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Taboo Yardies Screenings & a stupid letter to the editor

Screening from the United Theological College courtesy of Taboo Yardies Twitter handle
The pro-gay Documentary Taboo Yardies has been making the rounds on the island again and the reactions have been mixed thus far, while I support the film for what it represents I am just flabbergasted at the continued ignorance out there and the preoccupation with "the how of gay sex" more than the orientation of persons but Miss Selena Blake the film's producer has shown some difficulty navigating that ever present question or pointer I fear which leave certain misconceptions un-addressed, that aside over the responses seem better than expected especially at the United Theological College screenings as photos shared by the producer reveal

Reverend Dr Majore Lewis (right) from the Interfaith Group and Lecturer from the UTC

University of the West Indies screening
The Edna Manley College as well also hosted a screening where the students reactions were said to be mixed however radio interview reactions were not so balanced as callers were hostile for the most part especially on HOT 102FM on January 30, 2014 hosted by two leading anti gay voices Betty-Ann Blaine and Dicky Crawford, only Dicky however spoke to Selena Blake but it gave clear insight that there is still much work to change the deeply held homo-negative beliefs, who would imagine in modern day Jamaica with all the information available persons still attribute HIV as a gay disease as the letter below in today's Gleaner attest below:

Edna Manley College students had mixed reactions including very emotional ones
Taboo: the truth?


I recently had occasion to view the film Taboo: Yardies which is self-described as giving 'a voice to those Jamaicans who are pro, con and everywhere in-between' on homosexuality and transgenderism. I found the film emotionally driven, thematically skewed, and very sadly lacking in love.

Why no love? Because it hides, suppresses and avoids the truth about the homosexual lifestyle.
It says nothing about the destructive outcomes of homosexual conduct. That men who have anal sex with men are the only group in any society with increasing rates of HIV/AIDS infection (in Jamaica, 32 per cent compared to 1.6 per cent of the non-homosexual group), as well as other sexually transmitted infections; that male and female homosexuals have higher rates of drug abuse and domestic violence and are more susceptible to depression and suicide; that lesbians have higher risks for breast cancer and for certain types of gynaecological cancers compared to heterosexual women.

Nor was there any mention of the primary environmental incident that numerous studies have shown as leading to homosexuality - a dysfunctional home life. This includes sexual abuse, molestation, absent or detached fathers, overbearing and controlling mothers, peer rejection and gender insecurity, among other factors.
Unfortunately, the director gave no hope to her viewers; the factual and truthful hope that science has shown no one is born gay; that help, healing, and true freedom from the homosexual lifestyle are possible and available.

Love and compassion look out for the best of the other. Love speaks the truth fearlessly. If someone's life is taking a direction that spells danger, but you remain silent, or worse, encourage the harmful behaviour, you mean that hurting person no good. I suspect the filmmaker's true motivations, but I nevertheless encourage her from now on to act in love.

Kingston 6


Obviously this letter is one from a viewer from the religious community (we should bombard that email lol) but I am not surprised as sections of the theological community have been strident in pushing these beliefs and the "search for proof" ambit to the discourse but the question is why would I rationally and naturally choose something that could bring me harm when it feels right to me?
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Transgender Awareness Week: Taboo Yardies Screening in Kingston

Transgender Awareness Week 2013 

Let us hope the series of screenings will in some way help to soften the anti gay sentiments out there.

CVM TV Interview Feb 6, 2014

Peace and tolerance



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