Sunday, March 30, 2014

Man chokes woman over alleged lesbian affair, bisexual woman told to leave her home & kids

A man was brought before the court In January 2014 for attacking his woman and choking her after he accused her of having a lesbian affair.

Dwight Henry was arrested and charged with assault occasioning bodily harm after he held down his female companion at their home and squeezed her neck, causing severe pain and swelling.

The court also heard that the complainant could not eat for days because of how swollen her throat was.

When he appeared in court, the complainant said that Henry attacked her after accusing her of cheating on him with the woman and that he was upset she had not told him of her secret woman on the side.

"He accused me, saying I was along with a lady and she and I was having relationship, and then attack me," she told the court.

Henry, however, did not deny her argument and pleaded guilty to the charge and was fined $15,000.

If the fine is not paid, he will serve six months in prison. He has since paid the fine and the matter was to be heard again, she has since removed out of the house reportedly and hopes that the case closes altogether so she can get on with her life

Bisexual woman told to leave her home & kids

Another case of a man who has become supposedly uncomfortable with his female partner's alleged cheating with another woman. The victim who hails from Gregory Park in St Catherine said she told her male that she is bisexual but he agreed none the less to enter into an intimate union none the less provided no other partners affected their romantic union but some sexual contact was allowed.

The semi open relationship had been on for some time as she had a previous same sex union that she ended as the man did not approve of the particular woman in question, she is also the mother of a six year old son from a previous opposite sex union that ended some time ago, the man in question has allegedly contacted the father of the child and is said to be spreading disparaging remarks since this matter has surfaced.

The woman is now distraught as she seeks some redress on the issue and is engaged by a counsellor. 

Such are the challenges for bisexuals or polyamorous persons in Jamaica as time and time again we see issues such as this appearing.

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