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Officers rescue alleged male fondler from mob

I heard about this incident via a text message but was not sure of it until it appeared in the Star yesterday as happened in St Thomas, it seems the eastern side of the island has been having its fair share of issues regarding sexual inappropriate behaviour the arrest of a pastor accused of sexual assaulting three girls in his church under the age of consent was the last major drama I heard.

see: Anti gay religious voices where are they? .... Pastor charged with sexual assault

That case was heard in court and his house was almost torched by angry residents also the church as well, another matter involving a man who is charged for buggering a teenage boy though unconfirmed is widely circulated and the man is said to be on the run.

The Star carried yesterday:

The police in St Thomas had to move swiftly earlier this week to rescue a man who is on a sexual assault charge, accused of fondling a young man's private parts.

Reports reaching The WEEKEND Star and the police are that residents in the Phanpret area of St Thomas have been threatening to attack and beat the 40-year-old man for the alleged assault.

granted bail

He was arrested and charged by the Yallahs police on June 30, for allegedly sexually assaulting a young man in the community. He was granted bail in the sum of $8,000 and booked to appear in court on July 25.

The charge comes against allegations that the man offered a young man accommodation at his home for a night after the young man failed to find a family member he was visiting.

They young man was allegedly awoken by the man fondling his private parts. An investigation by the police led to the charge being laid against the accused.


Question is was the fondled man gay or was it an arrangement gone bad? Does this fondler have a mental issue for an urge to do so in public?

We may never know these things as incidents do not just happen like that as those of us who are experienced can attest to, there is far more to this than meets the eye.
One can recall the so called sodomatical attack case in 2009 with the subsequent murder of a priest in so called self defence (gay panic defence) as well - PRIEST'S FREAKY ACTS EXPOSED - Court hears accused pressured for sex

The details of the alleged intimate acts that took place between a priest and the man accused of murdering him were revealed yesterday in a document which was tendered in evidence and read to the jury.

The revelation was made during the trial of 25-year-old labourer Prince Vale of Tommy Hill district, Stony Hill, St Andrew, who is charged with the murder of Anglican priest Father Richard Johnson.

The priest was fatally stabbed on the night of November 12, 2006, at the Anglican church rectory at Stony Hill.

Deputy Superintendent Roy Boyd testified in the Home Circuit Court yesterday that on November 15, 2006, he interviewed Vale. He said attorney-at-law Arthur Kitchin represented Vale during the interview that was in the form of questions and answers.

Vale said he used to go to the priest's house and they would discuss work and Bible knowledge. He said that they would telephone each other as well.

Vale said during the interview, that on previous occasions when he went to the rectory, he and the priest watched television in the bedroom. He said they also watched 'blue movies'.

Questioned as to whether the priest had ever said anything to him about having sex, Vale said "yes". The accused man further said that the priest had asked him if mi could have sex with him, which he refused.

Vale told the police during the interview that on the night of the incident he went to the priest's house sometime after 9 p.m for a pair of pants and to discuss work.

He said that when he went to the house, the priest let him in. He said that he asked the priest for a drink and it was given to him.

After he tried on the pair of pants, it could not fit and he told the priest it would be better for him to keep it.

He said that after he took off the pants the priest tried to fondle him. Father Johnson, he said, touched his penis and chest but "I told him I was not in those things".

Vale said that the priest who was wearing a pair of shorts took it off and tried to make him touch his erect penis. Questioned further Vale said "mi put mi hand on it." Vale said that for about three to five minutes, the priest was trying to have intercourse with him but he told him to stop.

In response to the question "why did you stab Johnson?" Vale replied "mi never want him to ..... me." Vale said at the time when he stabbed the priest he had been lying on top of him.

Also see the Observer report HERE 

Back to the matter at hand though is public fondling though a sign of other serious mental issues with the foldler? This needs research I think

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