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Experimental program leads to gay behaviour at school, are we to believe this?

In a supposed bid to make students learn better a separation of the sexes in classes was attempted in a Corporate area school but if one were to read today's story in the Star news a gullible and impressionable reader as most Star News readers in Jamaica on the face of it are unfortunately when it comes to matters of homosexuality would walk away with the impression that a single sexed environment automatically leads to homosexuality. This impression is strong when it comes to certain single sexed populated schools but the perception that separating the students in this case made the boys more open to practising homosexuality, as far as I am concerned you either are or not.

The stupidity or down right dishonesty by the tabloids authors and editors still persists after all these years when it comes to gay matters after all it sells papers I am sure there will be a second of third edition on the paper today as always happens when a juicy gay story turns up within their pages, interestingly at the end of the piece one is left wondering the truth as the very denial by some of the students challenges the authenticity of the claims of gay students overrunning the unnamed corporate area school.

The story read as follows:

Gay students overrun school!


Explicit homosexual behaviour by students at a Corporate Area high school has teachers on edge as they try to cope.

A number of teachers told our news team that the deviant behaviours of both male and female students continue to manifest at the institution, despite their disapproval.

"Boys show their penises to each other in classes, and girls usually ask for passes to be excused from their classes, so they can go do their thing," a concerned teacher, who asked not to be named, said.

Teachers have attributed the conduct and breakdown in heterosexual attraction to the segregation of boys and girls at the school in some forms.

"Boys and girls are put in separate classes. It is an ongoing experiment and to this day, no one has shown us any findings or results to say it's working," a seasoned teacher explained.

They say the 'experimental programme' was to ensure academic focus of the students but it has produced homosexual behaviour instead. "I think from they split the genders, we have more gays than anything else," the teacher stated.

Another teacher revealed that the lesbian behaviour seems to receive leeway but the boys face a harder task of being accepted. "Dem (girls) will sit beside each other and hug up and we'll think nothing of it, but the boys for the most part have to do their thing in hiding," he said.

THE Weekend STAR was also told that a number of girls have been suspended after they were caught naked in compromising positions at a location near the school resource officer (SRO) office .

Teachers say females usually provide satisfactory excuses to obtain passes from the school administration which they use to leave the school compound. Once they have departed, they meet up at various locations to carry out certain acts.

"The students know how to manipulate the system. The SRO has caught them on more than one occasion at locations naked and smoking," a teacher admitted.

When quizzed about the reaction of parents and guardians to the disclosure that homo- sexual behaviour is prevalent at the institution, we were told that only a small number express grave concern.

"One or two parents will have a grouse but nobody will stand up strong. We have a weak PTA," one teacher remarked. THE Weekend STAR tried exhaustingly over a three-week period to obtain comment from the school principal, but on each occasion, was given a different excuse why she was unable to speak.

However, several students interviewed were more than eager to share what they knew.

"Yes, it's true. It happens among the grade-eight students go up," a 10th-grade male student said.

When quizzed how have parents reacted to the disclosure, he said, "A meeting was held with the parents dem and they are saying they don't care because it's what they (students) choose."

He also admitted that they are indeed segre-gated at the school.

The student also claims that only grade-seven students are exempted from the homosexual behaviour because "dem just come".

Interestingly, a female student interviewed delayed her responses to our enquiry until a group of her schoolmates walked by her to maintain the confidentiality.

"Yes, homosexual behaviour gwaan a school especially among the girls dem, yuh wah hear dem inna the bathrooms. They are also on Facebook on a page they created. Dem come back come chat who a get bun, and who a tek who fah girl."

Another female student admitted that she has never witnessed any homosexual behaviour but admitted to being exposed to hearsay.

A grade-eight female student and her mother, however, told our news team that they were unaware of the homosexual claims.

Meanwhile, an 11th-grade male student reached into his pockets and removed some badges which he showed our news team.

"This is why I don't wear my badges on road anymore because of the homosexual ting linked to the school. Thank God mi a leave school this year," he said.

Meanwhile, Sheryl Bromfield, acting director of communications at the Ministry of Education, was contacted on numerous occasions, and told our news team that she would have to make contact with the deputy chief education officer for the school.

However, after five weeks of follow-ups, our news team has still not received any feedback.


What about experimentation by teens? if the section on genitalia exposure is to be believed it is a fact that boys sometimes do expose themselves to each other during their teen years which does not necessarily means homosexual interest in later life by these experimenters as it were. Sometimes it is just "sizing up" literally showing off each others goods to boast who is bigger, than is quite normal if one were to talk to some teens, others as far as I am concerned try it out to see if they are gay or just out of curiosity.

Frankly we are used to this attempt to push the line of so called deviant behaviour in school yet when a male student fondles or goes further with a female student the guidance department easily arrives at an curiosity conclusion why can't this be the same then for same sex attracted boys if it is they are such? 

And to think it was only yesterday I was looking at an old study on hypothalamic development in foetuses and an old 1991 study from Dr Simon LeVay about the differences in sizes in heterosexuals versus homosexuals suggesting some early selection if you will of ones orientation during development and a particular item named INHA3. Maybe the people at the Star need to start doing some good reading. Despite the various criticisms regarding the methodology used in his research it is worth noting as subsequent ones on "gay sheep" and so on have come to in a sense validate his findings.


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