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It's The Church That Needs Salvation - Attack on Gays ..........

Attorney at law Gordon Robinson has been very vocal lately and I am inclined to agree with him on most things in as far as his tolerant approach to homosexuality, some weeks ago he had penned "Why Gay Rights" where he said among other things "I’m repeatedly asked why I so vociferously support gay rights, especially in the face of Jamaica’s deep-rooted fear of homosexuality (homophobia)."

Now comes his latest opinion piece that I caught on to a little late but worth sharing in as far as the church is concerned as some of their representatives misinterpret or deliberately miscontrue the word of God to suit their anti gay agenda thus denying supposed rights being sought. Maybe he may want to consider the use of the word "Gays" as these days it has a negative connotation  a suggestion I will make to him via email also this short 2009 post I did: What is the church really about? and Is there a greater sin?

Here is a section of Mr Robinson's piece taken from last Sundays paper

Gordon Robinson


But the most depraved demonisation is saved for homosexuals, against whom its most violent language is used.

As a direct result of churches preaching hatred towards homosexuals, incidents like the recent UTech atrocity regularly occur. Educated elite, brainwashed by the Church's violent rhetoric, chased a suspected homosexual with malevolent intent. Imagine the poor fox, hounds baying at his heels, finally spotting sanctuary in a security guard post. But there was no sanctuary. Instead, he was viciously beaten while the degenerate mob shrieked for blood and begged to participate in the 'fun'.

photo not included in the original article see Gay Jamaica Watch for the running entry 

Even more revealing than the attack was the subsequently ambivalent condemnation by some. A cautious response by shadowy group Jamaica Civil Society Coalition (JCSC) couldn't muster an unconditional denunciation. It began: "All persons, whether heterosexual or otherwise, should be circumspect in their sexual conduct." What's that about? If, as mealy-mouthed JCSC follows up, "Indiscretion cannot, however, be justification for the violence which was captured on video," why the gratuitous lecture on discretion?

Who among us always has control of sexual urges? 

Those among you always discreet with your sexual attentions may deliver the first lecture on 'discretion'. We're assailed daily, on movie/TV screens; in music videos; on the beaches, streets and parks with explicit images and actions heterosexual from the innocent holding of hands or kiss, to simulation of the sex act itself. What's JCSC warbling on about? If a female rape victim wore a miniskirt, was she complicit? Should she 'be more circumspect'? If two boys kiss (or whatever) in a bathroom and are violently beaten, are they to blame?


We're insensitive, hypocritical and narcissistic when it comes to sex. If a boy and girl are caught having sex on a car back seat, apart from a firm 'tsk tsk', no harm will befall them. But, let it be two boys!

Churches will say they don't preach hate, only disagreement with homosexual practice. Churches complain gays interfere with their freedom of speech by protesting church condemnation of homosexuality.

Seriously? Does freedom of speech include preaching violence against others? If not, let's dissect exactly what churches preach. No pastor in a pulpit simply says, "I disagree with homosexuality." No siree. It's "an abomination unto the Lord". Without more, what'd you expect a largely uneducated, homophobic congregation to consider doing with 'abominations'?

But, if they're uncertain, the Church regularly reminds them God killed the 'abominable' in Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 19:4-5; 24-25). Then, there's Leviticus 20:13? "If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death."

Don't obfuscate. It's plain, unadulterated hatred, which indoctrinates mindless sheep (churchgoers) to violence. Is the UTech incident really a surprise or aberration? Beware any man who asserts he's God's messenger. He's more likely to be God's mess.

They're always throwin' goodness at you.

But, with a little bit of luck, a man can duck!"

Lyrics quoted are from songwriters Alan Jay Lerner (lyrics) and Frederick Loewe (music) as performed in 'My Fair Lady' by legendary British comic Stanley Holloway.

Peace and love.

Gordon Robinson is an attorney-at-law. 

Meanwhile the same day this article was published a discussion with an anti gay, anti-buggery and anti abortionist group The Jamaica Coalition for a Healthy Society, JCHS through a representative on a religious discussion program went all out to paint homosexual families as dangerous and gay men are about predatory behaviours and are incapable of raising families thus they should not be allowed gay marriage rights.

The typical HIV is a gay disease ambit was also implied several times during the program On the matter of gay marriage the guest on the show said “I think it is completely dysfunctional and I say so without reservation, gender roles are important, gender is not socially constructed and I think that one of the biggest arguments that the LGBT proponents try to push that gender is just about how you feel like acting, it’s not how you feel like acting we are men and women are physiologically different and it’s important to acknowledge those differences and to appreciate them and to allow children to be raised in a home where their gender differences from their siblings where the gender differences between two parents are appreciated and acknowledged and better understood ………….. I don’t believe in two men raising a child or two women raising a child ……………. speaking as a young woman there are a lot of things about what I expect to learn from men like how I should expect men to treat me based on how I grew up seeing my father treating my mother.”

“I wouldn’t have learnt that if I had two mothers ……………… “
She referred to Massachusetts as one of the first states to legalize gay marriage and some study she was unable to name and place which claimed to have looked at children who are in same gender parented homes versus heterosexual households and from memory (“if my memory serves me correct") she said girls raised by two mothers were 50 – 70 times more likely to turn out lesbian when they grew up. She claimed children in those same gender loving relation households are naturalised to believing so they act out on this later.

See more here: 

Not to mention the feared gay marriage agitation (if buggery is decriminalized) as expressed here in this video sequence I put together by none other than Miss Shirley from a documentary:

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and here she is again with her trusted aid Dr Wayne West

Homosexuality And Abortion In The Society (Jamaica)

Peace and tolerance



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