Saturday, December 28, 2013

Homeless MSM populations treated over the Christmas season

The Christmas season had some relief for some homeless persons in Kingston and St Catherine even in the face of some bad news from western Jamaica and Kingston of displaced persons coming into some fresh challenges and the murder of a senior member of the cruising community which has left some baffled. The persons working on the Dwayne's House issue had a treat of sorts as was carried on 76crimes with the participation on Families Against State Terrorism convenor Yvonne McCallah Sobers and others:

The site carried in part:

Organizers of Christmas dinner for homeless Jamaican LGBT youth chat during the event. For the youths’ safety, their photos are not shown.

Christmas Day brought presents and a special dinner to homeless LGBT youths living in the sewers of New Kingston, Jamaica.

Forced out of everywhere else they have tried to live — their parents’ homes, then abandoned buildings, then an open-air gully — the youths now live in the drainage tunnels of New Kingston, except when police raid and oust them from there.

Concerned citizens who are raising money to provide food, shelter and human services to the youths made an extra effort on their behalf in recognition of the the holiday. In this lightly edited account, Yvonne McCalla-Sobers tells about the event:

Yvonne McCalla-Sobers and the Rev. Sean Major-Campbell chat during the Christmas dinner for homeless LGBT youths.

Yvonne McCalla-Sobers and the Rev. Sean Major-Campbell chat during the Christmas dinner for homeless LGBT youths. 

This is the same Reverend gentleman who was reported in the Observer some time ago and commented on by cartoonist Clovis; see Hypocrisy from the pulpit on homeless MSM in Jamaica? 

meanwhile in St Catherine the mixed faith group that has been helping some four to five men in a weed whacking project also got their treat as well, a third time in a row alongside seven others who were invited to attend and held at a church premises on Christmas day while on Boxing Day in the tradition grocery packages were distributed to the participants:

also see: Interfaith group treats homeless MSM in St Catherine (2012) here are some authorised photos from this year's treat:

Boxing Day Package (BB not included lol, took it by mistake I guess) the men also have been accommodated with temporary shelter as well until February I am told as the informal project continues, the effeminate persons however are still not being fully embraced, it was April of 2013 that the group pledged some assistance, see: Interfaith Group Pledges Continued Support for Homeless MSM in St Catherine

A big thanks to the volunteers from the mixed churches who turned up at my home and that of the soup kitchen to assist with the cooking etc. and also persons from other NGOs as well, their gifts of the groceries, cash and kind as donated annually worked well into making up the packages to contain far more than usual as the monthly or bi monthly arrangements only would have the basics. Thanks also for the continued donations via paypal from loyal readers through the years as always without which it would not be possible for the help rendered and some expenses covered.

I still wish for a long term solution to this even as the numbers increase to staggering amounts in other parishes and some mysterious occurrences in St James as well. Most of this could have been avoided and I am still very skittish about this new Dwayne's House idea, see more HERE there seems to be no proactive measure towards displacements even in the face of years of the mounting evidence of same due to to rampant homo-negativity yet we had to wait until it is at this stage and the men in New Kingston seemed to be used as pawns in a chess game when their real welfare was overlooked or ignored.

Happy Holidays (or what's left of them)

Peace and tolerance



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