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Male Jogger allegedly sodomised in up-scale neighbourhood says Observer

I guess the Observer could not wait to slap us again with gore-rified incident or sensationalism? ...... you choose but it seems they have now taken on a Star News, XNews or now defunct inprint Observer Chat posture in recent days as only on Sunday June 8th we got a dose of homo-thuggery as it were when that headline drew much attention, according to the count on their website of that story it way surpassed usual amounts to 50,000 hits in one day. Is this trend a recovery effort for the paper post the trial of its owner and a pension scheme fiasco with allegations from their attorneys of the accused accusing the paper of deceptive reporting on the case thus jabbing at their reputation and credibility.

see: Homo Thugs, Observer claims Gun-toting gays creating fear in Kingston ........ endgame here?

Now comes this

PEOPLE who flock Queen Hill in St Andrew to jog or walk in the mornings are now apprehensive following the brutal gang-rape of a male jogger in that community early Monday.

The man, the Jamaica Observer was told, is now suffering from serious injuries and mental trauma after the harrowing experience.

A group of joggers reportedly found the victim naked, with his hands and feet bound, sitting on the sidewalk at the foot of the hill close to Perkins Boulevard.

"He was found by some females who were shocked and even more surprised to see that he was bleeding heavily from his rectum," one man, who said he assisted in untying the victim, told the Observer.

The man reportedly parked his car at a nearby apartment complex and was about to jog when a white car drove up with two armed men who held him at gunpoint. The men, our source said, were also carrying knives.

The hoodlums proceeded to tear off the jogger's clothes and took turns at buggering him.

"The man was so torn up and ashamed. He had to retrieve his torn clothes in order to get his car keys and someone lent him clothes so he could avoid further embarrassment," a jogger said.

The incident has driven fear into the people who exercise on that section of the hill daily.

"Several persons have told me that they were in fear and are apprehensive to go back because of what happened. It was not a pretty sight," the jogger said.

"We used to protect the females and tell them to walk in groups, but it now seems we, the males, are the target. This cannot be allowed to continue," the man said.

The man said the joggers tried to contact the police but were unsuccessful.

"We called the Duhaney Park and Constant Spring police, but we got no response. I am not sure if he reported the incident," the man said.

Yesterday, police from the St Andrew South Division said they received no report of the incident. However, it was confirmed by a member of the Queen Hill community, who said the men drove a white car and were armed with a gun and a knife.

"There is a suspicious-looking white car that is parked in the community in the mornings and evenings. Nobody knows the men, but a lot of people come up here so we can't be sure who is who," the resident said.


I am indeed sorry for the person involved here and hope he gets the recovery assistance as quickly as possible with little or no embarrassment added to this as persons in the community obviously know him. There was a similar incident in Mona also of a jogger by the water reservoir some years ago that is also used by runners and another one that came to mind was a sodomatical attack of sorts nearing Hope Gardens near a wooded area, the man was robbed of his chain and he was fondled allegedly, the area used to be also used by cruisers. These recent attacks though seem more than just some ordinary homosexual agenda of course, the attacks are obviously done to intimidate the victims but are there links to the homo-thug report and recent occurrences, is it the same persons on a sexualised aspersionary treck?

A tabloid reported that a man was forced to perform oral sex on his male robbers earlier this year:
see More HERE and a 2011 matter: A gang bang busted .... a backlash to silence

This is not good news for advocacy as it may very well add more fuel to the fire in terms of opposition even as the Sexual Offences Bill is to be examined soon and buggery is to take up a greater part of the review.

Jamaica labour party councillor for the Chancery Hall division of the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation (KSAC) is reiterating calls for the erection of street lights on Perkins Boulevard.

Councillor Duane Smith says he is again seeking the urgent intervention of local government minister, Noel Arscott.

No official report had been made to the police about the alleged sexual assault.

According to Councillor Smith, he was told that a male was jogging in the area yesterday morning, when a white car pulled up and four men alighted with guns, and sexually assaulted him.

He says while the incident is unfortunate, other persons have been subjected to rape and robberies in the area, which is greatly in need of street lights. Councillor Smith says he has tried without success to get over $568, 000 from the local government ministry to install the street lights in the area.

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(Non-Existent) Male Jogger Raped by (Non-Existent) Homo Thugs could the whole thing be a gay baiting effort by the paper? I hope not. See also HERE

Peace and tolerance



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