Monday, August 4, 2014

We're not lesbians - Stylysh clarifies song with Ishawna .......... And So What if They Were?

Dancehall artiste Stylysh has denied that her song 'Secret Lovers', which features Ishawna, is intended to be a pro-lesbian record.

According to the deejay, critics have misunderstood her concept and have drawn the conclusion that she and Ishawna were serenading each other.

"The song is for anybody who has a secret lover, and it clearly did not state a gender. It's not a lesbian song. I was vibing the concept, and I thought Ishawna was the best person to collaborate with; no lesbian thing," Stylysh said.

Stylysh admitted that the wording to the lyrics can be misleading, but was adamant that her intentions were pure.

"I think people are drawing that conclusion because we are two females, and the way wi a flow di lyrics. is when I upload the song on YouTube, and people start comment sey it sound like we are singing to each other, mi realise sey it can be misleading, but the truth is that wasn't intended. I was talking about my secret lovers and she was talking about hers. But I guess because the world is changing so much, people are reading into everything they listen to," Stylysh said.

Secret Lovers was produced by Hitmaker Music productions. The ladies are aiming to film a music video for the song in coming weeks. Stylysh also says the promotional flyer, which shows her hugging Ishawna from behind, is an innocent photo.

"Girls hug all the time, and that nothing to read into". She said. Ishawna recently ended her relationship with DJ Foota Hype.

Fresh off her successful live band show at The Gentry, Stylysh is turning her attention towards the promotion of her music video for Gypsy, the single released on the Punjabi rhythm for UIM Records.

"The feedback on Gypsy has been very good on the streets; a lot of disc jockeys are playing it,"

She will be releasing If Mi Man A Gimme Bun for Seanizzle Records this month. Other upcoming projects include songs for Chase Mills and UIM records.

Known for her breakout hit, Mi A Wife, for So Unique Records two years ago, Stylysh has continued to hone her craft one stage show at a time. She has forged links with indie label Guzu Musiq and done several singles with Tommy Lee.

The matter was first reported on ZIP 103FM from as early as July 29th but it never really took off until recently but so what if they were, the song has been getting some promotion on the sex club scene in my area in St Catherine as strippers use it to make that buck and entertain all too eager males who find lesbian typed shows all too exciting. Lest we forget Diana King is now out and lesbianism doe snot get the kind of flack or resistance as male homosexuality does.

I hope though that this denial is not a public relations stunt to promote the song only for it to be true that would not help anyone in the end.

Peace and tolerance



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