Friday, July 11, 2014

So The Gay Marriage Paranoia Spreads to Dominica?

I am not aware of any Caribbean state requesting or agitating for gay marriage rights or benefits.

So the paranoia we saw earlier this year of jumping the gun to gay marriage when we cannot even get passed common sense and just reasoning on tolerance, privacy and an archaic buggery legislation has spread to Dominica as well, the last post on here we saw the Prime Minister there in 2013 with Dominican govt says no to changes to buggery laws .......... local homophobes reject "Homophobia" then speaking on the state-owned DBS radio Monday, said his administration’s position on the matter is stated in law “and this matter is still on our books and will remain there for the foreseeable future.” 

He added: “I respect the views of this new group. I understand from persons they intend to write to the government. We welcome their writing to government. We welcome meeting them as as a matter of fact. They are citizens of this country and they would like to express their views.

“But one has to look at the broader context of this request and it will be dangerous for the country to move in the direction of repealing laws against buggery,” Skerrit said.

He said that “as it is now anybody who wants to engage in whatever activities can do so in the privacy of his home. But one should not believe that the government is prepared or thinking of wanting to make this a public affair.”

Skerrit said he has not heard “any compelling arguments for it to be repealed and I don’t think any compelling arguments can be made for it to be repealed.” 

Now in recent days:

Dominica PM Roosevelt Skerrit

ROSEAU, Dominica (CMC) — The Dominica Government says it will not accept same-sex marriages, insisting the island will not follow other countries in doing so.

"I will make it clear that there are some things that this Government will not accept and we will never allow for the state to recognise same-sex marriage in our country. If other countries want to do it, that's a matter for them but there are certain guiding principles that we must follow," Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit said.

The local group, Minority Rights Dominica (MiriDom), has been calling on the Government to re-examine the Sexual Offence Act of Dominica as it relates to buggery, claiming that the legislation "discriminates against people because of their sexual preferences.

"We are just asking that everybody be treated equally," the group said, adding that it was still awaiting correspondence from Prime Minister Skerrit on the issue.

But Prime Minister Skerrit said while he is willing to meet with MiriDom to discuss issues, concerns and recommendations. "I don't think any one group should impose any views on any other group.

"We are prepared to meet with MiriDom at any time. We will seek to contact them again and arrange for the Minister for Social Services and myself to meet and discuss with them."

The prime minister also dismissed reports that police were threatening to arrest people at their homes engaged in same-sex. "This has never happened in Dominica and I don't think that will be happening any time now or later," he said.


also see: 

Earlier this month we also saw our own madness with the Methodist Church jumping the gun to say their priests won't be allowed to conduct marriages in some fear that that will be the next item to reform society. Fear is a hell of a thing and to think heterosexual religious folk mostly are defending stoutly the institution of marriage as they have a right to under the current definition of marriage as one man one woman yet the figures of divorce in Jamaica as of June this year makes me wonder.

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Peace and tolerance needed indeed at this time as arrant madness seems to take over and fear of what I am not so sure



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