Thursday, August 21, 2014

Dancehall Act Stylysh says Lesbians Linked her on Instagram after Secret Lovers' Song Controversy ....... Video Shoot to Commence

Dancehall artiste Stylysh will be shooting a video for her 'Secret Lovers' single, featuring Ishawna, sometime this week to next according to sources close to her camp.

"The buzz around the song has been incredible so far. The whole lesbian rumours were a bit crazy and, after the STAR published a story, a lot of lesbians began to link me up on Instagram and started saying some really crazy things to me, but mi just laugh it off because ah just entertainment, and people got the wrong idea. But, at the end of the day, everybody ah live dem life, and what dem do behind closed doors is their business. I love all my fans," she said. 

It seems the hype surrounding the lesbian bit has worked in making the song popular in certain circles at least as some artistes do anything for sales and hype these days, was it a purposeful risk by her management and Ishawana? seeing that lesbianism is not so frowned upon as male homosexuality.

Secret Lovers is a take-off of the 1985 hit single by R&B group Atlantic Starr."The video is going to have a few surprises. The fans are going to love the twist at the end," Stylysh said.

The video will be directed by Marshall Artz studios.

She has been on a promotional tour over the past few weeks, doing interviews on MD TV, CVM's Da Wrap, HYPE TV, RE TV and Swagg TV.

"This major promotional push has paid off because of the response I have been getting from fans in the streets. My Instagram page and Twitter pages have more followers, and I am getting more spins on radio for Gypsy and Secret Lovers," she said.

She recently recorded a new single called It Nuh Easy (Jailhouse Drama). She will be releasing If Mi Man A Gimme Bun for Seanizzle Records later this week. Other upcoming projects include songs for Chase Mills Records, Building Block Records and UIM Records.

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Pamputae's infamous lesbian kiss

As I said in my previous post on this I only hope this is ethical and not a pretend not to be a lesbian to gain hype for the song then the truth comes out, we have seen other female dancehall acts land themselves in not water such as Pampatae's "lesbian kiss" and her career seems to have stalled since with very little output or appearances on shows.


Ishawna dolled up from eliteja

We can safely say then that Jamaican entertainment has crossed some lines somewhat and is now serving same gender loving women subjects more but is it on a honest end is my query, yes the sex industry via strip clubs are or have been there already in terms of live or simulated lesbian sex on stage (even by non lesbian dancers or performers) as Jamaican men lap it all up pegged on a fantasy to be with more than one woman.

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Peace and tolerance



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