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Pro-Bain Protesters To Meet With UWI Today

As the Bain train rolls on the cemented feelings of the lobby becoming bullies is also a concern for me as evidenced in the obviously organised talk show circuit raid of sorts where every show has some callers commenting on the issue occupying air time. Letter writers and commentators are on a roll but the essence of the matter which is the conflict of interest has turned into something else aided and abetted by some clever folks who present themselves as Christians but seem to operate as something else in actuality.

Rev Al Miller a UWI campus demonstration


The Gleaner reported today

Children\'s Advocate Betty-Ann Blaine (second right) and other protesters stand in front of the UWI Mona campus in support of Professor Brendan Bain who was fired from his post at the campus. - Norman Grindley/Chief Photographer

Children's Advocate Betty-Ann Blaine (second right) and other protesters stand in front of the UWI Mona campus in support of Professor Brendan Bain who was fired from his post at the campus. - Norman Grindley/Chief Photographer

KINGSTON, Jamaica:
There is a glimmer of hope of a breakthrough in the impasse between the administration of the University of the West Indies (UWI) and protesters who continue to stand their ground over the dismissal of Professor Brendan Bain as the director of the Caribbean HIV/AIDS Regional Training (CHART) Network.

A small group drawn from the persistent protesters is scheduled to meet today with Nigel Harris, the vice chancellor of the UWI.

Word also emerged that a group from the donor agencies had expressed a desire to address the protesters today.

Under bleak skies, the protesters, clad in customary black for the occasion and mouth taped as a symbol of the loss of free speech, continued to demonstrate
The team, who will be making a presentation to Harris, is to be led by chairman of the Jamaica Coalition for Healthy Society Dr Wayne West.

He warned that while they were prepared to meet with anyone who wishes to engage them, there would be no compromising of the position adopted by the protesters.

The signs that the tempo or energy of the protesters have not waned when Kimberley McKinson, came to the gate of the UWI with her two-month-old baby and marched to the beat of the other protesters.

It’s always been dubbed a silent protest and the lips of the participants have been symbolically taped to highlight the perceived loss of free speech.

But there are indications that the symbolic silence could be broken today.

Since the start of the protest three weeks ago, UWI administrators appeared to have retreated behind its walls as the protester continued what is considered to be one of the longest protest in Jamaica’s modern history.

The curious symphony of noise created by the variety of motor vehicle horns that were honked in solidarity with the protesters continued to interrupt the silence that prevailed at the entrance to the university in normal times.

They continued to be led by from the range of churches and other civic organisations, but individuals have been joining the efforts on the work days when Jamaicans are forced to make sacrifice.


Here is my audio post on the matter:

Foreign Affairs Minister says Govt should be cautious on gay rights issues in Jamaica

Promised (I mean suggested) Conscience vote on Buggery law not a priority right now (yet again) says Prime Minister

PNP's Damion Crawford on Homosexuality's legality . 

Bandooloo Logic From Pro-Gay Gleaner(Gleaner Letter) to which I responded (pending approval)

Today's Observer cartoon makes an interesting observation

Politics again at work we should remember that under former PM PJ Patterson's watch, the subsequent removal of the sexual orientation discrimination from the charter of rights draft in 1999 (see above draft p 27/28), post the JFLAG parliamentary submission the removal was aided and abetted by anti gay voices namely Shirley Richards and Reverend Al Miller. Also see Parliamentary Committee struggles to define sexual intercourse which was the other deceptive shenanigans used by the anti gay groups and individuals to supposedly deny future gay marriage rights.

also see: Former Prime Minister PJ Patterson’s call for tolerance not genuine & sheer hypocrisy

Another Clovis toon from the Observer that hits the nail on the head in as far as the church (or sections of it) and the PNP on certain issues (I will ignore the gay stereotype character for now)

Peace and tolerance as we watch this go down.

UPDATE June 7 2014

Stop Gagging Truth - UWI Gets DVD On 'Sex, Lies And Rights

headline in June 7's Gleaner take note that even babies are being taken to these things, what a way to poison the minds of the young already with hate?

Read the rest HERE and also see Oh really! ............ Penile/anal penetration is NOT SEX Jamaica Coalition for a Healthy Society? and Anti Gay Religious group launches pro buggery law DVD 2013 take note that in the latter Queen Ifrica crossed over to the dark side post the furore over her Independence Day 2013 heterosexist rant at the Grand Gala.



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