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Dancehall DJ Tony Matterhorn gets backlash ... for posing in female wig on Instagram

Years ago if someone had told me I would see braggadocios DJs such as Tony Matterhorn in the misogynistic world of dancehall dawning a wig complete with realness I would have not believed it, shows how slowly persons seem to be getting comfortable with once tabooed practices especially owing to strong fear of feminization of any sort which is usually met with strong backlash.  This case shows forced and unforced feminization supposedly in the name of entertainment especially from this character who has a streak of effeminacy of his own it has sparked a major public response. The timing of this couldn't be more apt as the cross dressing matters of late be they associated with homeless MSM/Transgender persons, popular sports stars and drag queens in mainstream entertainment the discourse is on, will it soften the effemophobic position as associated with male homosexuality is another matter and Matterhorn's effeminacy does not suggest he is gay or at least on the face of it.

The Star News carried this today:

Tony Matterhorn

When sound system selector Tony Matterhorn decided to wear a female wig in an Instagram video posted recently, he may not have expected that the backlash would have been so great.

Matterhorn's wig-wearing stunt was done in an attempt to entertain his over 30,000 Instagram followers on his nightly Instagram show called After Dark.

The purpose was to show how a wig had the capability to conceal a female's true facial features when she was in a party and how females were not as beautiful when they slept in their wigs overnight.

However, unlike several of Tony Matterhorn's fans who found the wig wearing stunt hilarious, there was one fan who found it distasteful, and his utterances have led to an explosive war of words via social networks.

Florida-based DJ Nasheen Fire was that irate fan, and he made his thoughts abundantly clear via his Instagram profile by posting a self-made video in which he made disparaging comments about Tony Matterhorn's wig.

Tony Matterhorn then took Nasheen's comments to heart and retaliated by hurling several verbal blows at the DJ, during which he insulted Nasheen's mother and iconic dancehall artiste, Bounty Killer, who earlier, had shared Nasheen's video bashing Matterhorn's wig-wearing stunt.

strong female following

In one of his Instagram videos, Matterhorn said he wore the wig for entertainment and his fans were loving it. The selector also believes his detractors are only bashing him because he has a strong female following on social networks.

"Listen! Mi born March and mi nuh hate pon people, yu hear. Yu see After Dark, it's entertainment and mi keep it professional. Some a unno man vex because unno see gyal a comment and unno might like da girl deh. Then suppose unnu see mi messages them? Unno would a dead?," Tony Matterhorn questioned.

And as for his attack on the Florida-based DJ, he said: "Nasheen and Bounty Killer already know mi a sick head. Unno nuh waah mi guh back to wey mi used to duh. Just leave it alone. If unnu see mi a entertain and unno have a problem with it, pick a number and join the line. If yuh want some followers tell mi and mi mek unnu get some followers. Him talk bout a gyal alone talk up inna video and him duh six video pon him page ... talk up," Tony Matterhorn said.

When contacted, Nasheen told THE WEEKEND STAR that he had not intended to start a feud with Matterhorn but only wanted to make him aware that wearing a female wig did not look good for the gangster selector image that he so often portrayed.

"I want the world to know that I don't have a personal beef with Matterhorn, but from how I see he reacted, it's clear that he has a problem with me. I know Matterhorn for years and he and I both know that I'm not a follower and I speak my mind at anytime whenever I feel like. He was the one who blew this out of context when he made his first video dissing me saying I should gomy mother, and I would never dis Miss Maggie," said Nasheen.

dissing bounty killer

The DJ also said Matterhorn simply could not handle a taste of his own medicine and was out of line when he disrespected Bounty Killer, who had no part in the Instagram argument, except for sharing his (Nasheen's) video. He also wanted to remind Matterhorn about the contribution that Bounty Killer made to his career during his formative years.

"He is out of place for dissing Killer, but Matterhorn just feels guilty because he dissed Killer in a song last year, which he never responded to. So this is just another attempt to try get Killer to diss him back. Matterhorn just wants the attention that he is not getting.

Let me remind you, Bounty Killer is responsible for making the entire world know about Dufton Taylor a.k.a. Tony Matterhorn. Killer will never answer him on wax because him (Matterhorn) a lose him way. Not because you have a big female fan base you should do anything to keep them entertained. You control your fan base. Don't get caught up and let them control your mind till you start doing things you would not have done before," Nasheen said.

Nasheen Fire and his sound system, Innocent Sound, are now calling for a sound clash with Tony Matterhorn to settle the argument.

"Tony Matterhorn, I challenge you to a clash with my Innocent Sound and we can settle this musically. If not, shut yuh big mouth and go back to making skits with wigs and low selecting life. Big up Team Innocent Sound, Fada Taylor di boss, Juxxy Fire, Dappa lee-Neely and the whole squad," Nasheen said.

 He is known for controversial clashes with other DJs but he has never gone this far into transvestitism albeit dancehall as effemophobic as it is has had cross dressed characters as part of the landscape but not by the artists themselves save and except for Ninjaman who in his outfits will dawn a wig for his karate persona. 

Iconic DJ Ninjaman in costume .... he too has come in for some "faggy" backlash in times gone by
The infamous clash with himself and Supercat back in the day comes to mind as well where he removed the wig and twirled it in hand which had fans tongues wagging for weeks. Side show performances from the likes of "Granny" who was a fixture at teens splash sponsored by Pepsi with his (I mean her) padded posterior to various dancehall beats, had the audience laughing. But it was her rapid wig flipping and then removing the wig of some lady in the audience that had the howls reaching to the roof at times.
That photo above however I am unsure of the actual year but there are others such as that which indicate the change in aesthetics once in costume, check the finger "cocked off" suggesting some sort of femininity. 

Professor Nuts also employs feminized characterization in his performances sometimes
Another act who has employed some sort of effeminate characterization in their performances is the legend Professor Nuts who with his animated face, sometimes feminized vocals to match the subject matter/social commentary he delivers and props in a few instances he stands out and is respected for his ability to construct a piece on spot.
In a sense it is good to watch the very slow changes and smashing of taboos in dancehall will they be rebuilt is another question left to be answered over time. 

Additional reading also see from some years ago on being Homophobic yet homosocial in Jamaica and on Gay Jamaica Watch an older post: "I love you man" - J'can men afraid of saying it openly.

Peace and tolerance


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Trichomoniasis Syptoms etc

So in a series of workshop on men's health and self esteem it has come to light that some of our MSM populations are way out of it when it comes to other sexually transmitted infections moreso than HIV/AIDS as the latter is where the focus seems to be placed, so here is one of the ones that left most participants unable to answer when asked if they knew this disease and its symptoms. The internet is replete with information on the disease so search or share the following.

Overview of Sexually Transmitted Infections
Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are infections which are transmitted during vaginal, anal or oral sex. STIs are serious and painful and can cause major health problems. Some STIs infect the sexual and reproductive organs; others (such as HIV and syphilis) can be transmitted from mother to child during pregnancy and child birth. Most STIs can be cured if you get treated early. Sometimes, you can have STIs with no signs or symptoms. At other times the symptoms will go away without treatment but you still have the STIs and you must get treatment in order to get rid of the STIs.

How to recognize Sexually Transmitted Infections
The following common symptoms may occur in infected men and women:
A drip or unusual discharge from the sex organ
Sores, bumps or blisters on or near the sex organs anus or mouth
Burning pain when you urinate (pee) or have a bowel movement
A swelling or redness in your throat
Swelling in your groin, the area around your sex organs.

Additionally, women may have the following symptoms:
Pain in the area between your belly bottom and sex organs
Burning or itching around your vagina
Vaginal bleeding between periods
Pain deep inside the vagina when you have sex

If you think you have an STI, please visit a health care provider. Most health centres, clinics, private doctors and hospitals treat STIs. No matter where you get treated, your condition will be kept confidential. Remember to follow your health care provider’s instructions carefully and do not share or take medication from other persons.

STIs that cause discharge
The following STIs may cause genital discharge:
Bacterial Vaginosis

(Trick-o-mon-eye-a-sis) suggested pronunciation

Trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) caused by a small organism called Trichomonas vaginalis. Women are most often affected by this disease, although men can become infected and pass the infection to their partners through sexual contact.

How Common Is Trichomoniasis?

Trichomoniasis is the most common curable STD in young, sexually active women. An estimated 7.4 million new cases occur each year in women and men.

How Do I Know If I Have Trichomoniasis?

Men often do not have symptoms of trichomoniasis and usually do not know they are infected until their partners need treatment. But when symptoms do occur, they include:
Irritation inside the penis
Mild discharge
Slight burning after urination or ejaculation

Many women do have signs or symptoms of infection. Symptoms in women can include:
Greenish-yellow, frothy vaginal discharge with a strong odor
Painful urination
Vaginal itching and irritation
Discomfort during intercourse
Lower abdominal pain (rare)

Symptoms usually appear within five to 28 days of exposure in women.

How Is Trichomoniasis Diagnosed?

To diagnose trichomoniasis, a doctor must perform a physical exam and lab test. Lab tests are performed on a sample of vaginal fluid or urethral fluid to look for the disease-causing parasite. The parasite is harder to detect in men than in women.

How Is Trichomoniasis Treated?

Usually an oral antibiotic called metronidazole (Flagyl) is given to treat trichomoniasis. Before taking this drug, it is very important to let your doctor know if there is any chance that you could be pregnant, because the drug could harm the baby.

Your partner should also be treated at the same time to prevent reinfection and further spread of the disease. In addition, persons being treated for trichomoniasis should avoid sex until they and their sex partners complete treatment and have no symptoms. It is important to take all of your antibiotics, even if you feel better.

What Happens If I Don't Get Treated for Trichomoniasis?

Trichomoniasis in pregnant women may cause premature rupture of the membranes that protect the baby, and early delivery. The genital inflammation caused by trichomoniasis might also increase a woman's risk of acquiring HIV infection if she is exposed to HIV. Trichomoniasis in a woman who is also infected with HIV can increase the chances of transmitting HIV infection to a sex partner.

How Can I Prevent Trichomoniasis Infection?

To reduce your risk of trichomoniasis infection:
Use condoms correctly every time you have sex.
Limit the number of sex partners, and do not go back and forth between partners.
Practice sexual abstinence, or limit sexual contact to one uninfected partner.
If you think you are infected, avoid sexual contact and see a doctor.

Any genital symptoms such as discharge or burning during urination or an unusual sore or rash should be a signal to stop having sex and to consult a doctor immediately. If you are told you have trichomoniasis or any other STD and receive treatment, you should notify all of your recent sex partners so that they can see a doctor and be treated.

additional information:

Friday, January 24, 2014

Chilean Transgender Rights Bill Unanimously Advances

The election of President-elect Michelle Bachelet is already paying dividends for the Chilean transgender community.

Bachelet regained the seat she held from 2006-2010 and while she was gone was appointed the first executive director of the UN Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment Of Women, a post she held until March 2013 until she resigned to run for the presidency.

National Congress of Chile, gay news, Washington Blade

In mentioning President-elect Bachelet's backstory to set the stage for the good news coming from this South American nation where there has been positive movement on trans issues since 2012.

Trans activists in Chile began a push that year to enact a trans identity law similar to the one on the eastern side of the Andes in Argentina as their public healthcare plan announced in May 2012 they would begin to cover SRS..

It seems that the Chilean National Congress heard their trans constituents. They advanced on a 29-0 vote with three abstentions a bill that would allow trans Chileans to legally change their name and gender without surgical intervention, hormonal treatments and psychiatric or psychological evaluations.

It was a move widely applauded by Chilean rights activists. The bill is also supported by President-elect Bachelet who returns to office March 11.

"Our lawmakers have recognized our dignity,” AndrĂ©s Ignacio Duarte Rivera, founder of the Organization of Transsexuals for the Dignity of Diversity, a Chilean trans advocacy group, told the Washington Blade after the vote.

The deadline to submit proposed amendments to the bill will be March 3, but so far so good for our Chilean trans cousins.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Quality Citizenship Jamaica ............ One Year on

On January 22, 2013 Quality of Citizenship Jamaica was ‘born’, after discussions with J-FLAG to be the fiscal sponsor until the group had a bank account.

The QCJ mission at the start of the year was for ‘the improvement of the lives of young lesbian, bisexual (LB), and other women who have sex with women (WSW), working with LGBT youth and the ageing LB and WSW population’.

Despite being unable to undertake any programming initiatives, QCJ through the support of two organisations (St. Paul's Foundation for International Reconciliation and AIDS Free World) was able to become incorporated as Jamaica’s first and only lesbian and bisexual organisation.

The reputation of QCJ is not limited to LGBT issues, this was a deliberate move for as an organisation we wanted to be part of the whole move for human rights and fight alongside others rather than separately for it is only when we fight together as a team can we truly achieve our fullest potential and goals.

In this short period, we have positioned ourselves as an organisation that represents the lesbian and bisexual community - an under-served community, as well as a partner for the rights of women and girls; we are known locally and internationally and have been called on for insight and information.

Our key achievements for this year were:

 The revival of the local silent stands for LGBT rights with the help of Maurice Tomlinson; organising and/or participating in a total of 10 stands, the organization of the largest silent stand/protest in Jamaica for LGBT rights, following the murder of Dwayne Jones (close to 40 total participants)  The only organisation from the LGBT community to have participated in the Jamaicans for Justice Nelson Mandela stand: “Lift Up NOT Lock Up Our Children”. A QCJ representative was one of three persons chosen to hand deliver a letter to the office of the Minister of Youth and Culture  The only Jamaican organisation (at the time of writing) to have participated in Human Right’s Campaign ‘Love Conquers Hate Campaign’

We built and improved on individual and organisational friendships and relationships, giving us opportunities for which we are grateful. We look forward to strengthening these existing relationships and building new ones with your help and support.

As we write the last few lines in the chapter of our first year, we want to say thank you, a really big hearty THANK YOU! To every individual and organisation that has helped QCJ; from words of advice and encouragement to funding for incorporation and donation of organisational material, we say thank you, for without your support QCJ’s year one would not be what it was. Come, turn the leaf with us and let us begin year two.

The QCJ Team


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Milk River PNP Councillor says no to buggery repeal ..............

Milk River PNP Councillor says no to buggery repeal, no need to canvass his division, the answer is no Member of Parliament Carlton Bailey does not need to canvas the views of the constituents of Milk River division in the Clarendon Parish Council when it comes to the previously proposed buggery review as announced by the Minister of Information Sandrea Falconer some time ago and first suggested by the Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller during the leadership debate on December 2011 when she was opposition leader prior to the elections which her party gained power.

Speaking at a function in late 2013 Carlton Bailey PNP Councillor says there won’t be any support for such a move to remove or repeal the buggery law. He said “We nuh inna nuh agreement wid wah dem a come wid (we are not in agreement with what they are coming with) It is said there is going to be a conscience vote in parliament if it is ever called our member of parliament don’t have to walk around to canvass to make a decision to what the people of Milk River seh (say)” Thousands of Jamaicans had already been registering their opposition to the perceived repeal of the buggery law owing to the poor communication by the groups and individuals such as JFLAG, Jamaica Forum for Lesbians Allsexuals and Gays and individual advocates who are more about their own image promotion than really engaging the public including the LGBT populations when many persons still are of the view that a full repeal is being demanded when in fact only certain amendments are proposed but who knew that the position was even changed? Now that the conscience vote has been rescinded so to speak and a new proposal in the form of the amendment to the Sexual Offences Bill has been announced by the Justice Minister Mark Golding I wonder where Mr. Arscott does now stands? 

But some strange things have been happening such as the shake up if you will of the powerful PNP central executive with Mr Peter Bunting Minister of National Security showing signs of non interest to continues as General Secretary and also that of his counterpart Julian Robinson as deputy bearing in mind the latter gentleman is member of parliament for the Trafalgar division where the homeless MSM issue has repeatedly shown up. Church groups nitpicking on issues surrounding homosexuality raising such to the level of the most awful if “sins” while ignoring or barely paying attention to other societal ills that are far more damaging to us have been mobilizing themselves via meetings, demonstrations and public vitriol against supposed “gay lifestyle” while the germane matters of interests have been conflated with secularism, humanism and all other kinds of isms and schisms all wrapped up in deception from all sides surprisingly. I feared from the moment the review was suggested that the political parties are going to use this issue to regain or maintain support, it is important to note that this public outcry is coming from a Peoples National Party Councillor despite the party’s far larger LGBT support nationally and the posturing of the General Secretary last month where he said he is not in support of conscience votes and prefers a referendum without saying it in so many words; such distancing to me is a way to subtly absolve themselves of some blame or perception that the party or administration is slowly allowing ‘homosexuality’ through the back door, such are the fears out there and that somehow a wave of impositions of foreign imperatives via pressure on the government, threats of grant aid removal and more. In the final analysis it is about winning elections despite the will of the people including the minority as powerful as they might be.

I have expressed even further that this review can go against us as it may be a trap of sorts, if this review goes through and it ends out not in the affirmative what is to stop the PNP from rejecting afterwards any agitation for LGBT rights barring outside pressure as the claim can be made by the administration if they remain in power, as I suspect they will based on the opposition they can say the people have spoken via the conscience vote and not a referendum and in the end will look as if they stood up to the homosexual lobby despite the huge support on the ground by the LGBT populations who voted as part of the diehard support in the last election. The public education drives that are to be done by JFLAG have not been forthcoming and in years gone by the lack of preparedness on many fronts we are now reaping the consequences of that and playing step-n-fetch-it when it is too little too late. Why were the quiet engagements continued with the political directorate on all sides even after the failed parliamentary submission in 1998? There should have been no relaxation as now when it matters most scrambling and use of other obviously ethically challenged methods to woo the intelligentsia, parliamentarians, clergy and theologians while lambasting religiosity over all as a last ditch wave of opposition when all the other more salient methods have been poorly executed and managed leading to failure to move with alacrity. It is clear that some at the local political levels via this pronouncement by this counsellor are prepared to use it to sure up groundswell but it was already used by the opposition namely Daryl Vaz after the leadership debate and proposal of the buggery review, Mr Vaz along with Desmond McKenzie at that infamous St Thomas political meeting launched a broadside against the proposed review and supposed legalization of homosexuality. 

Political parties fear referendums as they tend to reflect the vote patterns along party lines as opposed to the matter that is the subject of the decision but in this case it may very well be used as a last resort for the present administration to test the waters albeit the austerity measures that have rubbed sections of the population the wrong way, a sliding dollar, a sluggish economy and joblessness, the administration however maybe in the black when it comes to a parliamentary opposition that is weak and has its own internal issues but the eligible voting public is also disillusioned in some sense as evidenced in the 2011 elections where just under 50% of voters came out and only the core exercised their right while others remained thus a minority government so to speak, will that changes by the time the buggery review is returned as an option if the SOB amendment does not fly and subsequent general elections? Some speculators are suggesting that such a review will have to come mid way the PNP’s tenure so as to allow for room for addressing mitigating circumstances post the review so as to settle in time for the general elections. 

The soundings coming from the ruling administration is showing up some concerns that all may not be on board with the buggery review not necessarily because of moral grounds but more so the possible loss of political capital in case the review goes as originally outlined or as a referendum of which the powerful church groups prefer, their influence cannot be overlooked as it is known that certain religious groups are politically aligned. The above cartoon from the Jamaica Observer makes that clear as crystal despite the recent utterances from the Jamaica Council of Churches walking cautiously on the matters of buggery and homosexuality. Politics I see is what is going to determine the way forward with this matter of buggery in the end outside of the constitutional challenges and court matters. Let us also not leave out the recently concluded tolerance ad case in the Supreme Court that has left in the minds of some more deception on the part of LGBT advocates, a perception that is not needed at this time of the struggle. 

The upcoming case as well as launched by Javed Jaghai has both religious groups joining up with secular reggae acts to oppose "the lifestyle" but then again the overzealous actions of some pushed the two together and then we wonder why we have such opposition?

From left: Angela Templer, group coordinator, Jamaica Coalition for a Healthy Society (JCHS); Tony Rebel; Dr Wayne West, JCHS chairman; and Queen Ifrica during the launch and viewing of the JCHS-produced DVD: 'Sex, Lies and Rights'. 
Anti Gay Religious group launches pro buggery law DVD

The recent performances by Queen Ifrica at Rebel Salute 2014 as they continue to oppose supposed muzzling of artists on anti homosexuality feelings also brings to bear the issue of misplaced actions taken on artists who do did not initially qualify for murder music targeting but when will we learn eh? now the lobby is viewed as oppressors and calls for tolerance go unheeded or simply dismissed as hypocrisy. also see:

Murder Music Campaign needs local leadership/ownership once again

Jamaican Artistes wanted to 'clean up' the streets, Say homeless gays not a good look for Jamaica, JFLAG yet to respond

Sizzla bats for Queen Ifrica as expected

Queen Ifrica's "Freedom of Speech" & advocacy found wanting

'I SPOKE FOR WHAT I BELIEVED IN' - Queen Ifrica defends Grand Gala performance after JFLAG backlash

Queen Ifrica, Tony Rebel call out Jamaican government on buggery law from 2012

Peace and tolerance 


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bisexual man facing deportation to Jamaica has flight cancelled

Orashia Edwards, pictured left

A bisexual man due to be deported to Jamaica today has had his flight cancelled after a protest was held in Leeds.

Supporters of Orashia Edwards, 32, say he is at risk of persecution if returned to the country, due to his sexuality.

Leeds No Borders, who campaign on behalf of LGBT asylum seekers, staged a protest in support of the 32-year-old outside Waterside immigration court on Friday afternoon.

Mr Edwards was due to be deported on Monday 13 January – but his flight has now been cancelled – although he is still at risk of being deported.

His mother says Mr Edwards has been living in Britain for the past 14 years and should not be returned to Jamaica.

He has a five-month-old daughter living in the UK, along with the rest of his family.

Campaigners have frequently documented alleged cases of officials deporting LGBT asylum seekers back to countries where they face homophobic persecution.

The claims have always been denied by the Home Office.

Violent homophobia and transphobia remains a key problem in Jamaican society.

Transgender teenager Dwayne Jones was murdered in the Jamaican suburban parish of St James last July.


A demonstration to stop the deportation of Orashia Edwards, at UKBA.
Photo owned by Yorkshire's Evening Post

A protest has taken place outside an immigration court in Leeds over the plight of a bisexual man who faces deportation to Jamaica.

Supporters of the man, named only as Orashia, say he is at risk of persecution if returned to the country, due to his sexuality.

Leeds No Borders, who campaign on behalf of LGBT asylum seekers, staged a protest in support of the 32-year-old outside Waterside Court on Friday afternoon.

The group said: “Orashia is bisexual and fled Jamaica, a country notorious for its homophobic attacks, to seek safety in the UK. Amnesty’s latest human rights report states that ‘attacks and harassment of LGBTI people were reported to be increasing’ in Jamaica.”

Leeds No Borders added: “As a result of years of trauma and also his treatment by immigration, he suffers from depression and panic attacks. However thanks to the amazing support of Leeds gay support groups such as MESMAC and ReachOUT, Orashia was able to tell his family about his sexuality, be open about having male partners and undergo counselling.

“He was finally starting to get his life back together but everything changed when he was detained at UKBA Waterside Court in early December.”

According to the group, Orashia is due to be deported on Monday 13 January. He has a five-month-old daughter living in the UK, along with the rest of his family.

Campaigners have frequently documented alleged cases of officials deporting LGBT asylum seekers back to countries where they face homophobic persecution.

The claims have always been denied by the Home Office.

Violent homophobia and transphobia remains a key problem in Jamaican society.

Transgender teenager Dwayne Jones was murdered in the Jamaican suburban parish of St James last July.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Discussion Paper on Transgender Health & Human Rights


UNDP’s HIV, Health & Development Group is pleased to launch a Discussion Paper on Transgender Health & Human Rights (available at prepared by Jack Byrne, an expert on trans health and human rights issues. UNDP is grateful to the large number of trans people and other advocates for trans people’s health and human rights who contributed to this paper at various stages.

The aim of this paper is primarily to inform UNDP’s work and that of other UN agencies and foster greater understanding on the health and human rights issues that impact trans people and consequently influence their social marginalization. The broad themes traversed by this paper include violence, discrimination, health, legal gender recognition and social inclusion from multiple geographic and social contexts. The paper draws on the experiences of trans people around the world. Through Action Points contained in each section, the paper suggests practical ways that UN staff can employ to be more inclusive of trans people, both in daily interactions and in their broader work, particularly in the areas of HIV, health, the rule of law and development. It is hoped that this paper will also be useful for others in their work and advocacy, including trans advocates, human rights defenders and policymakers.

UNDP’s work covers a range of issues that influence trans people’s lives. Its main engagement on trans issues has been through the lens of HIV and human rights. However, other aspects of development that UNDP engages with, such as poverty reduction, governance, citizenship and access to justice, are also highly pertinent to the profound and systemic marginalization that trans people experience. This is in line with the UNDP Strategic Plan: 2014–17 emphasis on poverty eradication and the reduction of inequalities and exclusion as the primary vision of sustainable development, informed by outcomes of inclusive growth, stronger democratic governance, and universal access to basic services. Indeed, these are themes that have found voice in discussions of the post-2015 development agenda. This paper seeks to engage readers by reflecting the various aspects of health, human rights and development that come into play when examining trans issues.

Currently the Discussion Paper is available in English; we hope to have translations in other languages shortly.

Please disseminate this publication widely through your networks. For sharing on social media, please feel free to make use of the suggested sample Tweets below, or adapt as you see fit:


1) Read @UNDP discussion paper on #transgender #health and #humanrights: #Transhealth&rights

Trans people and human rights:

2) All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights including #trans people: #Transhealth&rights

3) #Trans people are entitled to enjoy the full range of #humanrights as others: #Transhealth&rights

4) .@UNDP paper urges to learn and use positive and avoid derogatory terms for #trans people: #Transhealth&rights

Trans people and violence:

5) Almost 1 in 5 #trans people experienced domestic violence because of their gender identity: #Transhealth&rights

6) Between 2008 and Oct 2013 there were 1,374 reported killings of trans people in 60 countries: #Transhealth&rights

Trans people and HIV:

7) Trans people are disproportionately affected by HIV and are in urgent need of HIV services: #Transhealth&rights

8) Trans women frequently experience HIV prevalence rates in excess of 60 percent: #Transhealth&rights

9) Social and economic marginalization is likely to contributes to high HIV rates in trans women: #Transhealth&rights

Trans people and the broader development agenda:

10) .@UNDP paper urges inclusion of non-discrimination of trans people in the development agenda: #Transhealth&rights

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