZ, so videos do not last very long. But when has something stopped us lesbian fans ?

How to  watch the full story of Jasmin and Anni?
Jasmin and Anni’s story spans over several months so the videos are split into several parts. Since we've had issues keeping the videos uploaded on multiple other 3rd party sites, we have now uploaded the videos to Cinematrix. You will have to register for a free trial to access the videos. We know this is a huge inconvenience to some and we do apologize but this is the only way to keep the videos up for extended amounts of time. Once you register, check your email to confirm and you will receive details on how to log in and access the videos. If you do not receive an email with the link to access the videos, contact us @

(Tip: Cinematrix is a paid membership service but has a free trial period so try to watch all the videos as quickly as possible and cancel your membership when finished.)

One thing I do ask is you do not share the link to the site anywhere as it will make it more likely for the videos to be removed.  All of the videos contain English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German subtitles. 

Anyway girls, I hope to have convinced you to give the pair, Anni and Jasmin a chance with this post. And if I did feel free to share your thoughts with me about each month's episodes on here or on our All Girl Fantasy youtube channel (channel deleted). 


Watch Anni and Jasmin GZSZ Full Story 

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