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Betty Ann Blaine Deliberately Conflates Same Gender Attraction & Child Abuse at Christian Anti Gay Mass Rally & in Public Advocacy

Has anyone noticed that these old child rights activists do not take the time to explain to the public when they do speak on child sexual abuse in particular what is actually paedophilia and that the gender of the victim is not important but the harm done but instead they are more emotional and alarmist about the issue than measured and strategic in assessing and understanding the situation while noting the profile of offenders and the psychology behind same (not that it does not warrant some alarm as the abuse cases lately are frightening) but one would have thought that someone like a Betty Ann Blaine with her “decades of experience” would know better.

Boy was I wrong but I shouldn’t be surprised as she has done it before: 
Betty Ann Blaine on Poverty, children and the Buggery Law .... and that awful confusion of homosexuality with paedophilia 2012

To accuse the Jamaican gay advocacy structure collectively as dishonest aided by some foreign powers and that we are on some imperialistic agenda to foist the so called “homosexual agenda” on the nation (while using children as the intended target) with little or no evidence is one thing, then to lie on television as Miss Betty did on the controversial Jamaicans for Justice (CVCC funded) controversial sex education course where it had references to anal sex but was misrepresented as to say anal sex is permissible without even able to locate the offending page(s) or sections while just glibly relying on a newspaper sensational report is another matter; She was not able to actually speak to pages 122, 124/5 of the manual that mentioned buggery but also spoke to the illegality of the act and grievous sexual assault that were explained therein.

Now comes the latest repeat episode by the convenor of Hear the Children’s Cry outfit where she conflates same gender attraction with child abuse of which the latter no one denies and even disturbs gay rights activists as well. This strategy has been used by the Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship, LCF and their protégés the Jamaica Coalition for a Healthy Society, JCHS at first in the early days it seems as sheer or real ignorance or a mistake but the repeated use of the conflation is clearly deliberate so as to whip up moral panic and hysterical support as evidenced on Sunday June 29th in Half Way Tree Square. Sensible and well thinking persons and advocates do not seek to fan the flames of hysteria and paranoia and fear in society while driving divisiveness in the name of God at that as the smoke from such flames only seek to create cloud cover for real abusers who continue to abuse or prepare via sexual grooming their victims. This noise is only a sideshow that preoccupies the time of the public and the vigilance is misdirected to places where there may be no such abuse in occurrence. Case in point three pastors accused of sexual abuse in recent days with the last known reported case carried in the Star news last week, Pastor Daniel Findlay, charged under the Sexual Offenses Act with three counts of sexual assault with a person under 16 years and one count of grievous sexual assault, was told his case will be tried soon.

Findlay, 36, from Lower York in St Thomas, appeared in the Morant Bay Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday. His lawyer was absent and so was the complainant. After exploring the possibility of sending a taxi for the complainant, the magistrate advised the accused to make his attorney aware of the next court date.

"Your case will start soon, as the complainant is not here. You should return to court on August 7," the magistrate advised. She also told the mother of the child to ensure that her daughter is present at the next hearing.

Findlay's bail conditions of $250,000 with stringent measure remains. The bail conditions include two sureties, reporting to the police six times each week and residing with his father. The accused has also been ordered to have no contact with persons under the age of 16 years old.

Finday was identified as a person of interest by the Morant Bay police earlier this year, and was picked up in Kingston after he made arrangement with the police to hand himself in.


At Sunday’s mass rally by Jamaica CAUSE whose main goals are to block any coverage under the Charter of Rights protection from discrimination due to sexual orientation, reparative therapy for homosexuals and the retention of the old 1533 English designed buggery law that we retained via the savings law clause post our independence in 1962 where all laws prior to are kept, it is clear the theocratic agenda that lays before us; Betty Ann Blaine among other things proceeded to whip the crowd in a frenzy by saying the following:

“.... now let me tell you something we not gonna allow people with a different agenda from the majority of us in this country to corrupt or children, we not goin’ let them mis-educate our children; we not goin’ let them misinform our children so parents and family members I want to tell them that this is the time to step up to the plate as parents .................... now let me just say something ‘bout the buggery law; there is no way we changing the buggery law; not when so many children are being buggered in Jamaica; do you know Jamaica that the buggery of children in this country has increased by 72% and I want you to know I personally Betty Ann Blaine went to the funeral of the nine month baby who was buggered and murdered and folks are telling us to changes the law; let me tell you something it is now time for the church to stand up.”

Clearly the inference is being made that adult gays who for the most part have no sexual interest in kids deliberately attack or sexually abuse tots & children and it is indeed sad when such cases do come to the public’s glare but paedophilia is worlds apart from innate homosexual attraction to other adults. It seems the mis-education here is on Ms Betty’s part or indeed deception for that matter. Paedophilia has to do with adults who are sexually aroused by prepubescent persons which is a diagnosable disorder under the guidelines of the diagnostic statistical manual for the requisite experts via pharmacological courses and or specially prescribed drugs and as in other jurisdiction state monitored isolation and prison time. The sexual orientation of paedophiles is unimportant but the problematic sexual attraction to children that is of greater import. Ms Blaine’s self professed thirty years in the NGO community and seeing repeated cases of abuse sadly ought to by now know the major difference in the profile of those perpetrators who are sometimes heterosexuals even when they commit same sexed paedophilia and who are even in the church that is silent when one of their own is exposed.

This strategy only seeks to embed homophobia in the minds of the masses while making us more polarised and as JFLAG’s Executive Director Dane Lewis said in a Nationwide interview as to induce “moral panic” which I agree (strange eh?). Sadly as usual the public advocacy moment was not used properly as he failed to use the opportunity to explain the change in their stance on the buggery law to decriminalization instead of a full repeal and to include rape and coverage for abuse of children. Jamaica CAUSE smarting from the meeting yesterday is now implying motive of some kind as to why there was an unidentified drone in the air while the rally was in progress, speaking on Beyond The Headlines President of the Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship Helen Coley Nicholson claimed that the drone was spotted and many persons in the CAUSE group are wondering who was using such equipment? The typical victim ploy again being also used here while inflating the numbers of persons who were estimated to be at the rally yesterday.

Another disturbing and disparaging remark made by Ms Nicholson had the host of the show Dionne Jackson Miller do a double take to ask her to properly explain her remark, “I saw civil society rise for the first time in my life in this country, I saw the real Jamaican civil society.....” she was interrupted by Ms Miller who asked her to explain Ms Nicholson danced around the issue as an obvious dig at the other civil society groups.

Would Jesus discriminate or cause more outcasts?

So it seems our fundamentalists friends have their own deceptive and fear-mongering strategies to whip up a crowd that laps up the vomit and simply regurgitates it without question or scrutiny. The game is set and the pieces are going into place let us see where it goes from here.


Peter Espeut, Columnist and Catholic anti gay voice has weighed in on the rally it seems these folks are smarting over their crowd riling episode on Sunday last, he wrote in the Gleaner today:

Last Sunday, elements of the Church staged a demonstration in Half-Way Tree Square against the repeal of Jamaica's buggery laws, and the Jamaica Forum for Lesbians, All-Sexuals and Gays (J-FLAG) has reacted by stating that it is not daunted by the massive turnout.

Of course, I do not believe for a minute that the Church was trying to daunt J-FLAG; the Church was taking aim at crowd-shy politicians.

Both the People's National Party and the Jamaica Labour Party know what it means to have to rent a crowd to create an impression, and how much they have to dish out in terms of beer, curry goat and 'dallahs'. Last Sunday, the Church was able to assemble a large crowd without having to hardly spend a cent; most of the thousands paid their own way to Half-Way Tree. This is what is likely to have made the greatest impression on the political class.

One of the goals of the LGBT lobby is to normalise buggery in Jamaica, and they are working two strategies at the same time. Just before the last general election, they prevailed upon Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller to call for a review of the sections of the Offences against the Person Act referred to as the buggery laws, which may lead to a conscience vote in Parliament.

In addition, they have brought a constitutional motion in the Supreme Court in an effort to decriminalise anal sex. The constitutional motion may fail because of a weak case; in any case, the judges are likely to rule that such a major legal shift is best done in the Parliament rather than in the courts.

The massive demonstration on Sunday last is the sort of language politicians understand, and is likely to affect the direction in which their consciences will drive them.
Peace and tolerance needed indeed.


also see:
Pastors Push Enumeration As Hedge Against Buggery Repeal (Gleaner July 1 2014) obviously the JFLAG change in the call to decriminalization has gone unheard deliberately or unnoticed. So much for pro-activity from our goodly advocates

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Betty Ann Blaine & foreign religious zealots continue their paranoia & misrepresentations of male homosexuality

meanwhile there is descent within the PNP on the matter

PNP MPs now also conflating the sex ed course issue, age appropriateness and homosexuality when page 125 of the sex ed course was clear as to the illegality of buggery yet all who are up in arms seem to ignore that fact

More divisiveness and polarization from the Christian community or sections of it of all places. Should we be surprised history is replete with this kind of ecclesiastical madness before where persons lost their heads for a simple disagreement.

see the Observer: Local churches vow to prevent homosexuality from dominating society



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