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2nd Anniversary of Displaced Gay Men Double Murder in New Kingston ......... yet no real solutions despite a previous Safe House

 In the distance you can make out the usually contracted undertakers for crime scenes preparing the bodies for removal from the site as a crowd had gathered curiously to see the men apparently.

Today is the second anniversary of the awful murder of 19-year-old Winston Ramsey also known as ‘Blacks’ and 20-year-old Jermaine Thompson aka 'Avatar' in New Kingston by that open lot at the intersection of Lady Musgrave Avenue and Trafalgar Road which made international news, also the day prior to that the demise of community socialite 'Ronica who was also one of my fans as she liked dancemusic that I often spin at parties when wearing my DJ hat and an intersex individual sadly labelled as a hermaphrodite by the media at the time.

'Ronica in the fab days in NY 

On the anniversary a member of parliament from the ruling PNP (buggery review pending) claims he wants to assist the men in the nearby Shoemaker Gully just some chains from where the murder took place, recent issues just show the gravity of the situation: Displaced gay man arrested for sleeping in the Shoemaker Gully in New Kingston

or see: Murder, Homelessness and fallouts ........ and a post I made today on sister blog Gay Jamaica Watch: 
MP Julian Robinson claims he wants help for New Kingston homeless gays

We were told of a Dwayne's House idea (link) which was to address the issue post the awful murder or transgender youth aka "Gully Queen" but that has only been relegated to remote feeding assistance and yet no serious rehabilitatory response as evidenced in an awful fight on Saturday night last after the memorial party for murdered socialite Bebe in Kingston. See: Community Influentials raise concerns about displaced & homeless post Bebe’s murder as concerns rise for persons re-displaced due to his passing. We were also told via a grand announcement as our politicians are good at: Youth Ministry to develop programmes to address LGBT youth, homeless, destitute and vulnerable children when she conflated same gender sex with abuse: Youth Minister Lisa Hanna's conflation of same gender sex & abuse responded to part 2 then lest we not overlook the identified places for sheltering that remain abandoned;

proposed site for homeless shelter under the previous JLP administration

Dwayne's House Easter treat 2014 the slowness of the project I am still guarded about, see Some good news on the homeless MSM front ..... guarded & waiting part 2: Dwayne's House Project site opened

A weedwhacking project in St Catherine continues though it needs much equipment boosts so the men can earn more money, see more HERE and Homeless MSM populations treated over the Christmas season 2013

also see: 
JFLAG has no moral authority to speak on homeless gay men in New Kingston says members of the public.

Kingston’s Homeless MSM challenges scream for proper attention 2013

At the time of the awful double murder it was speculated at first that it was a lover's quarrel by some media houses as usual then homophobic related by some advocates but the truth finally came to the fore on both tragedies as exploitive same gender issues gone bad and one persons was held for the matter, in Ronica's case a suspect was also held but not much has come of it as witnesses are hard to find allegedly for the case to proceed.

The crisis communication element of public advocacy has been poor and hardly strengthened hence our credibility deficiency and continues disbelief by sections of the population that real homophobic cases exist then to add to that is the flat out refusal by LGBT NGOs to adequately deal with homelessness and displacements with permanent rehabilitation psycho social responses instead the me are paraded as victims for the most part to enhance our reputation as the "most homophobic place on earth" when we know that is NOT true.

Displacements continue as more young persons face backlash from siblings and family or communities who perceive their sexual orientation and feel justified in doing so and with the present hysterical mess related to the Professor Bain conflict of interest matter and anti gay groups that is not helping much to alleviate the challenges. Avenues for community assistance are becoming rare as persons clam up or do not have the resources to extend such help readily.

Some two days after an intersex individual also was murdered as reported on TVJ and elsewhere: 

The St Catherine South police are searching for the killer(s) of a hermaphrodite, whose body was found in bushes in Old Harbour Bay yesterday.
Dead is Shannel Campbell, a 20-year-old labourer of Old Harbour Bay. Reports from the Old Harbour Bay police are that about 10 a.m., the decomposing body of Campbell was found in bushes near an area known as Terminal. Campbell was last seen in the company of a male.

An on-the-spot post-mortem revealed that Campbell had male and female sex organs and that death was caused by a blow with a blunt object. "It basically means that he got a blow to the head and died as a result," an investigator said Police had not identified any suspects or established a motive for the killing.

Meanwhile Mark Sangumetti of a Waltham Park address in Kingston has been charged with the double killing of the homeless men. He was charged yesterday June 24 for two counts of murder. The bodies of 19-year-old Winston Ramsey also known as ‘Blacks’ and 20-year-old Jermaine Thompson also called ‘Avatar’ were found in bushes at the stoplight at the corner of Lady Musgrave and Trafalgar roads on June 13.

The police had reported that several bloodied stones were found close to the bodies which also had chop wounds.


Finally I am still of the opinion that 

As there has to be an affirming environment and LGBTQI specific interventions to address persons growth and development

So may we remember them and all those who have perished for whatever motive. Loss of life in this tragic sense is frightening and so young at that. Check out more archives on homeless on Gay Jamaica Watch

Peace and tolerance.



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