Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Bad timing for St Catherine buggery case of mentally ill man from Star News

Right in the middle of another major uproar about teenage sex, inappropriate materials for youngsters, supposed sexual grooming and such comes this horrifying allegation which just seeks to fuel the anti gay venom and misconceptions of paedophilia as a desire of gay men coupled with a lack of understanding of sexuality while conflating same gender sex with abuse. With recent male rape cases swirling in the public domain albeit without proper placing of the incident of report from the victim ones wonders if the reporting newspaper is only gay baiting whilst selling loads of paper to increase profits in the silly season.


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The Star News carried this today:

A 16-year-old mentally ill boy had to recently seek medical attention after he was allegedly buggered by a man in Waugh Hill, St Catherine.

The harrowing incident took place on June 2, some time before 5:30 p.m.

The teen's father, a farmer, said he was in his hut when his oldest son came to him with his brother and recounted the horrific ordeal.

"I saw the older one running with the younger one. The younger one was raped in an abandoned building," the father explained.


He said his oldest son told the teenager to take off his pants so that he could see if he had been molested. He said that what he saw was damage done to his son's anus. "I was so frightened," the father said.

The father said that his son had to be rescued by another relative, who claimed to have heard moaning and groaning and who used a piece of board to hit the man off the teenager.

The perpetrator of the heinous act, was known to the community as a troublemaker and at the time of the incident, was set upon and beaten by an angry mob before fleeing the area.

The father claimed that the man was also responsible for robberies and the molestation of animals in that community. Days after the incident it is said that the 16-year-old was taken in for medical attention at a clinic along Slipe Pen Road in Kingston.

Meanwhile, head of the Centre for Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse, Deputy Superintendent Veronica Gilzene, said she was unable to comment on the matter due to its sensitive nature. 


Indeed the cases of child abuse are disturbing but some folks cannot seem to separate the issues around homosexuality versus abuse and the call or struggle for the decriminalization of buggery as if that may become a flood gate for such abuse of young persons. Changing the law as the Minister of Justice said a few days ago will make anal rape an offence and deal with issues of consent, duress and abuse while adults (with consent) can practice in private.

What is driving the levels of child abuse though is concerning me these days as hysterical religious folks want to use such abuse to deceptively oppose adult consensual sex in private and by extension gay marriage rights (though not demanded yet) but will come as a means for validating same gender loving folks and their personhood.

I hope the investigations for the aforementioned case leads to the truth and the perpetrator(s) is dealt with if found guilty. Obviously this case seems to be more of a person also with a mental challenge as the allegations of animal interference are disturbing as well.

Want more proof of the hysteria out there? ....... check out this Love March Movement latest madness that LGBT activists supposedly targeting children, hope you can stomach it all:

Sigh, they really need prayer for real.

Peace and tolerance



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