Monday, October 28, 2013

Popular "Cash for Gold" lesbian shot by cops, crisis reporting strategy again seems flawed

A popular sister who hangs out in Half Way Tree regularly carrying out the popular and controversial cash for gold trade and who has another case pending in the Half Way Tree court as well for a previous stabbing incident was shot in an altercation with police as carried on CVM TV News some time ago, I always like waiting when the dust settles to get the real truth in cases such as this, Half Way Tree and its environs is known for flair ups for perceived lesbians and gay/bi men.

fast forward to the present matter -The Star News carried this:

A woman is currently nursing a gunshot wound after she was shot by a police officer in Half-Way Tree yesterday morning after stabbing a man.

According to the police, at around 11:30 a.m. the woman was engaged in an argument with a man when a knife was drawn and she reportedly used the instrument to stab the man.

According to reports, after the woman stabbed the man, who was allegedly her spouse, she attempted to stab him for a second time but the injured man fell to the ground when she attempted to stab him again and the police officer intervened.

The woman was reportedly shot in the hand by the lawman.

Head of the St Andrew Central Division, Senior Superintendent Fitz Bailey, told THE STAR that the woman, who is still in the hospital, would be charged.

Bailey also told THE STAR that the injured man is also in hospital nursing stab wounds.


However if we are to follow the alarmist crisis reporting strategy now being employed by some Jamaican advocates we would have been led to believe that this was a purely lesbophobic matter when in fact it was not as the woman in question was accusing a man of being a battyman when things got out of control.

31-year-old Keshema Tulloch, an openly gay woman and otherwise known as ‘Royal’ was shot by a Police Officer earlier today, October 25, 2013, around 10 a.m. after being bullied and physically attacked by an anti-gay man in Half Way Tree, Kingston.

According to the victim’s father Winston Tulloch, “Royal got into an altercation with a man who called her a ‘sodomite’ (anti-gay slur) and punched her in the face says another blogger who carried the story. She then proceeded to chase her attacker with a knife. The man ran to a police officer at the Texaco Gas station. While running towards the police officer and her attacker, the police officer shot her in her arm and she fell to the ground. The police then opened fire and shot her a second time in her chest.”

He further stated that, “the man who physically attacked her was pressured by the police officer to pursue criminal charges (Attempted Assault) against her.”

Royal is currently hospitalized in intensive care at the Kingston Public Hospital and was formally charged with attempted assault at 5:00 p.m. She is under police guard while being treated.

Deceptive crisis communication here with unclear triggers and linking homophobic abuse to a clear case of a matter where the "victim" was clearly out of order (not to say she deserved it) but if she had not stabbed or attempted to stab the man as alleged while in the presence of the police then this issue would not have occurred in my mind. Fair is fair and truth is truth when dealing with these kinds of issues.

Then it is no wonder the lobby has a credibility problem over the years and now alarms have been raised where maybe none was needed. When two lesbians were killed two years ago there was no alarm when it was needed and when the cases then called for serious attention as our SLG sisters are often overlooked.

Sorry to hear of this one but we MUST tell the people the truth in the zeal for getting international attention on our supposed plight.

Peace and tolerance



2 SGL Women lost, corrective rape & virtual silence from the male dominated advocacy structure


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