Sunday, August 25, 2013

Anti gay Facebook group pops up after the Queen Ifrica fiasco

A new group one of many has popped up on Facebook since the Queen Ifrica public debate on freedom of speech and so on and now the moralists have been coming forth. The overall feeling since the euphoria post the cancellation of the work permit of the female singjay is that the gay lobby has over reached and is becoming oppressive instead of showing the tolerance it is agitating for. 

The airwaves have been on fire since this week and persons vowing all kinds of action including a planned march word has it on the street in opposition to the supposed choking of the performance by Queen Ifrica.

The group named Jamaicans' Fight Against Slackness Immorality Nastiness & Homosexuality

Closed Group 
Jamaicans' Fight Against Slackness Immorality Nastiness Corruption & Homosexuality (JFASINCH) is a group on a mission to boldly and fearlessly stand up against ALL forms of persons, entities, groups, and governments that continue to use their wealth and power to brutally force our Jamaican people into accepting, encouraging, and subjecting themselves to their sordid ways of life.

I, Sub-Zero, WILL NOT be accommodating any individual in this group who is not 100% in support of my cause to stand up at ALL cost against the powers of darkness, greed, and immorality. I will not be under the modus operandi of persuading persons to believe in my cause; but will be seeking to find persons who are already of the same faith and conviction to do whatever is necessary to bring Jamaica back to some semblance of morality.

Finally, it is my sincere intention of physically launching this group as a Non-Profit Organization in Jamaica as soon as the Facebook membership reaches a satisfactory total. It is now full time for the Moral side of Jamaica to start making their voices be heard in LARGE numbers; because if we don't, our little island called Jamaica will be a figment of our imagination--a place that would be completely demoralized, demonized, and perfect for Satan to establish his New One World Order domain, similar to that in places like America now.


the Admin:

The group though young has only managed to get only 16 members as at the preparation of this post but other LGBTians have been insisting on reporting the group, are we taking an intolerant view of intolerance here in some respects? After examining the group there was no indication the more egregious death wish for us seems not present at this time so should we rush to judgement. Of note Delano Sevright of the opposition party the JLP, Jamaica Labour Party is a member which suggests the general view of that party on homosexuality for all intents and purposes. He views may not be those of the group as he has been some what fair on some issues before so I do not want to pre-judge his intentions.

Question is should we watch first before action or report them for closure?

I say wait a little then if any infraction of refusal to admit LGBT persons then we can act.

Peace and tolerance



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