Sunday, March 23, 2014

Man to sue woman for calling him 'gay' & defaming his character

A caretaker who assaulted a woman after she accused him of being a homosexual and a pervert, told the court that he was suing the woman for $500,000 for defaming his character.

The accused, Mark Knott, was arrested and charged for assault occasioning bodily harm after he used a shovel to hit the complainant in her head and face during an argument.

Knott told the court that he went to speak to the complainant about a manhole cover that her child and another child had troubled, when she got upset and started cursing him and accusing him of wanting to have sex with little boys. The typical lumping of same gender sex with abuse comes in here as many persons including intellectuals echo such sentiments sadly which is why we cannot seem to move forward on the discourse on homosexuality.

"Your Honour, you know what that could do to my reputation if people in the street heard?" he said.

Knott said that he was so hurt over what the complainant had said, that he got upset and hit her.

"You should hear the things people say about me, but that doesn't mean I should go and fight them," Pusey told Knott.

She then enquired about the cost of the complainant's medical fee and was told by the complainant that Knott had taken out a lawsuit against her.

"I am suing her for $500,000," Knott revealed.

"For what," asked Pusey.

"Defaming my character," he answered.

The magistrate then turned to the complainant and told her: "Go down and take out a lawsuit for $500,000 for your injuries. The advice is free. You don't have to take it." But my question is does the man have a point in the defaming of his character here? although we know the typical labelling of a male (gay or not) as gay with nasty curse words is a strategy used in arguments to embarrass a party usually very loudly to cause onlookers to form, if he buckles it can and has led to attacks even if the accusations are not true. Can this man return to his community and live in peace?

Knott was then ordered to pay $25,000 or serve six months in prison.

It was January this year another matter came to the court as well where a man was labelled as gay which led to a fight leaving one injured. Anger issues nationally speaking is disturbing as case after case proves with some sort of injury with an instrument or weapon. See the post: Homosexual Label causes a fight where it read in part "Laughter was the response from members of the public when a case in the closing session of the Half Way Tree court continued just before the holiday season. A young man named Jermaine Gray Chambers and an older man Binsford Chambers was mentioned where it was heard that the men got into an altercation with the younger Chambers after he was accused of being a homosexual in Kingston some time earlier in the year.

The older of the two Chambers is in his late fifties is accused of chopping Gray by his knee with a machete while he gray is accused of breaking Chambers jaw. According to Binsford Chambers he was walking home from work with his gardening tools in his bag when he heard Gray saying to his apparent girlfriend “See de battyboi deh” he said he went over to ask who he was referring to but Gray responded by reigning several blows to Chambers breaking his jaw in the process.

Two other most recent cases also show the tense situations out there including a murder with gay panic defense used as justification.

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Peace and tolerance



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