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Brothers charged for killing suspected gay lover

The last time we saw this matter was in May of this year where at the time on May 27 whether they were granted bail in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court. This one does not fall in the category of a homophobic case just yet as it will be interesting to hear what are the circumstances surrounding this obvious hit but was sexual orientation a motive for the act?

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Defence attorney Glen Cruickshank made a bail application on behalf of Voldon and Roshawn Ricketts, who have been accused of conspiring with an alleged homosexual to rob and kill the businessman last December.

The brothers are charged along with 20-year-old Tivon Wallace of Barbican, St Andrew, for the stabbing death of 42-year-old businessman Orell Henry of Pleasant Valley in St Andrew.

Henry's body was found with multiple stab wounds on December 14 at his home. Several items, including his Chevrolet Avalanche and a licensed firearm, were reportedly missing from his house. However, the truck was later found abandoned in Stony Hill, St Andrew.

The police alleged that Henry was last seen in the company of Wallace, who was a frequent visitor at the home.

It is further alleged that Wallace and another man, later identified as Voldon, were seen speeding away from the premises in Henry's Chevrolet Avalanche shortly before Henry's body was found.

It is also alleged that on December 14 at about 8:05 pm, Wallace used Henry's phone to call Henry's brother, who was also living at the premises, and told him, "Mr Orell seh yuh must not come home early 'cause we a go out."

Henry's brother reportedly got suspicious and, after attempts to call his brother and to get back in touch with Wallace failed, went to the house and stumbled on the gruesome scene.

Following the murder, Wallace reportedly fled to Big Bridge District in Westmoreland, where he was arrested on January 17, while the brothers were held after the police analysed phone evidence.

On Monday when the accused men appeared in court, Cruickshank asked that the matter be rescheduled for a bail application.

Wallace, however, told the court that he did not have a lawyer and Senior Magistrate Judith Pusey asked that he be assigned a legal aid lawyer.

The accused men, who are all facing charges of murder and conspiracy to murder, were remanded.


A mention date was set in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court on Wednesday June 25 in the matter involving the three men, one of whom, it is alleged, had a relationship with a murdered male businessman.

Charged with murder and conspiracy to murder are brothers Roshawn and Voldono Ricketts and Tivon Wallace.

The Crown alleges that, on December 15, 2013, the body of 42-year-old businessman Orell Johnson was found dead inside his apartment with multiple stab wounds to the upper body and back.

Following investigations, it is alleged that Johnson was last seen the day before at 11:30 a.m. by his brother, in the company of 20-year-old Tivon Wallace, with whom it is alleged he shared an intimate relationship.

It is reported that, later that evening, Wallace was seen with another man, Voldono Ricketts, driving away the deceased man's 2007 Chevrolet avalanche motor truck.

The deceased's brother returned home the following morning to discover his brother's body lying face down in a pool of blood with multiple stab wounds. His Glock 17 pistol, motor truck, and other paraphernalia were missing.

Eventually, the motor truck was found abandoned in the Golden Spring area.

A search conducted found Wallace in a district in Westmoreland. Following analysis of his cell phone records, another suspect was identified named Roshawn Ricketts, who, together with Wallace, allegedly conspired to kill Johnson.

The post-mortem is still outstanding in the matter. Senior Resident Magistrate Judith Pusey ordered the three men remanded until July 18, when the matter will be mentioned.

Strangely one Orell Johnson (the deceased named) also appears on the Supreme Curt trial list for Buggery persons are speculating if it is the same person and if that matter has any connection to the hit. There are two other murders that are not fully solved as yet involving gay men where the motives are not fully unearthed to be homophobic but investigations continue. As usual such cases sometimes take years before the truth is unearthed.

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