Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bi-invisibility in LGBTQ Discourse a continued cause for concern

In an email sent to me by a reader of one of my blogs some days ago a woman who identifies herself as a local bisexual said she is lost and amazed at how bisexuals in Jamaica are treated or omitted from any coverage and agitation for rights by the main voices in advocacy or otherwise. She said she only found my blogs as the only source it seemed for Jamaican bisexual discourse or rantings on the subject.

Apart from one or two social media groups that cater to bisexuals or so they say hardly any real discourse takes place but more hunting for one night stands and such.

The matter of bi-erasure and omission is one thing but the stigma from cisgender gay and lesbian persons towards bisexuals is another matter in and of themselves as scorn, ridicule and sheer hate comes to such persons or issues when they arise. Deep mistrust comes readily to mind for some as relational matters of the heart and persons who do not follow a rigidly same sex view of attraction are either confused, greedy or plain deceptive and want to have their cake and eat it too. It seems the forumatic activities for example from back in the day that once were active non defunct that would help to air such matters are gone, the online social media engagement is limited to buggery laws, advocacy advertisements, superstar voices intellectually masturbating at the expense of the least amongst us and a lack of deeper analysis on person-hood, developmental thrust at the community level to include not so visible groups such as transgender, lesbian and bisexuals.

A recent Facebook group poll in a group of over 500 members where the question of bisexuality as a discussion in a yes or no answer the vast majority of voters voted amazingly no with some comments suggesting bisexuals should go and sort themselves out and or they need to make up their minds on which sex they desire and so on. There is a disturbing lack of understanding of the issues surrounding sex & sexuality, sexual orientation within the LGBTQ populations and real tolerance from within first before we go demanding same from a homo-negative John public. Similar mismatches and disdain comes to drag queens after all these years versus transgender females despite the visibility of both groups and the some of their issues but persons still confuse a transwoman as a drag queen simply because they present aesthetically in terms of dress and makeup techniques without said persons condemning them taking the time to understand their identity difference, there seems to be no group work in any meaningful way to raise awareness and breaking this cycle.

In a previous post on this blog the matter of the biphobia in the community was examined and it seems very little has changed. On 
The Biphobia in the community (Gay, Lesbian) maybe higher than thought published 2011 on the strength of a series of discussions on bisexuality and how persons felt during April and May of this year we saw the obvious signs that many same gender loving persons have a perception that somehow persons who are double gender lovers or bisexuals are untrustworthy, more risky in regards to sexually transmitted diseases with HIV/AIDS and may not be able to be monogamous. The opposite also is true for the bisexual representatives who have responded some in very tersely worded responses. The poll photographed above was floated on social networking site Facebook to get a further glimpse into what persons were thinking on the issue a large percentage the respondents saying yes to the question:

"Do you believe bisexuals should declare themselves so prior to entering a long term relationship?"

The other comments are not as kind and will not be posted here but suffice it to say we have to begin to address this issue I feel, if we as lgbt people are asking the mainstream to be tolerant of us then why aren't we tolerant of a section of the community that has their own orientation issues to deal with, this is also sadly with the absence of the main advocates who are more interested in the Buggery Law than the inter community cohesiveness as well, biphobia by default as I have termed it.

How can we rebuild the trust or keep the conversations going when the main LGBT groups are not even paying attention to the sub-groups under the umbrella but are quick to use the call letters so easily when formulating positions and press releases but no real work in the final analysis.

Peace and tolerance



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